However, although Shi Changlin’s reaction speed was fast, the other party was even faster.

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Almost the moment he left, the pressure of the sweeper disciple landed on him.

At this moment, Shi Changlin felt like he had collapsed.

The bones in his chest directly broke, and his organs suffered a violent impact.
They were shattered into pieces on the spot.

Golden blood sprayed out of his mouth, and his entire body was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.

The air instantly fell silent.
When the two Ye Family Martial Monarch Realm experts saw this, they could not help but be shocked and dumbfounded, petrified on the spot.

A sweeper disciple from their Ye Family Holy Land had casually made a move and sent the second level God Realm Shi Changlin flying, causing him to lose his combat strength on the spot?

Or were the two of them dreaming?

“You guys can leave.
This battle is no longer something you can participate in.”

Only when the other party spoke did the two of them wake up from their shock.

“Thank you, Senior, for saving my life.”

The other party ignored him and only held the broom in his hand as he directly passed through the two of them and walked towards the battlefield where Ye Junlin and Lu Xiaoran were fighting.

Even after the sweeper disciple had disappeared far away, the two of them still had shocked expressions.

“I didn’t expect that the real expert of the Ye family is not Ye Junlin but someone else!”

“Now, our Ye family is finally saved.”

The sweeper disciple’s expression did not change much when he heard the two of them discuss.
It was as if all of this was extremely ordinary.

As he walked towards the battlefield ahead, he said indifferently,

“Ding… signed in successful.
Reward: top-grade God Realm cultivation technique, the Supreme Art.
It has already been cultivated to the perfected realm.

“Ding… a new Supreme Realm mission has appeared.
The objective of the mission is to kill Lu Xiaoran.
If completed, the system will increase host’s cultivation by a realm, a divine technique, and a divine artifact.
Do you accept this mission? ‘

The sweeping disciple chose to accept it with an indifferent expression, as if this was an extremely ordinary matter.
It was also as if he had long expected this mission.

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In fact, he was not from this world.
He was from a planet called Blue Water Planet.

He originally thought that he would reach the peak of his life after transmigrating.
However, he did not expect to only transmigrate to become a sweeper disciple in the Ye family’s holy land.

Without talent, background, and everything, he was destined to be trash.

Fortunately, the heavens did not make him despair.

Just as he thought that his life had already been decided, that man appeared.

That man had given him a system.
As long as he signed in every day, he could become the strongest existence in the world.

Therefore, from the moment he transmigrated until now, for an entire thirteen years, he had been guarding the holy land of the Ye family and sweeping the graves of the seniors.

Now that Lu Xiaoran had attacked, it was impossible for him to continue hiding his identity and signing in.

It was impossible for him to watch the Ye family be destroyed by Lu Xiaoran.

Therefore, he decided to make a move at this moment!

On the battlefield, in the intense and continuous battle, Ye Junlin clearly began to lose his footing.

This was also very normal.

Although his cultivation was similar to Lu Xiaoran’s, his equipment and cultivation technique seemed extremely insufficient compared to Lu Xiaoran.

In the same long battle, Lu Xiaoran appeared to be at ease, but Ye Junlin’s mentality gradually began to collapse.

This was because Lu Xiaoran had never treated Ye Junline seriously from the beginning.
Moreover, Ye Junlin had been losing his balance step by step because he could not see the effect of the attack.

Finally, after a hasty mistake, Ye Junlin’s fingers were severed by Lu Xiaoran.

As his finger shattered, Lu Xiaoran opened the Trinity True Eyes and immediately used the eternal flames in an attempt to penetrate the other party’s finger.

With the help of the other party’s wound, he could destroy Ye Junlin’s body and soul from the inside.

Ye Junlin’s heart trembled and he suddenly discovered his mistake.
He immediately tried to use a spatial jump to salvage the situation and maintain a certain distance from Lu Xiaoran.

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Unfortunately, how could Lu Xiaoran let go of this good opportunity?

The Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture was used with all its strength, and divine power surged out like a tide, instantly sealing off all of Ye Junlin’s escape routes.

Although the eternal flames did not succeed, it still messed up Ye Junlin’s plans again, revealing an even bigger flaw!

Without any delay, Lu Xiaoran waved the divine weapon in his hand.
A cold sword beam spread for 30,000 feet and slashed towards Ye Junlin’s neck.

In the blink of an eye, at the critical moment, Ye Junlin immediately resisted with his divine weapon.
In order to maintain his resistance, he even used his palm to firmly grab the sword blade.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s move was so shockingly powerful.

A sword beam slashed out, and the distance directly shattered the two-dimensional spatial barrier.
After killing many monsters, it drew a semicircle trajectory and slashed fiercely at Ye Junlin’s sword.

In an instant, a shocking explosion erupted from the spot where the divine weapons collided.

A vast fluctuation directly sent Ye Junlin flying, shattering half of his eardrums and causing his ear canal to bleed crazily.

The palm that was tightly holding the sword was also pushed back by the huge impact and was directly slashed apart by the sword.
His fingers fell, revealing the dark red flesh inside and the ghastly white bones.

There was even a trace of blood on it.

When Ye Junlin flew backward in midair, he did not dare to be careless at all and hurriedly used his cultivation technique to treat his injuries.

The broken palm and the shattered eardrum quickly recovered.

With such a good opportunity, how could Lu Xiaoran let Ye Junlin recover?

Taking advantage of one’s weakness to take one’s life had always been Lu Xiaoran’s proudest rule.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was about to pursue and attack, a figure suddenly flew over from afar and shattered more than ten thousand walls in a row.

Seeing that the other party was still in motion, Lu Xiaoran immediately used his divine power to stop the other party.

His body suddenly stopped.
The powerful inertia made the other party’s already injured organs injure even more.

Only a powerful cultivator with a powerful body could resist this.

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If it were anyone else, they might have directly died because of this.

After Lu Xiaoran stopped the other party, he saw that the other party was Shi Changlin.

“Did that guy finally decide to show himself?”

Seeing that Shi Changlin’s chest had collapsed, his ribs were broken, and his organs had been shattered, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

With his eyesight, he could naturally tell at a glance that Shi Changlin’s chest had been severely injured by a single attack.

It had to be known that Shi Changlin was a second level God Realm expert!

Although he was only an ordinary expert and could not fight those at a higher level, he was still an existence at the second level of the God Realm.

An existence of this level was actually unable to resist a single attack from the other party.
It was obvious how powerful the other party was.

Without any delay, Lu Xiaoran used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art and immediately healed Shi Changlin’s injuries.

Shi Changlin’s somewhat dizzy mind slowly returned to normal under Lu Xiaoran’s treatment.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran, he immediately said with a frightened expression,

“Sect Master, let’s retreat quickly.
The Ye family has crouching tigers and hidden dragons.
There’s an extremely powerful existence who’s even stronger than Ye Junlin.
We can’t beat him.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Junlin had already repaired his injuries and spat.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you crazy?

How could there be an existence stronger than him in the Ye family?

He was a peerless genius that his master had painstakingly nurtured for decades.
Even the blood in his body had been replaced with divine blood.

Not to mention the Ye family, but even in the entire world, other than Lu Xiaoran, who else could be considered his opponent?

However, just as he finished speaking, an indifferent and unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“He’s not crazy.
There’s also nothing wrong with him.”

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Ye Junlin frowned slightly and turned around.

It would have been better if he did not see this.
However, when he did, his eyes immediately widened, revealing a disbelieving expression.

The other party was moving with the power of laws.
Every step he took seemed casual, but it actually contained dense divine power.
He was an existence that had completely grasped the divine power laws.

Ye Junlin could tell with a single glance that the other party’s cultivation was much higher than his.

However, that was not the problem.

The problem was that the other party was actually a sweeper disciple in the Holy Land?? He did not even know the other party’s name.

What kind of joke was this?

All along, he had thought that the other party was only a small piece of trash.
Was he really supposed to believe that the other party was a powerful big shot?

Ye Junlin experienced a short shock and quickly calmed down.

“Who are you? With such a high cultivation, why have you hidden in our Ye family for so many years?”

The sweeper disicple’s expression was still indifferent, as if this was the only expression he could make.

“My name is Ye Chen, a disciple of the Ye family from the same generation as you.”

“This is impossible! If you’re a disciple of the Ye family from the same generation as me, why have I never heard the elders of the family mention you? How did you reach this strength?”

The main reason why Ye Junlin was able to reach such a powerful cultivation in such a short period of time was because his black-robed master had given him divine bones and divine blood and taught him a God Realm cultivation technique.

After all, divine blood was extremely rare.

It was impossible for his master to inject divine blood into both of them.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s background made Ye Jun suspicious.

Not far away, Lu Xiaoran did not attack.

Attacking at this moment would only make the enemies in the chaos quickly cooperate in the chaos.

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