“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not.
I’m still a descendant of the Ye family.
As for why I’m stronger than you, you should ask your master.”

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Ye Junlin’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“Is this matter related to my master?”

“That’s right.
Your master did not place all his hopes of killing Lu Xiaoran on you.
From the moment he began to create you, he had also nurtured me.”

In other words, I’m your substitute.
At the same time, I’m also your master’s last hope.

Ye Junlin clenched his fists tightly, and his nails were stained with dark red blood because they were deeply embedded in his palm.

“It’s impossible for my master to do this to me.”

“Watch your tone.
You were created by your master.
Do you really think he is obligated to report to you his every action?”

Ye Chen let out an extremely disdainful ridicule.
His tone was as if he was looking at a kindergarten child.

“Originally, in your master’s plan, I was only a substitute.
The reason for our existence was to kill Lu Xiaoran.
If you can successfully kill him, I naturally won’t need to do anything.
However, if you can’t, I won’t sit idly by.

“Actually, speaking of which, I can’t be bothered to get involved.
The reason why I appeared is because you’re too useless.

“However, that’s not all.
After all, Lu Xiaoran is too powerful.

Ye Junlin roared angrily.

“I haven’t lost yet.
I can still fight.
On what basis are you calling me trash?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “You’ve already lost.”

“Lu Xiaoran did not use his full strength at all.
He was guarding against me, so he has been suppressing his true combat strength.
Otherwise, you would have long become a dead soul under his sword.”

Ye Junlin’s heart suddenly trembled.
He immediately looked at Lu Xiaoran and stared fixedly at him, as if he wanted to obtain confirmation from him.

Lu Xiaoran’s expression did not change at all.
He only stared at Ye Chen with a calm and solemn expression.

Seeing this expression, the pride in Ye Junlin’s heart instantly collapsed.

He understood that what Ye Chen said was true!

Lu Xiaoran had not used his full strength from the beginning to the end!

Lu Xiaoran was going easy on him.

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At this moment, Ye Junlin was extremely furious.

He had actually been treated as a plaything!

Not only did his most respected master treat him as a plaything, but even Lu Xiaoran treated him as a plaything.

Lu Xiaoran did not treat him as an opponent at all and only treated him like a child.

The other party could even injure him without even using his strength.
If the other party really used his full strength, how long will he be able to last?

However, after being furious for a moment, Ye Junlin finally accepted his fate.

He relaxed his fist and exhaled.

In a world where the weak were prey to the strong, anger was not enough.
Without strength, one was destined to be stepped on!

His current anger would only make him more embarrassed!

He was even more like a clown.

“You win! Lu Xiaoran is yours!”

As if he had accepted his fate, Ye Junlin turned around and prepared to leave.

At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly stopped him.

“What do you want to do?”

Ye Junlin said with a cold expression.

Ye Chen glanced at him indifferently.

“I’ve told you so much information.
Don’t you think you should contribute something?”

“Why? After humiliating me to this extent, don’t tell me you still want me to work with you? Don’t you think that’s too ridiculous?”

“You’re the one who’s ridiculous!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Chen’s huge aura suddenly enveloped Ye Junlin.

“Don’t you think it’s too ridiculous for you to work with me with your strength?”

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“What do you want to do?”

Sensing the killing intent from Ye Chen, Ye Junlin’s expression suddenly changed.

“Although you’re not qualified to participate in the battle between me and Lu Xiaoran, your strength can help me by a lot.”

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you something.
This matter was also planned by your master.

“If you can’t defeat Lu Xiaoran, I will take your place.
You will become my nourishment and increase my cultivation to ensure that I can successfully fight Lu Xiaoran.

Ye Junlin’s body began to tremble.

He could not believe his ears.

“I don’t believe it.
You’re lying.
You’re lying!”

Just as he roared, Ye Chen suddenly raised two fingers and made a hand seal.

In an instant, Ye Junlin’s body suddenly froze.
The golden divine blood in his body was constantly absorbed by Ye Chen.

“Did you see that? Your master did something to the cultivation technique he gave you to cultivate.
I only need to make a hand seal and all your blood essence and cultivation will belong to me.
I don’t have to spend much effort at all.

“Your life is simply dedicated to me.

“If you could kill Lu Xiaoran, you wouldn’t have to be absorbed by me.
Unfortunately, you can’t!”

At this point, no matter how unwilling Ye Junlin was to believe it, he had no choice but to believe it.

The most tragic thing was that it seemed that not only had the cultivation technique been tampered with, but even his body had been tampered with.

When Ye Chen used his cultivation technique to snatch away Ye Junlin’s cultivation and blood essence, Ye Junlin actually lost control of his body and was completely unable to control himself.

Seeing that his strength was quickly flowing away, Ye Junlin’s body quickly began to wither.

“Old Man, why are you doing this to me?”

As soon as he said this, a sword beam that contained a powerful pressure suddenly slashed down quickly from afar.

It tore through the spatial barrier and descended in a supreme manner, instantly enveloping Ye Chen’s body.

This was Lu Xiaoran’s attack.

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He had not attacked just now because he did not want the two of them to work together to deal with him.

In the end, he did not expect this Ye Chen to directly eat Ye Junlin up.

At this point, if Lu Xiaoran still did not attack, he would really be stupid.

It was true that Ye Junlin was indeed not his match.
However, this Ye Chen’s cultivation was much stronger than Ye Junlin’s.
Lu Xiaoran was simply unable to figure him out.

If he absorbed Ye Junlin, it would really be troublesome for him.

However, the other party seemed to have long expected this scene.
When Lu Xiaoran attacked, the moment the sword beam slashed down, the spatial barrier shattered.
However, Ye Chen did not dodge at all.

He only raised his hand and punched out, facing Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam.

The fist and sword beam collided, and the world instantly became boundless.

The shock wave directly swept out a million meters!

The sky was instantly blasted apart, and a black hole several times stronger than before suddenly formed.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s sword did not cause any damage to Ye Chen.

To be precise, even the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt did not flutter at all.

At this moment, Ye Chen had already completely absorbed Ye Junlin’s blood essence, and his cultivation was rising rapidly.

Fifth level, sixth level, seventh level, eighth level…

In the end, Ye Chen’s aura reached the tenth level of the God Realm before stopping.

At the same time, his body also quickly expanded.
Veins popped on his muscles, making him look like a terrifying monster.

The sunlight shone on his muscles, reflecting arcs of light that reflected a ferocious and unique beauty.

It was filled with a destructive aura!

The aftershock of their attacks colliding disappeared completely, and the two of them fell into each other’s eyes.

A series of notifications sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear.

Ding… detected that the hot shot has been killed.
Reward: Master’s current cultivation level +1.
Cultivation level increased from the fifth level of the God Realm to the sixth level of the God Realm.

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Ding… detected that the hot shot has been killed.
Reward: divine artifact, the Heaven Demon Zither.

Ding… detected that the hot shot has been killed.
Reward: divine weapon gift box x250.

Ding… detected that the hot shot has been killed.
Reward: divine technique, Boundless Maha.

Ding… detected a new hot shot and has swallowed the luck of a hot shot.
Master, please kill him and obtain an even better reward!

Wang Cai’s series of notifications made Lu Xiaoran narrow his eyes slightly.

It seemed that he did not have to personally kill the hot shots to obtain the reward.
Perhaps he could obtain the reward as long as he participated.

Previously, he had attacked Ye Junlin and was eventually eaten alive by Ye Chen.
He could only be considered to have participated.

However, what Lu Xiaoran cared about now was not this, but the huge problem in front of him.

After absorbing Ye Junlin, Ye Chen’s cultivation increased in a straight line and he had already reached the tenth level of the God Realm.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran could sense that compared to Ye Junlin, Ye Chen was not only stronger in terms of cultivation, but also in terms of intelligence.

Other than these, there was another factor—Ye Chen’s cruelty!

Lu Xiaoran also dared to say that he was ruthless enough.
When dealing with enemies, he could even destroy the other party’s entire family without leaving a trace.
He would not feel the slightest guilt and would not even blink.

However, he still could not directly eat his own people.

This made Lu Xiaoran feel that he was inferior to Ye Chen in terms of viciousness.

A lunatic who killed without batting an eye and a cold and heartless killing machine.
Now that these two extreme characters were mixed together, it made Lu Xiaoran feel that the current Ye Chen was simply a monster.

“In order to kill me, you went through so much trouble and even sacrificed your own people.
The guy behind you and Ye Junlin is quite ruthless.”

Ye Chen smiled coldly, his eyes revealing a trace of madness.

“You don’t know what we want to do at all! What we want to do is an unprecedented matter!

“As long as we kill you, we would have a chance to suppress the myriad worlds!

“No one in their sane mind would say no to this.

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