The spear shot out and hit Lu Xiaoran’s heart, emitting a purple lightning.

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Lu Xiaoran’s divine artifact armor was attacked by a divine weapon, so it naturally would not be pierced, unlike just now when he used his artifact weapon on Ye Chen’s divine armor.

However, this did not mean that Lu Xiaoran would be fine.

The difference in cultivation made Lu Xiaoran’s heart suddenly tremble.
His blood essence was in chaos as his body was sent flying, tearing a tens of thousands of meters long rift in the spatial barrier.

The enhancement brought by a divine artifact was huge.
However, be it a divine weapon or a divine artifact, in order to unleash enough strength, one needed to have a powerful cultivation.

The higher the cultivation, the greater the increase.

Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was insufficient, and the strength he could unleash was also insufficient.

After successfully attacking, Ye Chen pounced forward again.

“No matter how precious the divine artifact you use is, it’s unable to make up for the difference in our realms.

The sharp sword in trash’s hand will never be able to break the wooden rod in an expert’s hand.

As he spoke, Ye Chen shot again.

He was very smart and still did not stand in the range of Lu Xiaoran’s Supreme Profound Dipper and the Great Dao Reincarnation.

Be it spatial power or the laws of time, they were unable to affect him.

His spear tore through the sky and pressed down on Lu Xiaoran.

With a thought, Lu Xiaoran instantly activated the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark and blocked above his head.

Ye Chen’s spear smashed down and landed on the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark, causing a loud bang.

The shock wave wandered in the world, shattering the mountains and rivers.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran raised his hand and pulled the bowstring.
Another golden arrow tore through the air.

Ye Chen shouted softly and turned his wrist.
The spear went up and directly broke the arrow.

In a moment, Lu Xiaoran shot three more arrows.

Ye Chen swept through them one by one.

Every time it was swept away, it would cause a violent explosion, making a few huge light balls appear in the sky.
They were as dazzling as small suns.

After a few moves, Ye Chen seemed to have sensed something and suddenly retreated.

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Almost at the same time, Lu Xiaoran held his long sword and pierced through the explosion area to arrive at his previous location.

A sneer flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes.

Lu Xiaoran tried to get close to Ye Chen again so that he could use his two mysterious cultivation techniques.

Unfortunately, Ye Chen would not let him have his way.

On the contrary, Lu Xiaoran’s mistake had become Ye Chen’s greatest opportunity.

He activated all the divine power in his body and condensed it at a single point.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s aura and cultivation had reached an even higher peak.

It was even to the extent that at this moment, he seemed to have already broken through to the peak tenth level of the God Realm.

A huge phantom appeared behind him.
It held a golden rod and had a ferocious expression.

Immovable Netherworld King!

It was said that after one’s cultivation broke through to the God Realm, they would reach the True God Realm.

When those above the True God Realm attacked, the soul in their bodies would release a phantom.

The taller the phantom, the stronger the other party’s strength.

Although Ye Chen had not reached the True God Realm, his current performance was infinitely close to a True God Realm expert!

The moment the Netherworld King’s divine soul phantom appeared, Ye Chen’s aura spread out and immediately suppressed this small world.

Below, be it Ji Wuxia and the other personal disciples, Shi Changlin, Jun Changming, or the other second-generation disciples, they were all suppressed until they were unable to circulate their divine power flexibly.

“How powerful! Is this the strength of a hot shot?”

“Ye Chen is actually so powerful.
This time, even the sect master won’t be able to resist, right?”

“Could it be that we’re going to die here?”

“If the sect master dies, who can still resist Ye Chen?”

Ji Wuxia and the others stared fixedly at the sky.
Suddenly, Jun Bujian seemed to have thought of something and immediately said to Su Lingwu,

“Junior Brother, just now, when you arrived, how long did you say you were gone for?”

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Su Lingwu raised his eyebrows slightly and said in confusion,

“Three years! What’s wrong?”

At this moment, the scene was somewhat quiet.

Be it Jun Bujian or Fang Tianyuan and the others, everyone vaguely felt uneasy.

Ji Wuxia clenched her fists slightly.

“Back then, Eldest Senior Brother shouted for at least five years.
Moreover, his enemy was so trash that five years was enough to deal with him.
However, now, the Ye Chen we’re facing is almost the strongest and most terrifying among all the hot shots.”

However… Junior Brother only said it had been three years.

“We… won’t really die here, right?”

Jiang Taixuan could not help but ask.

Everyone did not answer, but ten thousand curses surged in their hearts.

Would it kill him to add a few more years?

In the next second, Ye Chen had already attacked in the sky.

He threw his top-grade divine weapon into the void and fused it into the Immovable Netherworld King’s palm shadow before slashing out.

With a God Realm cultivation technique and a top-grade divine weapon, the explosive strength was simply unimaginable.

In an instant, his strength erupted to the limit and instantly locked onto this world.

A palm mark that carried a destructive force instantly pressed down on Lu Xiaoran’s head without giving him a chance to adjust.

The rift that spanned a million feet appeared in the sky at this moment!

The black hole in the sky seemed to be able to devour the entire world.

Although all the God Realm experts below were far away and did not directly face this force, they still felt their blood surge and their souls tremble because of the pressure of the palm.

At this moment, they seemed to vaguely want to kneel on the ground and announce their submission.

From this attack, everyone felt small and helpless.

Ji Wuxia only clenched her fists and stared fixedly at the sky.

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Even though she had always believed in her master, she could not help but start to worry for him.

This move was so powerful.
Could their master resist it?

After an unknown period of time, the explosion light in the sky slowly dissipated.

The place where the battle had originally occurred had already recovered its clarity.
The spatial power was slowly repairing the spatial barrier on its own.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s aura had disappeared.

“What’s wrong, Master? Where’s Master?”

Lu Xiaoran was their backbone.
If anything happened to Lu Xiaoran, their faith would also completely collapse.

In the sky, Ye Chen also heaved a sigh of relief, and his face finally revealed a rare joy.

He could sense that Lu Xiaoran’s aura had completely disappeared from the sky.

In his full-power attack, Lu Xiaoran had already been completely killed.

Of course, if he had only sensed Lu Xiaoran’s aura disappear, he would not be sure that Lu Xiaoran was already dead.

The main reason was that the system had already begun to inform him.

Ding! Congratulations, host.
You have successfully completed the Supreme Realm mission and killed Lu Xiaoran.
The system has rewarded you with a divine artifact, the Sun Shooting Divine Bow.

Ding! Congratulations, host.
You have successfully completed the Supreme Realm mission and killed Lu Xiaoran.
The system has rewarded you with a defensive divine artifact, the Creation Bell.

Ding! Congratulations, host.
You have successfully completed the Supreme Realm mission and killed Lu Xiaoran.
The system has rewarded you with a divine technique, the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture.

Ding! Congratulations, host… ‘

These notifications sounded in Ye Chen’s mind, making him feel extremely happy!

“Elder Jiang, did you see that? Ye Chen did not disappoint you! I have successfully killed Lu Xiaoran.”

“The grand undertaking is about to be completed.
No one will be able to stop our footsteps anymore.”

He slowly spread his arms and enjoyed the breeze after his victory and the sunlight.

At this moment, a certain part of his body suddenly began to explode.

The violent explosion made the divine armor explode on the spot and detach from Ye Chen’s body.

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His skin in that area had also become bloody from the explosion.

He did not react at all to what had happened.

Just as he was in a daze, an explosion sounded from his left shoulder.

His flesh exploded into a bloody mist.

Then, it was his chest, legs, head, and armpits…

The explosions became more and more rapid.
In the blink of an eye, all the divine weapons on Ye Chen’s body exploded.

His entire body turned bloody, covered in golden blood.

His aura also quickly fell.

In the blink of an eye, he went from being energetic to panting and having a chaotic aura.
It was as if he had experienced a calamity and was extremely weak.

At this moment, a pressure that carried a dense aura of death suddenly sounded from the space behind him.

Without any delay, Ye Chen quickly used spatial jump.

However, he was still a step too late.

With his serious injuries, his speed would naturally decrease greatly.
Moreover, Lu Xiaoran’s Supreme Profound Dipper and the Great Dao Reincarnation were also present.

Lu Xiaoran slashed diagonally and slashed off half of his shoulder and an arm.

Ye Chen’s body jumped ten thousand meters away, and his breathing became even more intense.
His eyes stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran who had stepped out of the spatial rift behind him.

Lu Xiaoran also had some light injuries, but compared to him, they were completely insignificant.

Ye Chen’s eyes were extremely cold.

He could roughly imagine that he seemed to have been under an illusion.

Other than the illusion technique, he really could not figure out what was going on!

Lu Xiaoran’s illusion technique should have been released with that pair of eyes.
However, Ye Chen had always been on guard.
Other than Ye Chen’s probing mental strength, his other mental strength had long been used to seal his consciousness and build a mental fortress that was like an iron wall.

In this situation, Lu Xiaoran’s illusion technique should not have any effect on him at all.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran could not take credit for this.
The real reason was…

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