Your disciple, Zhuge Ziqiong, is being pursued by the Buddhist Sect…

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Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Battle Demon Sect…

Your disciple Yun Lige is being pursued by an itinerant cultivator…

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Demon Maiden, Yu Xuan’er…

Your disciple Yun Lige is being pursued by the Fish Dragon God Beast…

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Iron Bones Sect…

Damn, other than the first message, which was about Zhuge Ziqiong, the rest were all messages from Yun Lige.
Moreover, they were all messages about Yun Lige being pursued.
Lu Xiaoran roughly swept his gaze over and estimated that there were more than ten thousand messages.

Could this Yun Lige have gone to stir up a hornet’s nest.

Why was he being pursued every day?

Could it be that he had forgotten that his master had always taught him to live ignobly?

Could this brat have forgotten his guidance?

This brat had better not offend everyone in the entire Divine World, in case a bunch of God Monarch Realm experts came to attack him.

If that day really came, Lu Xiaoran probably would not be able to help but end his master-disciple relationship with Yun Lige.

Unfortunately, Wang Cai could only show him these status information now and he still could not see the basic information.

Otherwise, he would also be able to understand what level everyone’s cultivation had reached.

He wondered if his disciples had broken through to the God Slaying Realm.

Lu Xiaoran did not think so.

After all, it was already very difficult to increase one’s realm in the Divine World.

The reason why he was able to advance to this level in such a short period of time was naturally because of the benefits his disciples’ cultivation had brought him.

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However, in fact, it was mostly because he had personally participated in the cultivation.

If he had not participated in the cultivation and used his powerful talent, it would be impossible for him to reach this level in such a short period of time.

If he wanted to see their cultivation information clearly, he could only wait until he found the disciples or wait for his disciples to approach him

“Wang Cai, give me the gift bags first.”

Wang Cai quickly sent all the gifts over.
There were nearly a hundred big and small gift bags.

Lu Xiaoran felt that his life had gotten repetitive.

Formation, cultivation, gift bag…

He really hoped that these days could continue.

Divine Technique Heaven Demon Ruler x1.

The Heaven Demon Ruler was a spatial teleportation technique.
It could increase one’s AOE by teleporting one’s attack to any location within the range of one’s divine sense.

“This thing is not bad.
The attack moves of cultivators have a certain limit.
It is restricted by the range of the divine sense, just like how the attack of an ordinary human was restricted by the range of their own vision.
And this move can help me ignore this restriction and greatly increase my cultivation.
I can attack wherever I want.
I won’t have to worry that I won’t be able to hit others.”

The profound soul was a good thing.
It could be considered to be the most valuable thing Lu Xiaoran needed at the moment.

Lu Xiaoran knew that the profound level was already the highest level in this world.

Be it cultivation techniques or weapons.

An existence like the Lu family only used God Realm cultivation techniques and divine weapons.
It seemed that only Old Master Lu had cultivated a divine technique and did not have a divine artifact to support him.

Only those with strength above dozens or even nearly a hundred Lu families could use divine weapons and divine techniques on a large scale.

Moreover, the factions that could use divine weapons and divine techniques on a large scale were probably the strongest.
The cultivation of their experts probably reached the Mahayana God King Realm.

The following items were more orthodox.

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They were also divine techniques, divine artifacts, and some top-grade divine crystals.
In any case, they were all good things.

However, those few large gift bags did give him two profound level armor and array formations.

Not bad.
It was perfect now that he had profound level armor.
Even if his cultivation was relatively low and he could not unleash its full strength, he would definitely be able to resist the cultivation of many experts.

At the very least, no one in this Heaven Water City could defeat him.

After Lu Xiaoran opened the gift box, his cousin Lu Xiao Chen’s voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

“Xiaoran, are you inside?”

Lu Xiaoran put away his things.
With a thought, his body instantly disappeared from his spot.
When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the entrance.

“Cousin, why are you suddenly here?”

“I’m here to give you this month’s resources.”

“I see.
Thank you, Cousin.”

“You’re always so polite.”

Lu Xiaochen smiled and handed Lu Xiaoran’s resources for this month to him.

“You have to pay more attention to your work and rest.
Don’t always cultivate in your room.
If you have time, you should come out and walk around and get to know some friends.
This will also be beneficial to your future development.”

“Cousin is right.
However, I don’t know many people here.
If I offend anyone, I’m afraid I’ll cause trouble for the Lu family.
Therefore, I think it’s better for me to cultivate obediently in my room.”

Lu Xiaochen did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“You brat, our Lu family is the strongest family in the Heaven Water City.
What’s there to be afraid of? Just Grandpa’s strength alone is enough to provoke the other families.
Even if you cause trouble, our Lu family can still resolve it.

“Moreover, in fact, you won’t be able to cause much trouble.
After all, our Lu family is so powerful.
Basically, not many families dare to casually provoke our Lu family.

“Unless the other party is crazy.

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“By the way, it just so happens that I’m going to a nearby sect to handle some matters.
Do you want to accompany me?”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.
He did not want to get involved in such a matter.
Not only was it troublesome, but it would also delay his cultivation.

“Let’s go and have fun together.
Take it as relaxing.”

After a pause, Lu Xiaochen whispered into Lu Xiaoran’s ear,

“I’m going to collect offerings.
We can keep a bit for ourselves.”

Lu Xiaochen was speechless.

“Are we really going to take resources from our own family?”

“That’s not what I meant.
You’re mistaken.
I definitely won’t touch the offerings others give to our Lu family.
However, if we, the direct descendants of the Lu family, go over, they will more or less express their gratitude and give us more.”

“If you go, we can get two extra rewards.
It would be a waste not to.
It’s better than hiding in your room to cultivate.”

Lu Xiaoran was not interested in the benefits.
He did not even care about the top-notch treatment of the Lu family, let alone the small income of a small sect.

However, the reason why he wanted to go out was partly to understand the Divine World more and partly to do something.

For example, his spirit stones.

When he was in the lower realm, Lu Xiaoran had killed Su Chen.
Coupled with the spirit stones he had obtained over the years, he had more or less obtained more than a few hundred trillion.

With his current cultivation, he no longer needed any spirit stones.
Even when setting up array formations, he still mostly used divine crystals.

Although God Realm array formations could also be activated with spirit stones, their might would be much weaker.
It was not very effective.

However, this did not mean that spirit stones were trash in the Divine World.

Cultivators in the Divine World also had to cultivate step by step from the bottom.

Before reaching the God Realm, they also needed a large number of spirit stones.
It could even be said that they needed more spirit stones than those in the lower realm.

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This was because the cultivation speed of the people from the Divine World far surpassed the people from the lower realm, and the speed at which they absorbed spirit energy was also several times faster.

After obtaining Lu Xiaoran’s approval, Lu Xiaochen immediately brought Lu Xiaoran to that sect.

They were riding on a divine ship driven by divine crystals.
Compared to the convoy pulled by demon beasts that Lu Xiaoran had previously sat on, the speed of this ship was faster, more agile, and more stable.
These ships were the favorite transportation tools of slightly wealthy families in the Divine World.

On the flying ship, Xiao Chen asked, “Xiaoran, you’re so diligent and cultivate every day.
What’s your current cultivation level?”

“My talent might be relatively slow, so I’ve only just barely broken through to the third level of the God Realm.”

“It’s already not bad.
You’ve only been in the Lu family for two years and you’re already at this level.”

“It’s all because of the Lu family’s resources.
After all, I used to wander around and didn’t obtain as many resources as I did in the Lu family.”

“That’s right.
As the saying goes, the poor study and the rich practice martial arts.
The reason why our Lu family was able to reach our current state is all because of our family’s resources and strong support.”

“Let’s not talk about our distant relatives.
Among your close relatives, your cousins Lu Xiaofei, Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Xiaoyan have already reached the True God Realm.
I have also broken through to the ninth level of the True God Realm and I’m not far from the God Slaying Realm.

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying, “Why do all the third generation disciples have Xiao in their names? Isn’t Xiao a surname? Is there any special meaning to that word?”

Lu Xiaochen frowned slightly.

“Weren’t we talking about cultivation? Xiaoran, your focus is so strange.”

“Uh… It’s nothing.
I’m just curious.”

“There’s not much to it.
It’s just that our grandma’s surname is Xiao.
In our family, grandma’s words are more effective than grandpa’s.
When they were deciding on the names of the third generation disciples, they ended up using Xiao on all the names.”

Lu Xiaoran did not expect his grandfather to be so henpecked.

After a pause, he continued, “Speaking of which, your talent is indeed extraordinary.
You’ve already reached the ninth level of the True God Realm at such a young age.
Looks like it won’t be long before you break through to the God Slaying Realm.”

Lu Xiaochen sighed faintly.

“It’s difficult.
To be honest, I was able to break through so quickly because of Grandpa’s help.
I’m only where I am today because Grandpa taught me our Lu family’s unique divine technique .
However, divine techniques are too difficult to comprehend.
I only comprehended half of it before it became difficult for me to comprehend the next level.”

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