“Generally speaking, the most suitable God Realm cultivation techniques are the God Creation Realm cultivation techniques.
This is because God Creation Realm cultivation techniques only strengthen the soul and evolve a trace of one’s own space.
On the other hand, divine techniques are used to break through to the Ten Domains Martial God Realm, the Hundred Domains Battle God Realm, and the Thousand Domains War God Realm.
It’s also to prepare for the God King Realm and the God Emperor Realm.

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“Therefore, even if one’s cultivation speed is faster when cultivating a divine technique, in a sense, it is best for ordinary people to prioritize God Realm cultivation techniques before reaching the God Creation Realm and the God Production Realm.

“As long as one accumulated enough experience and cultivated five to eight God Realm cultivation techniques according to one’s talent, they would naturally be able to easily master deeper divine techniques.
Then, they would have a greater breakthrough in their cultivation.

It’s just like building a house.
If your foundation is not sturdy enough, how can you add more floors? ”

Lu Xiaochen’s heart trembled as he widened his eyes and stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran.

“Damn, you’re right! Why do you know so much?”

“Isn’t this very obvious? Grandpa should have told you, right?”

“Of course he did, but he never said that cultivating five to eight God Realm cultivation techniques will make it easier for you to master divine techniques! Where did you learn this knowledge?”

Lu Xiaoran coughed lightly and immediately said, “You should know that I’ve been living outside for so many years and have seen a lot, so I know more.”

“Damn, I have to try it immediately.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaochen directly entered a meditative state and began to cultivate.

Not long after he entered a meditative state to cultivate, the divine ship also arrived at a sect called the Seven Water Pavilion.

“Young Masters, we’ve already arrived at the Seven Water Pavilion.”

“My cousin just fell into a meditative state.
I’ll leave the collection of resources to you guys.”

The voice of the Lu family steward sounded from outside again.

“Young Master, the Seven Water Pavilion’s pavilion master and the other elders and disciples are all welcoming you at the entrance of the mountain.
If the two of you don’t come out, I’m afraid they will be disappointed.
Moreover, Young Master is the one who’s cultivating.
You can still come out and meet them.
It won’t be too much of a hassle.”

Lu Xiaoran looked at Lu Xiaochen, who was meditating, and could not help but frown slightly.

At this moment, Lu Xiaochen was cultivating diligently and had a good momentum.
If he was interrupted at this moment, it would be a huge loss for him.
If he did not do well, it was even possible for him to suffer from qi deviation.

Shaking his head slightly, Lu Xiaoran walked down the divine ship.

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The person in charge was his cousin’s follower.
His surname was also Lu and he was a disciple adopted by the Lu family.
There were many such people in the Lu family.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran walk down, he immediately went forward and said, “Young Master, the Seven Water Pavilion is one of our Lu family’s vassals.
The pavilion master of the Seven Water Pavilion is at the first level of the God Realm.
Most of their cultivators are below the God Realm.
Therefore, Young Master, you don’t have to be too nervous.”

In the Divine World, there were many such sects.
It could even be said that there were countless of them.

These small sects were the best choices for countless cultivators before they officially stepped into the God Realm.

It was just like going to a high school or a primary school before going to university.

The sect master of such a sect would become the vassal of a powerful family to ensure healthy development of the sect and avoid being destroyed by other stronger factions.

The existence of such a small sect was very awkward.
In the Divine World, they were like ants, but they had to exist.

After all, ordinary people did not have powerful connections and resources like aristocratic families or large sects.
They could not cultivate from scratch.

The sect master and Elder Group of these sects were also usually formed by itinerant cultivators with no connections to each other.
By providing cultivation resources for disciples below the God Realm, they are also able to obtain some resources for themselves.

Each party took what they needed.

When Lu Xiaoran arrived at the entrance of the mountain, he immediately received a warm welcome from the entire Seven Water Pavilion.

The sect master stood outside the mountain gate to welcome them personally.
The people standing on both sides of the road were at least at the Saint Realm.
Occasionally, one or two Supreme Realm experts would be mixed in.
There were hundreds of them.

The elders were all Martial Monarch Realm experts.

If this were the lower realm, it would be unimaginable.

This was because this was only a sect.

For example, Su Chen’s Hall of Gods had absorbed an entire empire’s worth of sects.
Only then could it be compared to the most ordinary sects in the Divine World.

“Welcome, Young Master Lu.”

The Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master immediately went forward and cupped his hands to welcome Lu Xiaoran.
However, he secretly sized up Lu Xiaoran.

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Steward Lu hurriedly said, “This is the Youngest Young Master who just returned to our Lu family.
Eldest Young Master is currently in seclusion, so the matters today will all be handled by Youngest Young Master.”

“Alright, alright.
Then please enter the mountain gate first, Young Master.
Our Seven Water Pavilion has already prepared a banquet for you to welcome you.”

Lu Xiaoran walked into the mountain gate with a calm expression and could not help but sigh in his heart.

He had not imagined that he would also be treated as a rich second-generation heir one day,

It had to be said that this feeling was somewhat different.
He was being flattered like an ancestor.
Sigh, it was comfortable and satisfying.

Although everyone usually hated the rich and could not help but mock the rich second-generation heirs, it was still good to be rich.

“There’s no need for that.
Let’s get down to business first.”

Lu Xiaoran didn’t really feel like posturing.
He only wanted to get things done and also ask if he could sell his spirit stones.

He was not interested in a luxurious life at all.

A strange expression flashed in the sect master’s eyes, but he still nodded obediently.

“Alright, then please move to the hall of the Seven Water Pavilion, Young Master Lu.”

Lu Xiaoran quickly arrived at the Seven Water Pavilion to ask around and was invited to the seat of honor.
As for the Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master and the elders, they stood below in unison like primary school students waiting for their names to be called.

“Young Master Lu, this is the tribute our Seven Water Pavilion is offering to the Lu family this year.
It’s a total of 90,000 high-grade divine crystals.”

As soon as he said this, Steward Lu could not help but frown.

“That’s not right.
According to the scale of your Seven Water Pavilion, the annual offerings should be 100,000 high-grade divine crystals.
Why is it only 90,000 this year?”

The Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master said with a trace of apology,

“I’m extremely sorry.
Our Seven Water Pavilion has consumed too many spirit stones in the past two years, so we don’t have enough spirit stones at all.
We’ll definitely make up for it next year.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master immediately went forward and quietly handed Lu Xiaoran a small storage bag.

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“Young Master Lu, I’m extremely sorry.
Please make an exception.
Next year, our Seven Water Pavilion will definitely compensate you more.”

Lu Xiaoran naturally knew that the other party was not lying.

Even those whose cultivation levels were one or two realm levels higher than his could not hide from him in terms of mental strength, let alone a mere first level God Realm cultivator.

He swept his divine sense over and saw that there were a total of 10,000 high-grade divine crystals in the small red packet the other party had given him.

It seemed that the other party not only had to give the Lu family offerings, but also had to give him a red packet.
That was why it was not enough.

After weighing it, Lu Xiaoran continued, “I’m here to work for the family.
Forgive me for not being able to agree to this.
There simply is not enough.”

The Seven Water Pavilion Master’s expression immediately became somewhat ugly.

After all, he had already given Lu Xiaoran a huge red packet.
If not for the red packet, he could actually meet the quota.

As for the red packet, it was also a tradition that could not be broken.
He was also in a dilemma.

However, at this moment, Lu Xiaoran returned the divine crystals in his hand to the Seven Water Pavilion Master.

“How about this? Forget about the red packet you gave me.
Take it and add it to the offerings.”

The Seven Water Pavilion Master was stunned, as if he did not expect Lu Xiaoran to be so kind.

To be honest, a large family like theirs could completely easily suppress the Seven Water Pavilion.
They did not have to give the Seven Water Pavilion any face at all.

It was just a matter of words.
If they had made demands, even if the Seven Water Pavilion had to take a loan, they would still have to pay it.

However, the other party was so magnanimous.
This really made the sect master of the Seven Water Pavilion somewhat at a loss of words.

“Thank you, Young Master Lu! Thank you, Young Master Lu! Don’t worry, our Seven Water Pavilion will definitely offer you double the offerings next year.
We definitely won’t let you lose anything.”

Steward Lu saw this and nodded slightly.

This young master was very capable and knowledgeable.

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He had easily gotten the other party to owe him a favor.
Now, it would also be convenient for him to recruit some useful people in the future to consolidate his status in the Lu family.

This was much better than 10,000 high-grade divine crystals.

However, in fact, he had guessed wrongly.
Lu Xiaoran only did this because he did not care about a mere 10,000 high-grade divine crystals, let alone the so-called status of the Lu family.

He wanted to use the Seven Water Pavilion to get rid of the few hundred trillion spirit stones.

That was why he was so popular.

At this moment, the Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master suddenly turned around and shouted, “Qingxue, come in quickly and offer tea to Young Master Lu.”

The next moment, a woman with an excellent appearance and figure slowly walked into the hall with a pot of top-notch divine tea.

This woman’s appearance and other aspects were excellent.

The most wonderful thing was her two white jade mountains.
The majestic aura of her chest could be said to be indomitable!

However, her expression was clearly somewhat cold and she clearly resisted Lu Xiaoran.

“Seven Water Pavilion’s Ling Qingxue greets Young Master Lu.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and received the divine tea the other party offered, somewhat puzzled.

Before he could finish the pot of divine tea, the Seven Water Pavilion’s pavilion master smiled again and said, “Young Master Lu, this is our Seven Water Pavilion’s current Holy Maiden, Ling Qingxue.
This woman is extremely intelligent and has excellent talent.
We want to send her to the Lu family to serve Young Master Lu.
I wonder if Young Master Lu is willing?”

Lu Xiaoran had just finished drinking a mouthful of tea.
Because of this, he almost sprayed all the water in his mouth onto Ling Qingxue’s face!

Fortunately, he was calm enough to not spit it out.

Otherwise, it would be very embarrassing.

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