“Divine Maiden, did I hear wrongly? You want to marry Lu Xiaoran? Are you sure?”

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An elder of the Misty Pavilion could not help but speak with a blank expression.

Gong Wan’er took a deep breath and nodded in confirmation.

“That’s right, I do want to marry Lu Xiaoran.”

Hearing Gong Wan’er confirm again, Old Master Lu immediately slapped the table and cheered.

“Alright! In that case, let’s set an auspicious date for the two of you to get married.”

“Grandpa Lu, don’t be anxious.”

Gong Wan’er spoke again, and Old Master Lu frowned.

Gong Wan’er shook her head.

“Since I, Gong Wan’er, have decided, I won’t change my mind.
However, I previously had some opportunities that gave me the chance to step into the God Creation Realm.
Although I’m not very sure about the specific time of my breakthrough, I’m willing to set a time.
In five years, regardless of whether it succeeds or not, I’ll marry Xiaoran when the time comes.
How about that?”

Old Master Lu directly agreed.

Five years was simply nothing to cultivators like them.

Moreover, in these five years, their Lu family might welcome a God Production Realm granddaughter-in-law.
Old Master Lu was overjoyed, so how could he not be willing?

“Alright! In that case, I’ll return to the Misty Pavilion first.

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he had just returned to his courtyard and had yet to sit down when Lu Xiaochen ran over excitedly to report the good news.

“Xiaoran! You’ve made it!”

Lu Xiaoran looked at him in confusion and said, “Cousin, why do you say that?”

“Don’t you know? Didn’t Divine Maiden Gong tell you?”

“That’s not right.
She’s already told Grandpa that she wants to marry you.
However, because she’s going to break through now, she’ll come and get married to you in five years.”

At this moment, a lot of question marks appeared in his head.

Was he unable to think straight?

Or were the tricks of this world too new?

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At this moment, Lu Xiaoran felt that he could not keep up with these people’s thoughts.

He had already said it so sincerely and clearly.
Moreover, he had only revealed to the public that he was a third level God Realm trash.

He had already made himself into such a mess, but there was still a girl who wanted to be his wife?

Was she crazy? Or was she mentally ill?

Wait, something seemed to be wrong.

It was probably impossible for her to covet his beauty.
After all, the handsome men in the Divine World were also abundant.

Damn, could it be that this woman was pregnant with someone else’s child and wanted to run over to make him the scapegoat?

However, something seemed to be wrong.
If that was the case, she should be eager to marry him.
Why would she choose to wait for five years?

Could it be… could it be… that she wanted to use him as a human furnace?

Lu Xiaoran knew that in this world, some people would use this method to increase their cultivation.

If that was the case, he would definitely not agree.

Fortunately, there were still five years left.

Five years later, he would have long reached an unknown level.

At that time, would they still be able to force the marriage? Don’t even think about it!

“Xiaoran, you’ve made a killing this time.
No, no matter what, you have to treat us to a meal today.
If you don’t, the heavens won’t tolerate it.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded helplessly.

“Alright, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“It’s not for nothing.
I’ll teach you a few moves in the future.
I’ll try my best to help you increase your cultivation as soon as possible.
I’ll try my best to increase your cultivation from the third level of the God Realm to the eighth level of the God Realm in five years.”

“Forget it, I think it’s better for me to cultivate by myself.”

He was already at the fourth level of the God Production Realm now.
If he let Lu Xiaochen guide him, his cultivation would decrease.
It would really not be worth it.

At the same time, Han Zhen finally flew out of the cave.

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“It’s been more than two years.
My current cultivation has finally increased from the first level of the God Realm to the fifth level of the God Realm.
It’s finally time to start exploring this mysterious Divine World.

“The Divine World is vast and there are many experts.
If I dealt with those experts, I might not even know how I died.

“I think I’ll stick to my old profession and dig up tombs.

“It would be best if I can dig up some God Monarch tombs.
In that case, I can hide in the Divine World without worry in the future.

Thinking of this, Han Zhen took out his two Dharma treasures.

One of them was a searching compass.
This searching compass could help him find the location of the ancient tomb.
In this way, he did not have to worry about not being able to find the ancient tomb to dig.

The other was a divine weapon that was in charge of movement.
It could allow him to travel 500 kilometers in a second.

Han Zhen had been hiding here for more than two years and did not remember anything clearly.
The only thing he remembered clearly was that there were people who liked to fight on this mountain every day.

Therefore, he decided to find another place to explore the ancient tombs.

After using the divine weapon, Han Zhen immediately teleported away.

However, just as he left, the air began to distort again.

In the next second, the golden door to the Divine World was opened alive, and two figures jumped in.

“Hahahaha… it’s our turn this year! It’s finally our turn to transcend the tribulation and become gods.”

“That’s right! It’s really not easy for us to come this far.
Master and the others have all successfully transcended the tribulation, leaving only the two of us.
We’ve guarded the Nameless Sect for so many years and have finally successfully transcended the tribulation and arrived at the Divine World.”

“Old Tie, don’t worry.
From today onwards, the Divine World will be the stage for you and me.”

The two of us have to let our names spread throughout the entire world.

“Well said.
Buttface is mighty.
As expected of a lackey who has followed Master for a long time.
It seems your time with Master was not in vain.”

“Old Tie, I seriously suspect that you’re insulting me.”

“That’s impossible.
Do you have evidence? Show me the evidence.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for suing you for slander.”

“I can’t be bothered with you.”

Buttface retorted angrily.

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At this moment, several sharp and powerful auras suddenly sounded from the sky.

Buttface and Old Tie’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Quick, go and greet them.
Perhaps we can even obtain some opportunities.”

Thinking of this, the two demons immediately flew into the sky and waved their hooves crazily at everyone.

However, in the next second, a shout suddenly sounded from the clouds.

“Fang Chen, you bastard, you actually dare to have an affair with the sect master’s wife.
Stop quickly and return with us to wait for the sect master to punish you.”

“Do you think I’m stupid? If I go back with you, I’ll die without a burial place.
If I do that, I’ll really be stupid!”

“Everyone, be careful.
They actually found two demon beasts to help.”

“Hmph! So what? Trash is still trash.
Go, send the three of them to the King of Hell.”

The two demons were instantly dumbfounded.

Damn it, he had just arrived at the Divine World and was already being chased and killed?

Moreover, the problem was that they did not know who this was at all!

What did his fooling around outside have to do with them? The two of them had just arrived in the Divine World and were unfamiliar with the place.
They did not understand anything and did not know anything!

The two demons had just run away when the air distorted in the next second.
The door to the Divine World was opened again.
A woman in a green dress slowly stepped out and arrived in this world.

“Is this the Divine World? I didn’t expect that I, Lu Yi, would also transcend the tribulation to become a god one day and come to the Divine World from the lower realm!”

However, just as she finished speaking, a sword shadow suddenly shot down from the sky, instantly cutting off a large piece of her hair, revealing the ghastly white scalp inside.

Lu Yi was dumbfounded on the spot.
She looked at the sky and saw several figures fighting desperately.
She instantly collapsed.

Was the Divine World… that dangerous?

She decided to slip away first and find a place to hide.
She would continue to hide for a few more years before leaving.

She swept her divine sense and quickly found a cave at the foot of the mountain.

“Eh? There’s actually a cave here? Great!”

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The extremely excited Lu Yi immediately flew into the cave without saying a word.

When she arrived at the cave, she was immediately pleasantly surprised again.

“Heavens, there are actually so many good array formations in this cave! Great! The heavens are really helping me!”

In the next moment, she immediately sealed the entire cave.
Then, she took out top-grade spirit stones and began to repair the array to prepare for her cultivation plan.

In another part of the Divine World, a door to the Divine World was also opened in the void.

Soon, a woman in a purple dress slowly walked out of the Divine World Gate.

“Is this the Divine World?”

Her eyes were filled with excitement, desire, and a trace of fear.

“Lu Xiaoran, you said that I could pursue you after becoming a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Now, I’ve already become a God Realm expert.
I wonder if your words still count?”

Divine World, Netherworld Sect.

A thin figure stood on the cliff.
A dark stream of light flickered behind him and quickly arrived beside him.

“Sect Master, we’ve already investigated.
The person Gong Wan’er wants to marry is Lu Xiaoran, a disciple of the Lu family from Heaven Water City.”

The Netherworld Sect Master’s expression seemed calm, but his eyes were filled with killing intent that made one’s heart palpitate.

“I planned for an entire 50 years! It was all to let Gong Wan’er quickly grow to the God Creation Realm in the Misty Pavilion and then become my human furnace to provide me with enough energy!

“I didn’t expect a brat to beat me to it.

“Then Sect Master, what should we do now?”

“Inform the other six families in the Heaven Water City to think of a way to destroy the Lu family!”

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