“Lu Feng, you bastard! My Lu family has treated you well.
Why did you betray the Lu family?”

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Lu Xiaochen was furious.
Lu Feng’s face revealed a hint of shame, but his expression quickly turned cold.

“Sorry, I don’t want to die.
I just want to live.
Moreover, I’m not a direct descendant of the Lu family.
I only joined the Lu family later.
There’s no need for me to die with your Lu family!”

Lu Xiaochen shouted angrily and raised his hand to punch.
He condensed boundless divine power and threw it towards Lu Feng.

Lu Feng’s expression changed drastically and he immediately asked the disciples of the six families for help.

Unfortunately, the people from the six families did not save him.

In an instant, he was enveloped by Lu Xiaochen’s huge fist and instantly exploded into a golden blood mist.

Only at the moment of death did Lu Feng understand that he had been played.

He was only a small ant.
The disciples of the six families only wanted to use him and did not care about his life at all.

At this moment, Lu Feng was extremely regretful.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

As for Lu Xiaochen, after his attack succeeded, he was instantly ambushed by the elite disciples of the other few families.
He staggered back, and the blood in his body surged.

“Brother, what should we do?”

Lu Xiaochen clenched his fists tightly, his eyes scarlet.

“Now that things have come to this, we can only fight them to the death.
In a while, everyone will scatter and escape.
Every single one of you should try your best to escape.
Don’t turn around.
Run back to Heaven Water City immediately and tell Grandpa and the others about what happened here.”

The dozens of elites on the other side smiled coldly.

“You still want to run? Tonight, none of you can escape.
All of you have to die!”

Lu Xiaochen spat out a mouthful of blood and could not be bothered to waste his breath on them.
He took a step and directly attacked.

The Lu family disciples followed him quickly and tried to break out together.

However, the dozens of elites from the other party were not to be trifled with either.
They worked together and attacked forcefully, blocking Lu Xiaochen and the others’ escape path on the spot.

The entire small mountain village was instantly enveloped and destroyed by divine power.

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The attacks filled the sky, and its might could collapse mountains and split the earth.

In a few breaths, everyone had already fought tens of thousands of times!

The explosion of the battle even spread 50 kilometers away, making countless itinerant cultivators outside fear and immediately escape.

After a few moves, the Lu family disciples were forced back by the other party.

Lu Xiaochen’s eyes were bloodshot.
The other party had too many people.
Moreover, for some reason, the other party’s cultivation actually exceeded his usual understanding.

Originally, he should have been the strongest among the younger generation of the various large families in the Heaven Water City.

However, there were already three people here whose cultivation levels were not inferior to his.
All of them had reached the God Slaying Realm.

This made it impossible for him to unleash his advantage and he was forcefully suppressed.

“Brother, we can’t escape.”

The tragic cries of his brothers made Lu Xiaochen grit his teeth.

“Since we can’t escape, let’s self-destruct.
Brothers, we definitely can’t fall into their hands.
Otherwise, if they use us to threaten Grandpa and make him fall into a passive state, our Lu family will be in an even more dangerous situation.”

However, just as he said this, the other party sneered.

“Do you think it’s possible for you to self-destruct? We’ve long set up a suppression array formation in the surroundings.
You guys can’t self-destruct at all.”

Lu Xiaochen and the others were immediately shocked.

The other party sneered again.

“However, don’t worry.
There’s no need for us to use you to threaten the Lu family.
Your arrogant Lu family is nothing in our eyes.
As for you guys… you guys will become the new shells of the Netherworld Sect Elder.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a few black auras suddenly spread out from the ground and instantly invaded Lu Xiaochen and the others’ bodies.

“Netherworld Sect? The Demon Sect? You guys are actually cooperating with the Demon Sect? You bastards!”

Lu Xiaochen was shocked.
He finally understood why the other party was not ruthless just now.

With their numbers, they could have killed Lu Xiaochen and the others.
At the very least, they could have severely injured a few of them.

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However, after being attacked, the few of them were only lightly injured.
It turned out that the other party had long planned for them to be possessed.

“Demon Sect? That’s our holy Demon Sect! Don’t worry, you and everyone from the Lu family will quickly become a part of the holy Demon Sect and become the new shells of those holy Demon Sect elders who have once died.

Lu Xiaochen and the others were instantly in despair.

If the Lu family’s opponent was only the six families, they still had a chance of survival.

However, if the Netherworld Sect was involved, they would definitely have no chance of survival.

Even their consciousnesses were gradually being devoured by the surging demon aura in their bodies.

It was the elder of the Demon Sect devouring their souls.

The elite disciples of the six families looked at Lu Xiaochen and the others, whose eyes were gradually turning white, and smiled smugly.

“Elders, after devouring Lu Xiaochen and the others, sneak into the Lu family and help our six families destroy the Lu family from the inside.
Let’s see how the Lu family makes a comeback.”

“For so many years, the Lu family has always been suppressing our six families.
This time, it’s finally our turn to hold our heads high.”

Just as everyone was chatting, a shocking pressure suddenly pressed down.

Before everyone could react, a total of fifty-seven attacks struck the heads of the fifty-six elite disciples from the six families at the same time.

In this instant, the fifty-seven elites, including three God Slaying Realm experts and fifty-four True God Realm experts, instantly turned into a pool of blood.

Fifty-seven deep pits appeared in the ground, each one dyed red by blood.

The Netherworld Sect elders who were in the middle devouring Lu Xiaochen and the others were immediately shocked when they saw this.

“Is it the head of the Lu family?”

“No, the head of the Lu family is only at the God Production Realm.
This person’s aura far exceeds the head of the Lu family!”

As he spoke, a slender figure in black quietly appeared in front of everyone.

Lu Xiaochen and the others’ consciousness had already been enveloped by the Netherworld Sect elders and were unable to sense Lu Xiaoran’s presence.
Lu Xiaoran also knew this clearly, so he chose to appear.

The few Netherworld Sect elders asked Lu Xiaoran as they continued to devour the souls of Lu Xiaochen and the others at a faster speed, wanting to stall for time.

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As long as they were given a few more breaths to completely devour the souls of Lu Xiao Chen and the others, they could control their bodies and use the Demon Sect’s cultivation technique to escape.

Unfortunately, if they had encountered anyone else, they might indeed have succeeded in stalling for time.
However, they had encountered Lu Xiaoran.

Without saying anything else, he directly opened the Trinity True Eyes.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran use the Trinity True Eyes, the souls of the few Netherworld Sect elders were suddenly stunned.

“You’re indeed very powerful, but in terms of mental strength, the few of us are not ordinary! Moreover, we’ve already devoured more than half of their souls.
You can’t save them.”

“That’s right.
Without enough mental strength, you’re simply unable to take us down.
If you forcefully attack our soul bodies, their souls will also be destroyed by you!”

However, just as they finished speaking, a majestic mental strength that was like a monstrous wave instantly invaded their bodies.
Then, with an unstoppable force, it directly shattered the Netherworld Sect elders’ soul bodies mercilessly.

Their sinister smiles stopped abruptly and instantly turned to fear.

“Impossible! How is this possible? How can your mental strength be so powerful?”

“Who are you? Why are you so powerful?”

Lu Xiaoran’s mental strength was too powerful!

As a result, just as they let out screams, their souls were completely destroyed by Lu Xiaoran.

The moment the souls of the Netherworld Sect elders were destroyed, Lu Xiaochen and the others also fell to the ground.
Their souls had already been severely injured.
Even though their bodies did not seem to be injured, they were actually already covered in injuries!

With the strength of their divine bodies and souls, they would not die.
However, their strength would definitely decrease greatly and this would severely affect their future cultivation.

Even Old Master Lu could not help them recover from their injuries.

It could be said that they were not much different from being crippled.

However, this was not a problem for Lu Xiaoran.

While destroying the souls of the few Netherworld Sect elders, he had already used the other party’s soul power to repair their souls.

Then, Lu Xiaochen gave each of them a Soul Pill to repair their souls.
In less than half an hour, they would recover and their soul power would increase to a certain extent.

After doing this, Lu Xiaoran thought of something and instantly disappeared from his spot.

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Time passed in a flash, and half an incense stick of time passed in the blink of an eye.

A moment later, Lu Xiaochen was the first to get up, followed by the others.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

“What’s going on? Weren’t we swallowed by the soul bodies of the Netherworld Sect Elder? Why are we still alive?”

Lu Xiaochen clenched his fists.
His cultivation was the highest, so his divine sense was the most sensitive.

Therefore, he quickly discovered that his soul power had increased.

“Our soul power hasn’t been devoured.
Instead, it has been strengthened! Something’s wrong.
Someone saved us!”

Lu Xiaochen looked in the direction the other party was pointing at.
His pupils instantly constricted, and even his heart stopped.

The world instantly fell silent!

There were fifty-seven pits, and every pit was the same size!

Every pit was stained with blood that had yet to solidify.

Moreover, the spots of each pit were where the elite disciples of the six families stood.

Therefore, they understood almost immediately.

It was still an instant kill!

They did not even have the time to react or escape!

The other party was actually so powerful and heaven-defying!

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