At night, Lu Xiaochen and the others returned to Heaven Water City.

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“What? You said that someone instantly killed dozens of elite disciples of the six families and even saved you from the Netherworld Sect’s elders?”

Be it Old Master Lu, Lu Tiannan, or the other second-generation disciples of the Lu family, their jaws dropped when they heard this.

Dozens of True God Realm experts and three God Slaying Realm experts!

This was already a formidable force.

Although a God Creation Realm expert was enough to defeat this team, it was definitely impossible for him to instantly kill them.

Therefore, the other party was at least at the God Production Realm.

Moreover, the other party had even destroyed the souls of the few Netherworld Sect elders and also repaired the souls of Lu Xiaochen and the others.

This method was really heaven-defying.

The other party had probably already stepped into the Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

“Who is it? Who is so powerful and even saved our Lu family descendants?”

The other party must be related to the Lu family!

Old Master Lu fell into deep thought.

A moment later, he suddenly exclaimed, “Could it be… one of our Lu family’s ancestors?”

Everyone’s bodies immediately trembled, and the hair on their bodies stood on end.

“Lu… Lu family ancestor? Heavens, Father, is what you said true?”

If the Lu family’s ancestor was around, then it would mean that he had already survived for an unbelievably long time!

Such an ancestor’s cultivation was unimaginable.

If it really was the ancestor of the Lu family and he was so powerful, it would simply be a huge good thing for the Lu family!

Not only could the Lu family easily resolve this crisis, but they could also rise to become the strongest family in the entire Heaven Water City!

They could even unify the families in Heaven Water City!

Old Master Lu shook his head.
He was still relatively clear-headed.

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“It’s difficult to say for sure.
After all, Xiaochen and the others didn’t see the other party’s true body.
It’s difficult to say if it’s the Lu family’s ancestor.

“However, one thing was certain.
The six families had already joined forces with the Netherworld Sect.

“Therefore, our Lu family definitely can’t resist.

Everyone’s excited expressions dimmed again.

Old Master Lu was right.
It was difficult to determine if the Lu family’s ancestor was still around, However, it was definitely true that the six families had the Netherworld Sect backing them.

Not only was their danger not resolved, but it had also become even more serious.

“Grandpa, then your plan is…?”

Old Master Lu rubbed his eyebrows and said with a solemn expression,

“Looks like for the future of the Lu family, I can only leave first.”

Everyone exclaimed in disbelief.

“Father, are you going to give up all the businesses our Lu family has in Heaven Water City? We worked hard for many years to accumulate this.”

“I didn’t want to either, but the other party has the support of the Netherworld Sect.
Who can resist the Netherworld Sect?”

“Isn’t the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect engaged to Xiaoran? Since she’s willing to marry Xiaoran, as long as we beg the Misty Sect, the Misty Sect will definitely help.”

Old Master Lu glared angrily.

“Divine Maiden Gong is already lowering her status by marrying into our Lu family.
It’s already not bad for her to agree to the marriage.
She is not even married to Xiaoran yet and now you want to ask the other party for help? What will others think of our Lu family? Perhaps they’ll even directly cancel the engagement.
At that time, if we ruin Xiaoran’s engagement, who will compensate Xiaoran?”

“Moreover, this is our Lu family’s matter.
Why should we trouble others? Can’t all of you have some ambition?”

“But we’ll suffer too many losses if we leave Heaven Water City!”

“Money is still not as important as people.
If we remain alive, we can still make a comeback.
If we’re all gone, it’s useless no matter how many resources we have.”

Lu Tiannan wanted to say something, but Old Master Lu waved his hand.

“Alright, cut the crap.
Just do as I say and gather all the resources of the Lu family first.
Hurry up.”

Everyone was helpless and could only follow Old Master Lu’s orders.

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However, no one knew that after they left, the air in the Lu family’s hall distorted, and an extremely dark aura suddenly appeared in the hall.

Old Master Lu, who was resting with his eyes closed, sensed that someone was attacking him and was instantly shocked.

“Someone who wants your life.”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, after being busy saving Lu Xiaochen and the others, he did not return directly.
Instead, he went to the Seven Water Pavilion to take away the divine crystals he had gathered in the past year.

The Seven Water Pavilion had done very well.
The divine crystals they exchanged for were all top-grade.

However, the current exchange rate had increased a little more.
It had increased from the original 100 to 200 to the exchange rate of 150 to 250.

Because Lu Xiaoran had exchanged too many spirit stones, the number of spirit stones in the surrounding area increased greatly.
Therefore, the price of divine crystals also increased.

Some illegal merchants even took the opportunity to lower the price of the spirit stones.

Lu Xiaoran had long expected this to happen, but he had no choice.

Firstly, his current cultivation was not enough.

Since his cultivation was insufficient, it naturally meant that he could not rashly expose his methods.
It was also impossible for him to expand his acquisition range.

Secondly, he had too many spirit stones.
It was a huge project to convert them into divine crystals.
It was not easy to do.

Spirit stones were already useless to him.
Divine crystals were what he needed now.
Therefore, he would exchange for as many as he could.

This was a deal that was destined to be a loss.
However… the more he exchanged, the less he would lose.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had also learned about the Netherworld Sect from the Seven Water Pavilion’s sect master.

It was said that this Netherworld Sect was the Demon Sect from many years ago.
Later, many sects worked together to destroy it.

Now, they were probably trying to make a comeback.

However, it was not a big problem for the other party to make a comeback.
This was because the Netherworld Sect was a Demon Sect and had some mysterious and vicious demon techniques.

Putting everything else aside, just the demon technique they used to devoured souls was rather evil.
Moreover, it could quickly expand the Netherworld Sect’s influence.

It was also because of this that the Netherworld Sect placed their attention on the Lu family.

On the one hand, they probably wanted to use the six families to destroy the Lu family to obtain more status and resources.

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On the other hand, they could also capture all the Lu family cultivators and use them to revive the elders and disciples of the Netherworld Sect.

Lu Xiaoran knew that he would be busy again.

Of course, he hoped that the Lu family would be smarter and choose to temporarily retreat to avoid the Netherworld Sect and the six families.

It would give him more time to cultivate.

It was best for him to live ignobly for a few more years.
At the very least, he had to cultivate to the God Emperor Realm or the Supreme God Realm first.

He had to take things steadily!

After settling the matter at the Seven Water Pavilion, Lu Xiaoran returned to the Lu family immediately.

At this moment, a black figure quietly stepped out from the Lu family hall.

He placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the stars in the sky.

“After tonight, the Lu family should no longer exist.
Why don’t we bring that Lu Xiaoran back first and let Sect Master torture him to death? It can also be considered as a fun activity for Sect Master.”

Thinking of this, the other party stepped away and prepared to find a Lu family disciple to ask for Lu Xiaoran’s location.

Just as he left Old Master Lu’s courtyard, the air suddenly distorted as a black-robed figure quietly arrived.

The moment their eyes met, both sides were somewhat stunned.

However, the black figure quickly reacted and said, “Perfect timing.
I was just about to find a Lu family disciple to ask for directions.
Do you know where Lu Xiaoran is?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his huge pressure pressed down on Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.

It was not that he was frightened by the other party’s aura, but he did not expect the other party to actually be looking for him.
Moreover, this aura had actually reached the Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

However, looking at the evil aura on the other party’s body, he was extremely similar to the few Netherworld Sect elders.
He should be an elder of the Netherworld Sect.

Why was an elder of the Netherworld Sect looking for him?

He was only a small figure in the Lu family.
The Netherworld Sect should not even know him!

Could it be… that the Netherworld Sect was the subordinate of the mastermind that Elder Tianji had mentioned?

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“Have you been frightened silly?”

Seeing that Lu Xiaoran did not answer, the Netherworld Sect elder raised his eyebrows slightly and immediately shook his head.

“Forget it, it’s a waste of my time to ask an idiot like you.”

However, just as he was about to attack and kill Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran had already attacked first.

The Netherworld Sect Elder smiled in extreme disdain.

“Idiot, you actually attacked me? How ignorant…!”

This time, before he could finish speaking, the Mountain and River State Painting enveloped him and instantly put him into it.

Lu Xiaoran did not kill him.
Instead, he put him into the Mountain and River State Painting and returned to interrogate him.

He quickly returned to his room and directly entered the Mountain and River State Painting.

The Netherworld Sect elder was looking around in shock.
The arrogance on his face had completely disappeared.

At this moment, when he saw Lu Xiaoran enter, he was even more shocked.

Lu Xiaoran ignored him and only said indifferently, “I’m Lu Xiaoran!”

The Netherworld Sect elder was so shocked that his eyes almost fell out.

“This is impossible, how is this possible? You’re only a third-generation disciple of the Lu family and have been wandering outside for many years.
How can you be so powerful?”

“You talk too much nonsense.”

With a thought from Lu Xiaoran, the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture was activated.
With the enhancement of the Heaven Demon Ruler, an invisible force instantly struck the other party’s chest.

The Heaven Demon Ruler could instantly teleport an attack in front of the other party, preventing the other party from even blocking it.
Moreover, Lu Xiaoran’s Trinity True Eyes even had the True Intent Unravel effect, directly removing the defense on the other party’s body.

This attack directly bombarded the other party’s body.

In an instant, the Netherworld Sect elder vomited blood and was sent flying.
He fell from the sky like a meteor and smashed fiercely onto the ground.

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