After the other party said this softly, this person fell into a coma.
Ling Xinyue originally did not want to save this person.
After all, she was once a Demon Venerable and did not have the heart of a saint.

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However, when she saw the other party’s face, she was instantly shocked.

“You… you’re my father’s disciple? Is your name Zhuge something?”

In the next second, Ling Xinyue’s face could not help but burn slightly.

Why was she referring to that guy as her father again?

No, she had to change this bad habit.

However, she quickly shook her head.

“I shouldn’t be thinking about this now.
She seems to be being pursued.
I should bring her away first.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ling Xinyue immediately brought Zhuge Ziqiong and quickly escaped.

Not long after she left, golden light flashed in the world.
A monk in a kasaya and a huge Bodhi Bead appeared in this world.

He looked at the blood on the ground and could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

“Amitabha, I didn’t expect this demon to be able to escape after being struck by my Meru Divine Palm.
However, I’ve already left a mark on your body… You definitely won’t be able to escape from my palm.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the monk sat cross-legged, pressed his palms together, and recited the Buddhist scripture.
A faint golden fluctuation slowly spread in all directions.

On Ling Xinyue’s side, she did not dare to stop as she carried Zhuge Ziqiong.
She only stopped after traveling nearly 30,000 kilometers.

At this moment, the eastern horizon had already fallen into deep darkness.

That was a sign before dawn!

It was also the darkest moment of the day when the Yin aura was the heaviest!

Perhaps because her body had absorbed a lot of Yin aura on its own, Zhuge Ziqiong, who was in Ling Xinyue’s arms, began to slowly wake up.

After seeing Ling Xinyue, Zhuge Ziqiong’s scarlet eyes revealed a slight surprise.

“It’s you? You came to the Divine World too?”

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Ling Xinyue quickly landed on the ground and placed Zhuge Ziqiong on the ground.
Zhuge Ziqiong took out a small bottle of divine blood from her storage bag and drank it to replenish her strength.
Then, she immediately used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair the injuries on her body.

After repairing her injuries, she let out a long turbid breath.

“Fortunately, Master taught me the Azure Thearch Longevity Art at the divine level.
With this, I can repair the injuries of my body.
Otherwise, I would have long been captured by that old baldy.”

“What’s going on? Why is that baldy chasing after you?”

“Isn’t that simple? I’m a zombie, and he’s a baldy.
Their slogan has always been to kill demons.
If they don’t kill me, what are they supposed to do? Date me?”

“That’s true.
After all, a baldy doesn’t know love.”

After Ling Xinyue muttered, the two of them stopped talking.
The air was somewhat awkward for a moment.

After a while, Ling Xinyue finally mustered her courage and continued, “Um… is my father doing alright?”

After saying this, she felt her face burn.

She swore that she definitely did not miss Lu Xiaoran.
She only wanted to know where he was and how he was doing.

If he was doing well, she would definitely be unhappy.
If Lu Xiaoran was not doing well, she would definitely be in a good mood.

That’s right.
She only wanted to know the news of his embarrassment.
She had only phrased it in this way in case Zhuge Ziqiong did not want to tell her.

Zhuge Ziqiong shook her head.

“I haven’t seen my master in a few years.”

“What? Aren’t you guys together?”

Ling Xinyue’s beautiful face suddenly revealed a trace of worry.

Zhuge Ziqiong continued, “We were actually forced to come to the Divine World.
Back then, Ye Chen from the Ye family chose to self-destruct.
Master had no choice but to open the door to the Divine World and bring us into it.”

However, because there were too many people who entered and because the door to the Divine World was somewhat unstable due to the fluctuation of Ye Chen’s self-destruction, almost all of us entered the Divine World separately.

My master had also said that after he arrived at the Divine World, he would go to the Divine World’s Lu family.

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“As long as we find the Lu family of the Divine World, we can find my master.

Ling Xinyue hurriedly asked, and Zhuge Ziqiong shook her head.

My master’s family might be too powerful, so I don’t have any clues yet.
My previous cultivation level was at the first level of the God Creation Realm.
Later, in the past year, I was chased by that baldy.
Although I’ve increased to the first level of the God Production Realm, I didn’t have the time to investigate the whereabouts of the Lu family.”

A worried expression could not help but flash in Ling Xinyue’s eyes.

The Divine World was so dangerous.
No matter how powerful he was in the lower realm, he was still not invincible in the Divine World.

No, why should she be worried about him?

He was a big liar and a big baddie!

It would be best if he died.

However, at this moment, Zhuge Ziqiong’s pupils suddenly constricted.

Ling Xinyue did not have a powerful cultivation like Zhuge Ziqiong, so she could not sense what Zhuge Ziqiong could sense.

Zhuge Ziqiong said with a solemn expression, “That baldy left a Buddhist mark on me.
He has already found me.”

Ling Xinyue’s expression also instantly changed.

“Then what should we do?”

“Leave quickly.
His cultivation is very powerful and is already at the peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
We’re not his match.”

“I can’t.
I’ve never cultivated a Buddhist cultivation technique, so I can’t undo the Buddhist mark he planted.
No matter where I escape, he will chase after me.
If you don’t leave, the two of us won’t be able to leave.”

Ling Xinyue gritted her teeth and said, “But if you fall into his hands, you’ll definitely die!”

“I can only say that I’ll try my best.
If I really die, there’s nothing I can do.
Master still has a drop of my blood essence.
Master can revive me.”

“But doesn’t the effect gradually decrease as one’s cultivation increases?”

Ling Xinyue had once been revived by Lu Xiaoran with the Body Modeling Mark, so she knew very well that even if one could be revived, the price one needed to pay to be revived by the Body Modeling Mark was very high.

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“I don’t care.
If you don’t leave, none of us will be able to escape.
Hurry up and leave!”

Zhuge Ziqiong berated.
Ling Xinyue clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.
Then, she immediately turned around and left.

She did not have much choice.

Zhuge Ziqiong was right.
She was useless here!

Although a True God Realm expert could be considered the number one expert in the world in the lower realm, they were still trash and ants here.

She would die if she stayed.

Moreover, she was not like Zhuge Ziqiong, who had Lu Xiaoran behind her.
Even if it was very difficult for her to be revived, she could still be revived.

However, if Ling Xinyue died, she would really die!

Therefore, she could not die.

Ling Xinyue had just left when she felt a powerful force behind her.

This force was so powerful that it was suffocating.
Because the force was too powerful, it even made the phantom of a Buddha appear in the sky.

Ling Xinyue’s pupils immediately constricted, and the hair on her entire body stood on end.

This was the first expert she had encountered in the Divine World.

When she was in the lower realm, she had already felt extreme fear towards the strength of her True God Realm.
However, at this moment, after arriving in the Divine World and sensing the strength of the true experts of the Divine World, she finally understood that her mere True God Realm cultivation was really nothing.

If the other party’s cultivation was placed in the lower realm, he would probably be able to easily destroy the entire world.

“Is this the realm of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm? A Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert is already so powerful.
I wonder how powerful the realms after the Ten Domain Martial God Realm are?”

The Divine World was really too terrifying!

At this moment, the battle had already begun.
Even though Zhuge Ziqiong and the other party were already 500 kilometers away, Ling Xinyue could not help but tremble.

In the horizon, there was a pure golden light above and a black demon light mixed with blood below.

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The lights of several colors attacked and resisted each other together.
It was as if one was righteous and the other was evil.
Neither of them was willing to give in at all.

No one was willing to be the first to admit defeat.

Powerful and vast divine power spread out endlessly.

The energy in the world seemed to have been stirred by the two of them.
The wind and clouds kept flowing in all directions.
Even though Ling Xinyue was very far away, the wind still forced her to circulate the divine power in her body to form a defensive barrier to resist.

Originally, with the help of the power of darkness, Zhuge Ziqiong’s blood-colored demon light seemed to be able to resist a little.

Even though she was still suppressed by the other party, the speed of the suppression was slow.

However, at this moment, a trace of dawn suddenly appeared in the eastern horizon.

A golden sun beam tore through the dark sky like a sharp sword, bringing light.

Purple energy came from the east, and the righteous aura of the world spread at this moment.

Because of the intervention of the Heaven and Earth righteous aura, the Buddha phantom in the sky seemed to have become even stronger, and Zhuge Ziqiong’s strength was suppressed by the Heaven and Earth righteous aura.

One’s strength was increased, while the other party’s strength was decreased.
The outcome could be imagined.

The Buddha instantly suppressed Zhuge Ziqiong’s blood essence.

Zhuge Ziqiong had been defeated!

When the sun completely soared out, Zhuge Ziqiong and Buddha’s auras also disappeared from their spots.

Ling Xinyue rushed back quickly and was extremely shocked when she saw the scene!

A huge abyss more than 100,000 feet long and 300,000 feet deep had already appeared where the Buddha and Zhuge Ziqiong had fought just now.
It was as if a huge mouth had opened on the ground, as if it could devour everything.

Ling Xinyue’s heart turned extremely cold.

“This is bad.
Zhuge Ziqiong was killed by Buddha? No, there’s still Zhuge Ziqiong’s aura in the air.
She wasn’t killed, but captured?”

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