“No, I have to find someone to save her.”

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Ling Xinyue was just about to leave when she stopped in the blink of an eye.

“That’s not right.
I clearly wanted to separate from that bastard Lu Xiaoran.
Why should I save his disciple? Can’t I just let his disciple fend for herself? It has nothing to do with me!”

However, she quickly became conflicted again.

“She’s not Lu Xiaoran.
Although I hate Lu Xiaoran, she didn’t do anything wrong.
She’s only Lu Xiaoran’s disciple.
What does she have to do with Lu Xiaoran?”

“I think I’ll go and find someone to help.”

On the other side, in the arena of Heaven Water City.

Old Master Lu had already arrived early.

He placed his hands behind his back and stood proudly in the center of the arena.
He was like a spear that towered into the sky and supported the world of the Lu family.

Outside the arena, the heads of the six families stared fixedly at the arena, their eyes revealing a dense chill.

“I didn’t expect that old dog from the Lu family to really have the guts to accept our challenge.”

“Wasn’t he severely injured by a holy Demon Sect elder? Isn’t he afraid of death?”

“Speaking of which, why hasn’t the holy Demon Sect’s returned since last night? Could something… have happened?”

However, before the six of them could finish discussing, a cold voice suddenly sounded from behind.

“A bunch of idiots.
How could my senior brother fail?”

The six family masters were immediately shocked.
They turned around in unison, cupped their hands, and bowed to the other party.

“You cowardly pigs.
You actually don’t know how to seize the opportunity after receiving the support of my Netherworld Sect.
Last night, my senior brother had already gone to the Lu family and severely injured the Lu family’s master.
Yet, you’re still being cowardly here? You’re simply stupid to the extreme.”

Everyone immediately said, “Elder Long, please forgive us.
It’s really because that old fart from the Lu family doesn’t seem to be severely injured.
Other than that, it’s been an entire night and we haven’t seen Elder Wu return.”

Moreover, the elites our families sent out to kill the Lu family disciples have not returned, so we’re just a little worried.

“The head of the Lu family is only pretending to be fine.
He’s only putting on a strong front to scare you.
As for why my senior brother didn’t return, he’s always been idle.
After making a move, he might have found a place to try to obtain some comprehension.
You don’t have to worry at all.”

Moreover, even if my senior brother really made a mistake, wouldn’t I still be here to suppress him?

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He was just a small patriarch of the Lu family.
Could he really deal with me?

“As for the so-called elite disciples of your families, the highest cultivation level of those disciples is only at the God Slaying Realm.

“With such cultivation, it’s very normal for them to make a mistake when they go out to kill the Lu family disciples.
Any one or two God Creation Realm cultivators can easily destroy an entire army of those experts.
What’s there to worry about? ”

The family masters looked at each other when they heard this.
After taking a deep breath, their eyes and expressions became firm.

“Elder Long is right.
We were too cautious.
We’ll go and destroy the Lu family now.”

Everyone cupped their hands in unison and stepped into the arena.

After they stepped into the arena, Elder Long could not help but frown.

“Senior Brother, where did you go? Why haven’t you returned?”

In the arena, Old Master Lu sensed everyone’s aura and suddenly opened his eyes.

In the next moment, the voices of the family heads reached Old Master Lu and the surrounding people.

“Brother Lu, how have you been? I’m the head of the Zhang family, Zhang Shengnan.”

“Elder Lu, I’m the head of the Li family, Li Chenxu.
I’ve come to seek guidance.”

“Elder Lu, do you mind if my Chen family accompanies you?”

“Elder Lu, today’s battle will be decided by life and death! Victory or defeat will all depend on the heavens.
Elder Lu, please don’t blame us.”

“Elder Lu, I hope you won’t disappoint us in this battle!”

The six family heads attacked together.
Before the pressure was released, their suppressive auras had already made one’s heart palpitate.

The disciples of the six families were all overjoyed and smug.

With the auras of the six family heads and their strength, it was enough for them to easily crush Old Master Lu.

Once Old Master Lu was killed, no one in the entire Lu family would be able to stop the six families.

At that time, the entire Heaven Water City would completely fall into the hands of the six families.

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All the resources of the Lu family would be divided between the six families!

They had even seen the tragic scene of the Lu family being destroyed.

Old Master Lu’s eyes revealed a mocking expression.

To be honest, if not for the fact that he had encountered the Lu family’s ancestor, he would really be helpless against these shameless people.

However, now, with the help of the ancestor, he looked at these people as if he was looking at a few stupid and arrogant ants.

The people from the Lu family also clenched the weapons in their hands tightly behind Old Master Lu.
They began to slowly circulate their cultivation techniques, prepared to attack at any time to hunt the disciples of the six large families.

The six family heads slowly flew in front of Old Master Lu.

Their eyes were filled with contempt and disdain, as if they had long seen through Old Master Lu’s disguise.

“Elder Lu, there are six of us.
I’ll let you attack first.”

Old Master Lu smiled coldly.

“Why are you guys so nice today? You’re even letting me attack first?”

The few of them looked at each other and the corners of their mouths could not help but curl up slightly.

Did Old Master Lu not dare to attack?

There was probably something wrong with him!

Otherwise, with his violent temper and his usual contempt for the few of them, he would have directly attacked and wouldn’t have wasted his breath on them.

“It’s fine.
If Elder Lu is unwilling, we can attack first.”

After learning that Old Master Lu was indeed injured, everyone became even more impudent.

Old Master Lu smiled and said, “Don’t.
Perhaps for the few of us, this will be the final battle.
Moreover, it’s six of you against one.
In that case, since you’re willing to let me attack first, I’ll respectfully accept.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Old Master Lu had already begun to circulate the cultivation technique in his body.
Boundless strength soared crazily in his body.

The few of them did not understand and sneered.

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It was as if he felt that Old Master Lu’s actions were extremely laughable, as if he was a fool.

They wanted to see how long he could keep pretending!

“Elder Lu, don’t waste your energy.
The current you is no match for us at all.
Kneel and beg for mercy.
Perhaps we’ll leave you a way out later.”

“That’s right.
Even if we let you attack first, your fate today has long been destined.”

“That might not be the case.”

The corner of Old Master Lu’s mouth curled up slightly.
He took a step forward and a thunderclap suddenly sounded in the sky.

In the next moment, he closed his fingers and formed a hand saber.
He raised his hand and slashed.

The saber beam instantly spread for ten thousand meters.
The powerful pressure made one’s heart palpitate.

At this moment, the clouds in the sky spread to both sides, as if they had been scattered into a clean blue sky!

Who could resist the saber beam?

It slashed fiercely at one of the family heads.
Almost in an instant, it was as if lightning had slid down.
Immediately after, before the other party could react, the saber beam slashed the other party in half from the top of his head.

Old Master Lu’s attack did not lose its momentum.
The saber beam slashed straight onto the ground.

A huge hole was directly torn in the ground?

It was as if a dark gate had been opened!

In the sky, with a crisp sound, the other party’s body was split into two in the sky in the next second.
Golden blood sprayed wantonly.
It did not even last for a second before the other party fell fiercely to the ground like a kite with a broken string.

With two consecutive sounds, the other party’s body directly exploded on the ground.

If not for the fact that his powerful God Production Realm cultivation had already strengthened his body to a certain level, he would have directly turned into two pools of blood.

The rumbling on the ground had not stopped, nor had the trembling stopped.
However, the entire arena was really silent.

That’s right, it was deathly silent!

Almost everyone was dumbfounded!

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Wasn’t Old Master Lu injured?

It was simply impossible for an injured person to unleash a move so quickly and conveniently.
Moreover, this saber move was so powerful!

It had instantly killed a top-notch ninth level God Production Realm expert!

How did Old Master Lu do this?

Even at his peak, it was impossible for him to do this.

Old Master Lu’s heart surged!

As expected of the ancestor, a random medicinal pill from the ancestor had allowed him to reach such a powerful level.

He really did not dare to imagine how powerful he would be if he could obtain a few words of guidance from the ancestor!

This ancestor was simply arrogant and cool!

At this moment, the few family heads in the sky had already woken up.
However, their eyes were still filled with shock and fear as they looked at Old Master Lu.

“You… you’re not injured? How is this possible?”

Old Master Lu smiled coldly.

“Are you shocked? Unfortunately, there’s no need for a dead person to know so much!”

A simple sentence revealed a dense killing intent that immediately made everyone’s expressions change.

“He wants to attack us! Spread out!”

Unfortunately, after one’s cultivation increased, not only would one’s strength improve, but so would their speed.

Old Master Lu had just escaped from the gates of hell and was feeling aggrieved.
Now that he had obtained Lu Xiaoran’s help and his cultivation had increased greatly, how could he tolerate these people?

With a sweep of his cold gaze, his body also teleported away at the same time.
When he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of Li Chenxu of the Li family.

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