Old Master Lu looked at Lu Xiaoran in confusion.

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Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying,

Live ignobly.
Not noble.”

“Oh! You mean to live cowardly?”

“Don’t say that.
Ancestor, continue.”

Old Master Lu waved his hand repeatedly.
Lu Xiaoran snorted angrily.
If not for the fact that the other party was his biological grandfather, he would not have bothered to teach him.

What did the life and death of others have to do with him?

However, it couldn’t be helped.
After all, the other party was his grandfather.
He couldn’t just throw the other party away, right?

“Look at the situation this time.
Why do the six families want to work together to deal with the Lu family? Isn’t it because the Lu family has been too ostentatious these years? Everyone knows that the Lu family’s strength is the strongest among the few large families.”

Since it was the strongest existence, it would definitely pose a threat to the others.

“If a person is richer and stronger than the others, he will definitely be the most envied.

Old Master Lu said angrily, “Our Lu family is the strongest because we worked hard to cultivate.
We didn’t steal or rob.”

“No one said that you’re wrong.
It’s the human heart that’s wrong.
No matter how hard you work or how you improve yourself, as long as you’re stronger than others and have more resources than others, you’re guilty in their eyes.”

They would not bother to understand that you cultivate diligently until three in the morning every day.
In their eyes, they would only purely think that everyone should be equal.
Why should you be stronger than me?

In this world, the weak were prey to the strong.
However, the premise of the law of the jungle was that one had to be powerful enough.

If you were powerful enough to make them look up to you, naturally, no one would dare to deal with you.
Everyone would come and suck up to you.
No matter what you said, they would fight to hear it.

However, if you’re only a little stronger than them, then I’m sorry.
Everyone will work together to beat you down and make you weaker than everyone.
At the very least, they have to drag you down and make you everyone’s equal.

Old Master Lu fell silent.
He was not shocked by Lu Xiaoran’s words.

He had lived for so long and had experienced countless things.

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Therefore, he could also understand what Lu Xiaoran was talking about.

He also knew that wealth should not be revealed.

A long time ago, he had also lived very carefully.

However, later, as his cultivation increased, he became arrogant.

He had forgotten the theory of careful survival and instead believed in the survival of the fittest.

Moreover, after so many years of peace, he had gradually forgotten the danger he was in.

To be honest, this time, with Lu Xiaoran around to help, he became even more arrogant.

If not for Lu Xiaoran, the Lu family would have almost been destroyed.

Lu Xiaoran was Lu Xiaoran.
No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to accompany the Lu family forever.

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Old Master Lu’s eyes regained some clarity and became more cautious.

“Ancestor is right.
Changlong has been too arrogant and complacent these days.
From today onwards, the Lu family disciples will no longer go out and do their best to increase their strength.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
Not bad, the Lu family had caught up.

After a pause, he continued, “In that case, go down and cultivate.
I’ve already handed out the divine techniques.
You can just cultivate according to it.
Take the medicinal pills evenly.
Don’t rely too much on medicinal pills.
You have to pay more attention to your comprehension of the divine technique.
Otherwise, if your concept is not enough, it will be a huge obstacle to your future cultivation.”

In order to help you quickly increase your cultivation and not waste too much of your time, I made a secret realm here.
All of you can enter the secret realm to cultivate and increase your cultivation speed.

“As for the divine weapons, I’ll casually distribute them to disciples whose strength has increased to the God Creation Realm or above.
If your cultivation level is too low, it’s easy for you to become arrogant with a divine weapon.
If you get robbed and lose out, it won’t be a big deal.
However, if you get killed, it will be very troublesome.

“Yes! Patriarch, I’ll send the order immediately.”

“Also, I’ve set up a large number of array formations both inside and outside the Heaven Water City.
If any enemies invade, I’ll sense them at any time.
All of you, enter seclusion and increase your strength.
Leave the other trivial matters to the disciples of the six families who have just been recruited.
Don’t waste too much time.”

Old Master Lu quickly retreated.
Lu Xiaoran sighed faintly and looked at the many memorial tablets in the ancestral hall.
He swept his gaze over the memorial tablets of Lu Qingshan and his wife and finally turned to leave.

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If he remembered correctly, it was Father’s Day on Earth today, right?

Unfortunately, his father from his previous life was not here, nor was his father from this life.

Some people only knew how important they were when they lost something.

However, even if his father was around, his father probably still wouldn’t care much about him.
He would either be busy working or cultivating.

Although he did not believe in God or Buddha, he still hoped that the heavens could bless every father with a healthy and long life.

After muttering a few words in his heart, Lu Xiaoran also returned to his courtyard and began to digest the treasures he had previously obtained.

He had already eaten the Immortal Blood Pill and had taken a few.
The effect was almost negligible now.

Therefore, he did not need to eat anymore.
He could wait until he found Lige and the others before giving it to them.

What Lu Xiaoran could eat now were the Immortal Marrow Pill, the Profound Truth Immortal Lotus, and the immortal beast egg.

That Profound Mahayana Monarch Pill could allow one’s attack power to reach the God Monarch Realm in thirty breaths.
It could not be used to increase one’s cultivation.

It was similar to the top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Pill in the lower realm—the Martial Monarch Realm Arrival Pill.

However, this effect was shorter.
The Martial Monarch Realm Arrival Pill lasted for 60 seconds, about 60 breaths, and this only lasted for 30 breaths.

Lu Xiaoran felt that the rules of this medicinal pill were very wrong.
This was because the Martial Monarch Realm Arrival Pill was refined from the bones and blood of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, and the Mahayana Martial Monarch Pill was refined from the bones and blood of a God Monarch Realm expert.

Logically speaking, the effect of the Mahayana Monarch Realm Pill should also be able to last for 60 seconds.

Lu Xiaoran threw it to a corner and could not be bothered with it.
He began to swallow the Immortal Marrow Pill to increase his cultivation.

As for the Profound Immortal Lotus and the immortal beast egg, Lu Xiaoran made them into delicious food before eating them.

Good ingredients often needed a more meticulous cooking method to show their complete charm.

In this world, good food was the only thing that never disappointed.

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This time, Lu Xiaoran cultivated in seclusion for an entire two years.

Because of the help of the Great Dao Reincarnation, he had actually cultivated for four years in the secret realm!

Coupled with the Immortal Marrow Pill, the immortal beast egg, the Profound Immortal Lotus, and the other profound-level natural treasures and medicinal pills, his cultivation reached another peak.

He directly surpassed the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm and reached the sixth level of the Mahayana God King Realm.

When the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert advanced to the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm, it was equivalent to completely evolving the various attributes.

Starting from the Ten Domain Martial God Realm, cultivators had already reached the point where they could fight with things they created in small worlds.

The Hundred Domain Battle God was a new breakthrough and was a strengthened version of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

As for the Thousand Domain Battle God, it developed the technique to its peak.

For example, if the Ten Domain Martial God Realm could send out a God Realm ant to fight, the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm could already send out ten True God Realm and even God Creation Realm subordinates to fight.

The Thousand Domain Battle God could even release more than a hundred God Production Realm experts or even dozens of Ten Domain Martial God Realm subordinates.

This was basically how it worked.

In fact, if one’s cultivation had really reached the Ten Domain Martial God Realm, the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm, and the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm, they would not rely on such small tricks to fight.

When they fought experts of the same realm, they would directly fight with their divine souls and collide their small worlds.

If Lu Xiaoran, who had only broken through to the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm, was already like this, there was even less of a need to mention the Mahayana God King Realm experts.

After all, such an expert’s small world could already produce a Mahayana God King Realm.
However, the other party’s cultivation would still be inferior to his and would only be at the sixth level.

In this way, if they really fought, it would be equivalent to two main bodies urging their divine souls to fight.
When the small world’s main bodies collided, they could also create powerful expert subordinates to fight.

Of course, most of the time, this was unrealistic.

This was because it was almost impossible for two powerful enemies to appear in a single area.
Moreover, even if there was some friction, they would not foolishly run over to attack each other.

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It was not easy for everyone to cultivate to this level.
No one wanted to be injured and affect their further cultivation.

Lu Xiaoran found this very interesting.

In his previous life, people would say that the richer one was, the stingier they were.

In this cultivation world, those with strength were even more afraid of death.

Everyone had cultivated for thousands or tens of thousands of years before finally cultivating to this realm.
No one wanted to die.

As for the top-notch experts who might occasionally appear in public, they only dared to appear because there were very few experts around.
They were not worried about encountering other experts, and low-level cultivators were unable to pose a threat to them.

What made Lu Xiaoran happy was that no one came to find trouble with him during this period.

He did not know where that Netherworld Sect was.
They had actually not even sent a single small fry.
This was perfect for Lu Xiaoran and the Lu family to cultivate in peace.

On the other side, in the Divine World, at the entrance of the Taiyi Sword Dao, a beautiful figure was constantly pleading.

“Seniors, I really know your Tai Yi Sword Dao’s Holy Son.
Please let me go and see him.
I really have something urgent to discuss with him.”

“Cut the crap.
Do you think you can meet our Tai Yi Sword Dao’s Holy Son just because you want to?”

The beautiful figure gritted her teeth.

“I spent an entire three years trying to find this place.
How can I give up?”

Therefore, she condensed all the divine power in her body and shouted, “Li Changsheng, your junior sister, Zhuge Ziqiong, has been captured!”

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