a lot of weaklings in this Heaven Water City!”

Raising its eyebrows slightly, Buttface quietly arrived at a corner of the street and found a small cultivator who was setting up a stall.

“Brother, I have something to ask you!”

“I want to ask if there’s a family called the Lu family in Heaven Water City?”

The other party’s eyes moved slightly, but the expression on his face was calm.

“No, I’ve been in the Heaven Water City for so many years and have never heard of the Lu family.”

“Could it be that I was really wrong? Is this Heaven Water City a family without a master? Or is there some other reason?”

Buttface was puzzled and immediately asked the next person.

The street vendor immediately turned around and left.

Buttface asked several people in a row, but none of them said that the Lu family was here.

This made it somewhat depressed.

“Looks like the Lu family really doesn’t exist in Heaven Water City.
Sigh, I came all the way here for nothing.”

Shaking his head, Buttface was already prepared to leave Heaven Water City.

However, just as it had this thought and before it could leave the Heaven Water City, an accident suddenly happened in the next second.

First, a few figures quietly blocked in front of it.
Buttface’s heart paused and it immediately prepared to return.
In the end, it was also blocked from behind.

It wanted to fly away from the sky, but it accidentally discovered a few more figures in the sky.

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Buttface’s heart skipped a beat.

What were these people trying to do?

It swallowed and immediately said, “Brothers and sisters, let’s talk nicely.
I’ve just arrived and don’t know the rules.
If there’s any delay, please forgive me.”

“Are you the one who wants to find the Lu family?”

One of them clearly looked like the manager in the lead.
He walked out from the back of the crowd and asked indifferently.

Buttface’s heart paused and he was immediately overjoyed.

Could it be that the Lu family was really here?

Was it because the Lu family was too mysterious that they did not agree to meet with it previously?

It was definitely confident now!

Buttface even wanted to let the others know that it would soon bring reinforcements to save them.

Thinking of this, it immediately coughed lightly and said, “That’s right.
Brothers, it’s me.
I’m the lovable Buttface.”

As soon as it finished speaking, it was covered in a huge black cloth.

Why would they wrap it in a big black cloth bag?

Wow, as expected of Master’s hometown, the people here were indeed hospitable.
Indeed, this was a nice place.

Was this a divine artifact?

It did not seem like it.
There was no aura of a divine artifact.

Just as it was feeling puzzled, a heavy blow suddenly sounded from its head, instantly making its entire body tremble and it felt like the world was spinning.

At this moment, if it still could not tell that the other party was an intruder, Buttface would have no chance of surviving.

“Aiya! Brothers, stop fighting.
Brothers, stop hitting me.
I’m on your side! We’re on the same side.”

Unfortunately, no one would listen to it at all.
A beating from the rod directly beat it half to death.

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, after cultivating for a few days, he woke up from his meditation again.

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“My cultivation actually increased again.
How fast!”

His cultivation was already at the peak of the Mahayana God King Realm.
With just a little push, he could become a true Immortal God Emperor Realm expert.

However, his cultivation had increased in just a few days?

He knew his own cultivation speed very well.
Although it was not slow, it was not to the extent of being so monstrous, right?

This monstrous speed had completely exceeded his imagination.

No, it should be because the disciples’ cultivation had increased.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have advanced so quickly.

Lu Xiaoran immediately got Wang Cai to open the cultivation of the nearby disciples.

“Master, the number of disciples we can sense seems to have increased again.
I can now detect Song Xinian.”

“Song Xinian also came out of seclusion? Great, I’ve found another disciple now.
As long as more and more of them come out, I’ll be even more at ease.
At that time, I just need to let them rush over and enter the Great Dao Reincarnation.
I can already adjust the time acceleration by three times.”

Then, he would make them advance crazily and increase their cultivation.

Wang Cai quickly opened Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s cultivation interface.

“Not bad.
This Song Xinian’s cultivation has already broken through to the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
He sure is fast.”

“Also, this Changsheng’s cultivation has actually also broken through to the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
Not bad.”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly, and he was very satisfied with their improvement.

“Wang Cai, use Soul Summon.”

“Soul Summon is being activated, but the disciples are probably busy now and won’t come!”

“The activity information has been generated.
Please take a look, Master.”

After Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over, he was dumbfounded on the spot.

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