The three of them looked at Lu Xiaoran in confusion, like discouraged children that just lost their confidence.

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“Then… Master, should we go up the mountain or not?”

“Of course, but we have to set up the array formation first.”

“That’s right.
Set up an Immovable Bright King Formation, a God Confusion Formation, and a Heaven-Breaking Formation! These three array formations are all top-grade Heaven Realm array formations.”

“The Immovable Bright King Formation can greatly reduce the enemy’s speed.
The God Confusion Formation can greatly reduce the enemy’s judgment.
The Heaven-Breaking Formation can greatly reduce the enemy’s ability to attack and defend.
With the superimposition of these three formations, it can almost reduce the strength of the entire White Bone Demon Sect by a major level for a period of time.”

The three of them couldn’t help but gasp.

Yun Lige could not help but comment, “As expected of Master, you’re actually able to think of such a brilliant method.
In this way, the entire White Bone Demon Sect will completely become a training ground for the three of us.
Coupled with our ability to kill enemies with cultivation higher than ours, they won’t be able to resist even if they want to.”

Ji Wuxia: “Master is awesome.”

Fang Tianyuan: “Master is awesome.”

“Alright, cut the crap.
I’ll start engraving the array patterns now.
The three of you are in charge of filling the spirit stones in the array core.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran threw a storage bag to the three of them.

“There are 30,000 high-grade spirit stones inside.
Remember to place spirit stones in every array core.
Don’t miss anything.”

The four of them quickly circulated their techniques.
Lu Xiaoran used the Great Void Chaos Steps to increase his speed and engraved the formation patterns.
He even used 100% of his engraving strength.

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Yun Lige and the other two followed closely behind and placed the spirit stones on the array cores one by one.

They had set up array formations around the entire White Bone Demon Sect without leaving a single gap.
This could guarantee that the entire White Bone Demon Sect would be surrounded and not a single person would be spared.

After doing all of this, they returned to the entrance of the sect.

Lu Xiaoran’s gaze was cold as he finally said, “Remember, it’s just training.
If you can win, then fight.
If you can’t, then run.”

“Since you understand, then go and kill the enemies!”

After saying this, the eyes of Yun Lige and the other two instantly turned cold.
Then, the three of them stepped forward at the same time and walked towards the White Bone Demon Sect’s entrance.

Lu Xiaoran looked at the backs of the three of them as they left.
His eyes narrowed as he muttered,

“With the array formation I set up on their bodies, the three of them don’t have to worry about defending.
As for their attacking strength, the three of them cultivate Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques, so it shouldn’t be a problem for them to handle enemies with two additional realm levels.
With the enhancement of high-grade Heaven Realm weapons, they should also be able to increase their attack power by another two realm levels.”

“Moreover, with the support of the three top-grade Heaven Realm formations, it can greatly reduce the cultivation of the people from the White Bone Demon Sect.
The three of them should be able to last for a while.
I should take this opportunity to quickly set up the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning Formation and completely send everyone in the White Bone Demon Sect to the afterlife.”

That’s right, the top-grade Martial Monarch Realm attack formation—the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning Formation was what Lu Xiaoran really wanted to use.

His intention for arranging all this was not just to let Yun Lige and the other two increase their combat experience.
That was only a small part of his plan.

Lu Xiaoran’s true goal was to completely destroy the White Bone Demon Sect to ensure that the secret of Zhishui Peak would not be leaked at all.

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Although he could defeat the entire White Bone Demon Sect, he could not guarantee that he would be able to destroy it all at once.

Moreover, he was not sure if the White Bone Demon Sect had any hot shots.

Using an array formation to blast the entire White Bone Demon Sect’s territory into the sky was the safest way.

Because the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning Formation was a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm attack formation, it took a relatively long time to set up.
At the same time, it also took a long time to activate.

Moreover, the aura of a Martial Monarch Realm formation was extremely powerful, unlike the Heaven Realm formation.
The people from the White Bone Demon Sect would definitely discover it immediately.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran got Yun Lige and the other two to attract their attention first.

If no one attracted them and they all escaped, it would be meaningless for him to set up an array formation.

It would simply be a waste of spirit stones.

At this moment, Yun Lige and the other two had already arrived at the entrance of the White Bone Demon Sect.

The disciples guarding the White Bone Demon Sect discovered the three of them immediately.

“Someone who wants your life.”

Yun Lige took a heavy step and his body turned into a flowing light as he flashed in front of the few of them.
He circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture and raised his hand to unleash the Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist!

The fist descended like a ferocious tiger.
As it traveled through the air, it let out a force that shook the heavens and the earth.
Then, it landed on the body of the White Bone Demon Sect disciple in an invincible manner.

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With a single punch, he directly sent the few of them flying and smashed heavily onto the mountain gate behind them.

Ji Wuxia followed closely behind.
With a gentle wave of her hand, a small brass mark suddenly rose and quickly enlarged in the air.
In an instant, it transformed into a huge ten-meter-tall Mountain Overturning Mark.

With a flip of her jade palm, the Mountain Overturning Mark smashed fiercely onto the mountain gate.

This explosion was more than ten times stronger than Yun Lige’s punch just now.

The White Bone Demon Sect’s entrance was shattered on the spot.
Cracking sounds sounded in the air.
It was the White Bone Demon Sect’s mountain protecting formation that had been shattered by Ji Wuxia with a single move.

The moment the mountain-protecting formation was broken, the experts in the White Bone Demon Sect sensed it.

A heavy and melodious bell sounded from the top of the mountain.
Immediately after, countless auras rushed down in the night.

“Who dares to trespass into our White Bone Demon Sect?”

“Disciples of the White Bone Demon Sect, listen up! Kill all the invaders!”

Hearing the sound from the mountains, Yun Lige and the other two looked at each other.
Their eyes revealed a wisp of excitement and a trace of fear.

They were excited about killing.
However, killing was also what made them fearful.

They felt that some ancient genes in their bodies were stirring, as if they were about to awaken.

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“Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister, I’ll go first.”

Without any warning, Fang Tianyuan chuckled.
A dense gold aura rose from his body and transformed into a two and a half meters tall golden giant phantom that protected him, making him look like a god that had descended.

Then, he took a heavy step and shattered the mountain rocks under his feet.
His body turned into a golden lightning as he rushed to the top of the mountain.

“Little Junior Brother, you’re being shameless.”

Before Ji Wuxia could react, Yun Lige’s right hand trembled as he summoned the Dragon Burial Spear and followed closely behind.

Ji Wuxia’s reaction was slower by half a beat.
By the time she reacted, the two of them had already flown five kilometers away.

However, she was not angry.
Instead, she only sneered.

“Hehe, are you men all so shameless? You two are such pigs!”

As she cursed, the True Phoenix Nine Transformations was already circulating crazily in her body.

A phoenix cry soared into the sky as a five-meter-tall phoenix phantom appeared behind Ji Wuxia.

With a thought, she rushed into the sky at a speed several times faster than the two of them.

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