yone, his expression indifferent and without any emotion.

He said these words indifferently, making the God Emperor Realm monks frown slightly.

“Yun Lige? We shouldn’t have had any conflicts with you.
Why did you attack our Buddhist Sect and cause trouble?”

“How dare you say that you have no grudge with me when you killed my master?”

“May I know who you are, Master?”

“You’re not qualified to know my master’s name!”

Everyone was stunned before shaking their heads.

“Looks like there’s nothing to discuss.”

Yun Lige snorted and stepped forward.

“I never wanted to talk to you!”

“In that case, it looks like we’re going to have to subdue a demon today.”

“Subdue me? Are you even qualified?”

Yun Lige took a step forward and threw the spear in his hand high into the air.
Then, he grabbed it and directly threw it forward.

The blood-colored spear directly pierced through the chest of one of the God Emperor Realm experts and even pierced through his divine soul, blasting him back.

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Behind them, the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts had just escaped to a safe position.
Before they could heave a sigh of relief, they saw a golden light that was sent flying before getting nailed to the signboard of the Bodhi Temple in front of them by a blood-colored spear.

At this moment, all the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts’ worldview directly collapsed.

A God Emperor Realm expert!

This was a true God Emperor Realm expert!

He was not a so-called Thousand Domain Battle God like them, nor was he like the other trash.

Instead, he was a God Emperor Realm expert who was able to control an entire area!

However, now, he was nailed to the signboard like a salted fish.

Everyone turned around and saw that the God Emperor Realm experts were already fighting the blood-colored figure.

Several golden Buddhist lights surrounded the blood-colored light.

“Senior Brothers, take advantage of the fact that this child doesn’t have a divine weapon.
We’ll attack quickly and kill him.
Don’t let him escape.”

The God Emperor Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect were about to attack when they saw several lights suddenly light up beside the other party.

“These… these are all divine artifacts!”

The Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts completely collapsed.

Was this guy a divine artifact wholesale merchant?

He actually had so many divine artifacts.
How were other people supposed to compete with him?

Looking at the number of divine artifacts, there were probably dozens of them!

“That’s not right! Look at that horsetail whisk.
That horsetail whisk seems to be a divine artifact of Daoist Priest Tian Yi! That’s a top-notch divine artifact.
But why is Daoist Priest Tian Yi’s divine artifact in his hand?”

“Heavens, could it be… that he killed Daoist Priest Tian Yi? Daoist Priest Tian Yi is a seventh level God Emperor Realm expert!”

“Not only that, look at the long sword in his hand.
That’s the divine artifact sword of the Evil Wind Sect’s sect master, Yin Changsheng.
Yin Changsheng is a top-notch expert at the ninth level of the God Emperor Realm, but he actually obtained Yin Changsheng’s divine artifact?”

“Also, that Ice Awl is the Ten Thousand Year God Jade Frost Icicle! It’s a secret treasure of the Northwest Hidden Treasure Pavilion!”

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The more the Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts looked, the more shocked and terrifying they became!

Other than the few divine artifacts that they could not name, they seemed to more or less know some of the others!

Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that previous owners of these divine artifacts were all top-notch experts in the Divine World!

Too terrifying.
How many experts had this guy killed to reach his current level and obtain so many divine artifacts?

The pressure of death suddenly landed on everyone’s hearts.

At this moment, Yun Lige had already revealed all the divine artifacts.
The air was illuminated by various lights, turning it into a colorful scene.
In the center, Yun Lige’s scarlet color was still in charge.

Before the battle even began, everyone already had the intention to retreat.
They did not dare to fight Yun Lige at all.

After Yun Lige’s divine artifacts were all revealed, the God Emperor Realm experts did not dare to stop and directly chose to retreat.

They were not stupid.
It had not been easy for them to cultivate to their current cultivation level.
No one was willing to die.

What was even more terrifying was that they had already seen that once they were defeated, even their divine souls would be devoured by the other party.
Not a single drop of their divine soul would be left.

Although they would suffer everyone’s rolled eyes and ridicule if they retreated, it was still much better than wasting thousands of years of bitter cultivation or even tens of thousands of years of cultivation.
After all, if they lost, even their main body’s consciousness would be shattered.

The Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts had just returned to the entrance of the Bodhi Temple when they saw the God Emperor Realm experts run back at an even faster speed.
They immediately could not help but wonder in their heads.

Why were they retreating? These were all God Emperor Realm experts!

Not to mention that there were so many of them, with their strength, they already had the qualifications to look down on the other party.

However, the outcome shocked everyone.

“Seniors, why are you all retreating? Aren’t you going to kill that brat?”

“Shut up.
Quick, open our Bodhi Temple’s sect-protecting formation! Quick!”

The God Emperor Realm experts quickly barged into the Bodhi Temple and immediately activated the Bodhi Temple’s mountain guarding formation.

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