de and cultivate.”

“Tsk! Do you think I’m a fool? How can it be so easy to instantly destroy the world? There are fifty Daos in the world, and the Heaven Dao takes up 49 of them.
It would be 1 vs 49.
How is it possible for you to beat the other party? But let’s not talk about this first…”

“Let’s talk about Hongjun… If I fight Hongjun, wouldn’t it be the same as me sending myself to die? Should I prepare a coffin in advance?”

“Master, do you know what I admire most about you?”

“You’re clearly very cowardly, but you always make yourself sound so righteous that others can’t find fault with you.”

“Do you want to be beaten? How am I cowardly? I’m strategically preserving my strength.”

“I want a special beating.
Do you dare? I want you to beat me in a special way until I have to lie in bed for ten months.”

Lu Xiaoran said with a serious expression, “You’re right.
I’m indeed very cowardly.”

Wang Cai felt a deep insult.

Lu Xiaoran would rather admit he was cowardly than to do it with Wang Cai.

In fact, Wang Cai was also very helpless.

It was only one of the Great Daos.
It couldn’t rely on itself and make a name for itself.

Its strength was to help others increase.

This was an attribute that it was stuck with since it was born.

It was not a human.
Humans had endless possibilities.

However, it thought very highly of Lu Xiaoran, which was why it wanted to be with him.

If it became Lu Xiaoran’s woman, it was very likely that it would become an independent existence in the future.

This was because after Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation reached a certain level, he would definitely surpass Wang Cai and be able to give it a true life.

It could not defeat Hongjun or become an independent life on its own.

To be honest, it had been planning this from the beginning.

It would nurture a man and make him the strongest existence in the world before becoming his woman.

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It called this plan the incomparable perfect husband nurturing plan!

However, it could not control Lu Xiaoran, nor would it control Lu Xiaoran.

It did not need a man who could be controlled by it.

After all, how could such a man deal with Hongjun and the Heaven Dao?

As for whether Lu Xiaoran would want it in the end, it could only say that it was betting on its future with this.

Men had always gambled their entire lives.
They could afford to lose.

Women only gambled once in their lives.
If they won, it would be perfect.
If they lost, they would have nothing.

Seeing that Lu Xiaoran had begun to study how to live ignobly happily again, its eyes revealed a doting gaze.
Then, it retracted its thoughts and fused into Lu Xiaoran’s body again.

On Fang Tianyuan’s side, as Ji Wuxia constantly collided with the golden Buddha’s arm, the golden Buddha’s arm was already on the verge of collapse and was somewhat unable to hold on.

Fang Tianyuan roared repeatedly, and the Demon Ape Divine Soul behind him became stronger!

At the same time, some memories he had never had before gradually fused into his mind.

“Tathagata, as the dignified master of the Spirit Mountain, you’re actually so despicable.
Even if I die, I won’t be your Buddhist Sect’s lackey!”

“If you don’t enter my Buddha Sect, you’ll only die.”

“If I die, how are you supposed to complete your grand undertaking?!”

“Ignorant ant.
The calamity of the journey to the west has long been decided.
This is the will of the heavens.
How can it change because of a small tadpole like you? After you die, someone will naturally take your place.”

In the next moment, a destructive Buddhist palm smashed down.

How similar was that Buddha Palm to the Buddha Palm in front of him?

A nameless anger surged endlessly in his heart, making Fang Tianyuan’s eyes turn even redder.

“No one in this world can stop me! Open!”

The Demon Ape roared, and two of the chains on its soul actually shattered, making its arms even more agile!

At this moment, Fang Tianyuan’s cultivation actually increased another level, advancing from the fifth level of the God King Realm to the sixth level of the God King Realm!

At this moment, the Buddha’s arm, which had already been shaken violently by Ji Wuxia’s impact, was actually completely lifted by him.

Then, Fang Tianyuan held the Void Shattering Hammer and swept it across the palm of the Buddha.
In an instant, the other party’s arm was shattered inch by inch!

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

It had to be known that this was a Buddha phantom formed by the power of faith they emitted and the great luck of the Buddhist Sect!

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Because this phantom was gathered by eleven God Emperor Realm experts, it might be pushed away by experts above the God Monarch Realm, but it was definitely impossible for it to be shattered.

Moreover, who was this Fang Tianyuan? He had only just reached the sixth level of the God King Realm!

How could a sixth level God King Realm expert do this?

“Junior Brother, you did well!”

Ji Wuxia shouted excitedly.
Fang Tianyuan had already arrived in the sky in front of the other Buddha phantom palm.

“Senior Sister, help me!”

Ji Wuxia whistled and the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark immediately fell from the sky and smashed into the Buddha palm arm.

The Buddha Palm arm trembled violently, and everyone’s bodies immediately trembled.

Before everyone could react, Fang Tianyuan waved the Void Shattering Hammer again and smashed away this Buddha Palm.

“Senior Brother, haven’t you summoned it yet? Our defense is gone!”

Everyone was extremely frightened.
However, the seventh level God Emperor Realm expert in the middle smiled and said, “There’s no need to panic.
The Buddhist Sect has already opened.
The senior Buddhist monk is about to arrive!”

As he finished speaking, a golden spatial gate suddenly opened in the sky.

“Hahahaha… the gate to the Buddhist Sect has opened! The gate to the Buddhist Sect has opened! Now, we’re saved!”

“The senior monks of the Bodhi Temple will immediately come to save us! Once they appear, these two demons will definitely die.

The eleven Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts roared excitedly, looking like villains who had obtained success.

Fang Tianyuan and Ji Wuxia’s expressions could not help but become somewhat solemn.
This was because if the other party sent a few more super experts, the two of them would probably really not be able to deal with them.

The two of them looked at each other and had an idea.

Their master had taught them to run if they could not win.
In any case, this was something their master taught them.
There was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Only by living could there be hope.

Only by living could they have the last laugh.

Only the winner was qualified to write history.
At that time, if they said that they did not escape, no one could do anything.

However, before the two of them could prepare to escape, the gate to the Buddhist Sect was directly shattered mercilessly by a blood-red demon power filled with extreme killing intent.

The force was extremely powerful.
The spatial gate was crushed as if it was made of paper!

The Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts were instantly dumbfounded.

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