Why did the spatial gate of the Buddhist Sect close?

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What were the Buddhist Sect elders doing?

Was it that difficult for them to send a senior monk?

The eleven Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts were all dumbfounded.

At the same time, the stronger auras released by Fang Tianyuan and Ji Wuxia made everyone tremble.

They knew that they were doomed.

On the Bodhi Temple’s side, Yun Lige was about to step forward to break the Bodhi Temple’s sect-protecting formation when a golden spatial gate suddenly appeared beside him.

He frowned slightly in displeasure and raised his hand to unleash the Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist, directly blasting this spatial gate into pieces.

Then, he stepped forward and arrived at the peak of the mountain.

At this moment, the senior monks of the Buddhist Sect swallowed in unison.

Ever since they joined the Bodhi Temple, they had never encountered anything like today.

The Bodhi Temple was the leading sect in the Buddhist Sect and also the strongest sect in the world.
Because of this, these senior monks had always lived comfortably.

Now that they had suddenly encountered an extremely powerful existence, everyone naturally panicked.

Without saying much, the blood-red figure had already unleashed his first attack.

Fortunately, there was no movement from the Bodhi Temple’s sect-protecting formation, making everyone heave a sigh of relief.

Then came the second, third, fourth…

One attack after another bombarded the sect-protecting formation endlessly, but the sect-protecting formation still did not move at all.

This made all the Buddhist disciples present smile.

Finally, they were able to defend against this Demon King!

With this sect-protecting formation, the other party shouldn’t be able to attack.
Next, as long as they sent people to the holy land to report to the High Buddha and get him to send an even stronger existence, he would be able to subdue the other party.

Yun Lige also frowned slightly.

He could already tell that his attack alone was unable to destroy this mountain-protecting formation.

After all, this was the Bodhi Temple, the strongest sect in the Divine World!

In other words, the sect-protecting formation here might not even be easily broken by a God Monarch Realm expert.

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However, he was not afraid.

He might be able to break through the array formation that a God Monarch Realm expert could not!

After taking a deep breath, the strange red light in his eyes jumped.
The black lotus behind him actually began to slowly spin and peel off from the Black Hole Divine Soul.

As soon as the black lotus appeared, the Buddhist Sect’s mountain-protecting formation actually began to slowly tremble.

The people from the Buddhist Sect were immediately shocked!

What the hell was this black lotus?

Why did the Buddhist Sect’s mountain-protecting formation start to tremble as soon as it came out?

Ignoring everyone’s fear, the corner of Yun Lige’s mouth curled up slightly, revealing a cold smile.

As his eyes moved, the black lotus suddenly transformed into a black stream of light and collided with the Buddhist Sect’s mountain-protecting formation.

This time, the Buddhist Sect’s mountain-protecting formation could no longer resist.
A huge black hole was directly blasted out by Yun Lige’s black lotus.

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

“How could this be? Even a God Monarch might not be able to shake our Buddhist Sect’s mountain-protecting formation.
How did a mere God Emperor Realm expert break it?”

The Buddhist Sect elders and disciples began to exclaim.
As for Yun Lige, he had already retracted his black lotus and held his spear.
With a thought, he had already rushed into the crowd of Buddhist Sect disciples.

Blood aura surrounded them.
With their cultivation below the Hundred Domain Battle God, they were simply unable to resist this surrounding blood aura.
The moment they came into contact with it, they directly exploded into a bloody mist and were absorbed by Yun Lige.

Those with cultivation above the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm were also unable to resist Yun Lige’s spear.

A new round of killing began, and the experts of the Bodhi Temple were forced back.

The senior monks of the Bodhi Temple were beaten by Yun Lige until they cried for their parents.
They did not have the aura and reservedness of an expert at all.

At the same time, in the holy land of the Buddhist Sect, the Buddhist Supreme God Realm experts had long lost their patience.
Their eyes were solemn and were filled with endless killing intent.

“High Buddha, we request to fight!”

The High Buddha sat cross-legged, his eyes seeming to be able to see thousands of kilometers away.

He naturally saw Yun Lige’s performance clearly.

However, he did not attack.

He could see further and higher than these people!

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In the eyes of others, this guy might just be a demon who had barged into the Bodhi Temple.

On the other hand, the High Buddha knew very well that Yun Lige’s identity was extremely special.

After all, the other party could forcefully attack the Bodhi Temple despite being at the first level of the God Emperor Realm.
How could such a person be an ordinary person?

The true combat strength he displayed really did not match his cultivation!

There was also the black lotus behind Yun Lige.

Although he did not know what it was, he knew very well that it was definitely not an ordinary item!

He actually sensed a trace of the Great Dao aura from it!

This was simply unimaginable!

This was because the other party was not even an immortal, so how could he have the aura of the Great Dao?

Therefore, he could vaguely determine that Yun Lige was very likely the legendary hot shot of the three worlds.

The hot shots were not one person, but a group of people.

However, the backer of every hot shot was the most respected person in the three worlds.

The High Buddha was worried that if he fought Yun Lige head-on, it would cause damage to his luck!

He dared to believe that he could completely kill Yun Lige at this moment.
However, what would happen after he killed him?

What if it harmed his luck?

It was really not worth it for an insignificant Yun Lige.

More importantly, he did not want to alert the enemy now.

When dealing with hot shots, one had to eliminate the other party completely when they attacked! Otherwise, they should not attack at all!

If he really wanted to attack Yun Lige, he had to eliminate all the factions related to Yun Lige.

If he gave them any chance, he might die without a burial place.

The High Buddha did not dare to gamble or want to gamble.

However, this did not mean that he had to let Yun Lige off.

Now, Yun Lige’s performance had already made him drool over the hot shots.

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With a low cultivation level, these hot shots could sweep through existences with the same cultivation or even those with higher cultivation.

He simply coveted such an ability.
To put it bluntly, he was already drooling.

Perhaps it was time for him to agree to that guy’s request.

By cooperating with the other party and borrowing the other party’s strength, he could obtain a trace of benefits.

At that time, wouldn’t it be perfect for him to reap the benefits?

Sweeping his gaze over the indignant Buddhist Supreme God Realm experts, the High Buddha said indifferently, “Five! You guys can send five Supreme God Realm experts, but you can only send five! If you can’t beat them, there’s no need to fight anymore.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Sending five Supreme God Realm experts was already his limit.
It was impossible for him to send all of them.

Moreover, five Supreme God Realm experts were already powerful enough.

If they were still unable to defeat Yun Lige, there was no need for them to continue fighting.

He wanted to leave behind enough trump cards for himself to deal with the other hot shots.

The Supreme God Realm experts were overjoyed and immediately cupped their hands in thanks.

“Thank you, High Buddha!”

In the Bodhi Temple, Yun Lige had already blasted open the mountain gate.
The entire Bodhi Mountain’s Buddhist light was stained with blood.
The Buddhist light passed through the blood and emitted a scarlet light.
It looked as if the end of the world had arrived.
It was extremely terrifying!

Some sects in the distance could not help but tremble when they saw this.

“What’s going on with the Bodhi Temple? Why is there such a powerful killing intent?”

“Could it be that the Bodhi Temple is holding the Demon Exorcism Meeting and has attracted a certain demon expert?”

“But isn’t this expert too terrifying? Can the Buddhist Sect resist this aura?”

Just as everyone was feeling suspicious, an accident suddenly happened in the next second.

Five golden pillars of light suddenly soared into the sky and entered the clouds.

As soon as the golden pillars appeared, they instantly suppressed the scarlet killing intent.

“What powerful Buddhist power! A big shot of the Buddhist Sect has appeared!”

“Judging from this aura, it’s probably a Supreme God Realm expert, right?”

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“Too shocking.
This matter will definitely spread widely and the entire world will know!”

In the Bodhi Temple, be it the Buddhist disciples, the God King Realm experts, or even the God Emperor Realm experts, they were all so excited that tears streamed down their faces.
They knelt on the ground and pressed their palms together.

“Supreme God Realm experts! The Supreme God Realm experts of our Buddhist Sect have finally appeared!”

“The five Supreme God Realm experts will definitely destroy this demon!”

The five Supreme God Realm experts came out of the holy land together, and their divine souls appeared behind them.
There was a Buddha phantom, three Arhat phantoms, and a Bodhisattva phantom!

Each of them was as tall as a mountain.
The shortest was 3,000 meters tall, and the tallest was even 5,000 meters tall!

It was true that the difference in the divine soul represented one’s future talent…

However, the size of a divine soul represented one’s current strength!

In comparison, Yun Lige’s divine soul could only unleash a diameter of 1,000 meters.
In front of these people, it was as if he was a child.

Senzai senzai.My Buddhist Sect is a peaceful place, but I didn’t expect you to take advantage of the situation and kill my Buddhist Sect’s elders and disciples.”

“Are you prepared to bear this blood debt?”

“Aren’t the disciples of the Buddhist Sect supposed to restrain their anger and cultivate in peace? Why is it that you’re talking about a blood debt with me? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?

“It’s said that in the past, Buddha sacrificed his flesh to feed the eagles.
Today, I want to kill you guys to prove myself on the demonic path.
Why don’t you guys sacrifice yourselves to help me cultivate?”

“What a ridiculous theory.”

Yun Lige waved his hand and shot.

The blood-colored light suddenly collided with the other party’s face.
It did not cause any damage, but it was extremely insulting!

“How do you know that it’s ridiculous? I’ve long had a blood feud with your Buddhist Sect for killing my master! But you still want to act all high and mighty… You’re taking out all the fun from our fight!”

The expressions of the five Supreme God Realm experts were extremely cold, and the Buddhist disciples were even more indignant!

“How rude! You’re courting death!”

“How can a demon like you humiliate the Supreme God Realm experts of our Buddhist Sect?”

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