Yun Lige’s eyes were cold.
With a wave of his hand, he swept his spear towards the chattering crowd.

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The Supreme God Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect immediately roared.
The auras of the five Supreme God Realm experts burst out and headed straight for Yun Lige, attempting to cut off his attack.

Unfortunately, Yun Lige ignored them at all!

This spear landed straight in the middle of everyone and exploded several figures on the spot.
Among them were three God Monarch Realm experts, six God King Realm experts, and several people below the God King Realm.
It could be said that they had suffered heavy losses.

The moment Yun Lige finished attacking, the attacks of the five Supreme God Realm experts also landed on Yun Lige.

The might of five Supreme God Realm experts attacking at the same time was incredibly powerful.

Yun Lige was immediately blasted back ten thousand meters.
The blood-colored aura on his body spun crazily before offsetting the other party’s might.

However, even so, a huge ravine dozens of meters deep was created on the path he retreated from.
It was as if the Bodhi Mountain was a clam that was opening.
Coupled with the lush forest on both sides, it seemed especially appropriate.

Although the forest was not black but green, it had a different type of charm to it.

After the blood aura spread, the attacks of the five Supreme God Realm experts were resolved, but Yun Lige’s body was not injured at all.

This attack made it seem as if the five Supreme God Realm experts had the advantage.
However, in fact, the five of them had to join forces to achieve this.
Moreover, Yun Lige did not resist head-on and had already retreated unscathed.

Therefore, in a way, Yun Lige did not lose!

At this moment, the Buddhist disciples who had been shouting just now were all obedient and did not dare to say anything else.

Some people swallowed with extreme difficulty, their eyes revealing a trace of fear.

None of them expected Yun Lige to be able to fight five dignified Supreme God Realm experts without being at a disadvantage!

It had to be known that in the entire Divine World, other than God Monarch Realm experts, Supreme God Realm experts were the strongest!

Just how powerful was Yun Lige’s cultivation?

Yun Lige spat and snorted.
He took another step forward and instantly arrived.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!”

“You’re the ones who are courting death!”

After replying, Yun Lige’s spear attacked again and headed straight for the five Supreme God Realm experts.

The five of their pupils constricted as they sensed the piercingly cold killing intent on the spear tip.
It was as if the might of the other party’s spear was enough to destroy the world.
Without saying a word, they had already instantly escaped from their spots.

Yun Lige’s spear tip landed at their previous location.
Blood aura exploded, and a bloody mist immediately began to spread.

In the Bodhi Temple, there was extremely pure, firm, and Yang Buddhist power everywhere.
When it collided with this force, it could no longer resist.
Crackling sounds sounded from the border, as if it was fighting against it desperately.

Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that everyone seemed to vaguely sense that Yun Lige’s power had surpassed the Buddhist power and was actually vaguely suppressing it!

“This child’s killing intent is too powerful.
A mere God Emperor Realm expert is actually able to suppress the extreme Yang Buddhist power! Quickly, all the disciples of the Bodhi Temple, immediately set up array formations and chant sutras to condense the Buddhist power to suppress the killing intent on this child’s body.”

With a command, the 50,000 Bodhis immediately retreated from the mountain gate.
In the sky, they sat in the 64 palaces in all directions and recited the Buddhist scriptures.

Every Bodhi was like a knot.
The 50,000 Bodhis condensed a huge net and kept chanting the Buddhist scriptures.

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In an instant, countless golden Buddhist scriptures gathered in the sky.

Buddhist scriptures fell endlessly, augmenting the surface of Yun Lige’s body.

The two energies of different attributes collided and combined.
The Buddhist power immediately began to consume the blood essence on Yun Lige’s body.

“Amitabha, the Buddhist Dharma is boundless.
It belongs to the Heaven Dao and can subdue demons and devils.
Demons, quickly put down your saber and embrace the path of the Buddha.
You can resolve the pain of your next life!”

The five Supreme God Realm experts did not miss this excellent opportunity.
They used the profundity of the Buddhist Sect at the same time.
Five golden lights bombarded Yun Lige with a lightning-like might!

They tried to take the opportunity to completely suppress Yun Lige.

With another shocking bang, five heaven-piercing pillars smashed fiercely onto Yun Lige’s body.
At that moment, they actually stripped a trace of the blood aura on Yun Lige’s body, making him retreat again.

“This guy is no match for us.
Let’s go again!”

A Supreme God Realm expert was the first to step into the explosion, as if he wanted to snatch the credit.

After all, Yun Lige had already been attacked by the five of them and was also suppressed by the Buddhist runes that filled the sky!

He did not want to give this wonderful opportunity to others!

“Miao Xin, don’t be rash.
Come back quickly!”

Another Supreme God Realm expert immediately advised, and Miao Xin said excitedly,

“It’s fine.
He’s just an insignificant God Emperor Realm expert.
No matter how powerful he is, can he overturn the heavens?”

Unexpectedly, just as he finished speaking, a huge suction force suddenly erupted from the explosion and pulled him in at an even faster speed.

He let out a scream, and the invincible explosive strength of a Supreme God Realm expert erupted at this moment.

It was as if a golden sun wheel had risen on the entire Bodhi Temple.
It was dazzling and radiated for 50,000 kilometers!

At the same time, heart-wrenching screams sounded.

The other four Supreme God Realm experts did not dare to be careless and immediately used the profound meaning of the Buddhist Sect with all their strength.

The four of them worked together to use the Hinayana Tathagata Scripture.
The Buddhist power transformed into a huge golden palm and pulled the other party out.

That Supreme God Realm expert had indeed been saved alive.
However, his body seemed to have been drained of blood and had become skin and bones.
His face was also extremely old, like an old man on the verge of death.

His life force had already been sucked dry alive.
His Arhat Divine Soul had already been torn apart by something extremely terrifying.
At this moment, there was less than 1% left!

It could be said that his life was completely over!

Even if he did not die, he could only struggle at death’s door.

A Supreme God Realm expert crazily injected Buddhist power into him, but he was unable to absorb it at all.
No matter how much Buddhist power was injected, it would still dissipate in the world.

It was as if he was a bottle with a leak at the bottom and could not be filled up.

“Miao Xin, what’s going on?”

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Miao Xin opened her mouth with difficulty and let out a hoarse voice, as if it was dry.

“He… he seems to have become a different person! Moreover, the level of that guy’s cultivation seems to have… seems to have become stronger! Quickly… quickly go and ask the God Monarch Realm expert to help.
Otherwise, we… we will definitely die!”

Everyone’s pupils constricted and they immediately looked in Yun Lige’s direction.
However, their pupils immediately constricted, and their hair stood on end!

As senior monks of the Bodhi Temple, they had basically been promoted from the various large temples.
Even the disciples at the lowest level had cultivation above the God Production Realm.

Even a God Creation Realm expert was not qualified to step into the Bodhi Temple!

Therefore, every Buddhist disciple here was an existence that had defeated demons and experienced hundreds of battles!

However, they had never seen such a scene before!

The divine artifact armor on Yun Lige’s body had actually been taken off.
His upper body was exposed to the air, and his muscles were filled with explosive strength.

His Black Hole Divine Soul had already shrunk to the limit.
It was only two meters in diameter and completely guarded Yun Lige’s back.

The black lotus moved to the top of his head.

Dark demon aura was released from the black lotus, mixed with his own blood essence.
The originally blood-red force field now became a deep black and red.

It was even more shocking than blood red!

The blood-red power was only filled with killing intent towards living beings!

However, this deep black and red power was filled with an aura of destruction, as if it wanted to destroy everything, be it living beings, undead, or everything in the world!

Even if the other party was just a drop of water or a flame, it would still destroy the other party! It could not be reasoned with!

Originally, the blood-colored aura already contained the great killing Dao.

And now, this black and red aura seemed to have surpassed the great killing Dao!

The 50,000 Buddhist Sect elders and disciples chanted the Buddhist scripture.
Only then did the golden runes land on the blood-colored killing intent.
They also suppressed Yun Lige’s killing intent, producing sizzling sounds.

However, when these scriptures landed on Yun Lige’s black and red aura, they emitted explosions.

The Buddhist runes automatically exploded when they approached the black and red aura.

The Buddhist runes were afraid of this aura!!!

What kind of joke was this?

Those were Buddhist runes!

In the entire world, in all three worlds, there were two strongest forces.
One was the Dao, and the other was the Buddha.
The others had to be ranked behind these two forces.

The Buddhist runes contained the truth of Buddhism.
It could be shattered because these people’s cultivation was weak, but it was definitely impossible for it to explode on its own because it was afraid of the other party’s strength!

Why would the Buddhist Sect fear the other party’s Great Dao?

How were the two Saints of the Buddhist Sect supposed to command respect?

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In this world, the only thing that could suppress Buddhist Sect was the Dao!

Moreover, ever since the calamity of the journey to the west, the Buddhist Sect had prospered and was almost not much different from the Dao.

In this situation, even if the other party cultivated the same Dao as the Daoists, it was still impossible for him to suppress the Buddhist Dao and make the Buddhist runes self-destruct.

The only explanation was that the other party’s Dao had even surpassed the Great Dao.

Could it be… could it be an existence comparable to the Immortal Dao?

However, the Immortal Dao… was the Dao controlled by Patriarch Hongjun!

At this moment, everyone present was dumbfounded, confused, and petrified!

Yun Lige could not be bothered with everyone’s shock and had already raised his head slightly.

The black and red eyes swept towards the sky.
The more than ten thousand Buddhist Sect disciples, from the first or second level of the God Emperor Realm to the God Production Realm, instantly exploded into golden blood mist, and even their divine souls were destroyed.

Then, this energy and divine soul residue were absorbed into Yun Lige’s body.
Yun Lige’s cultivation actually increased again at this moment.

Second level of the God Emperor Realm!

Third level of the God Emperor Realm!

After devouring an entire ten thousand Buddha Sect experts, Yun Lige’s cultivation increased by two levels in a row.

The Supreme God Realm experts also sensed this force targeting their bodies.
Their bodies trembled violently, and the divine power barrier on their bodies was directly shattered!

Fortunately, their cultivation was powerful enough and their physique was stronger than the others, so they were able to resist this move.

Otherwise, they would probably also be severely injured by this move.

However, they could still fight Yun Lige in his blood-red state just now.
Now, after Yun Lige’s state changed, they could only be beaten passively!

With just a change in state, Yun Lige’s true combat strength had actually increased by countless times!

This scene made everyone extremely afraid.

The Buddhist Supreme God Realm experts’ voice was already trembling.

Yun Lige said indifferently, his voice carrying a trace of mechanics.
It did not sound like a human’s voice at all.

“What do you think? Only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal is worthy of saying my name!”

Everyone’s pupils constricted as their bodies began to tremble.

His real name could only be said by those above the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm!

Only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was worthy of saying his name.
As for them, they were not even immortals, let alone Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals! How were they worthy of saying his name?

Damn it, what kind of existence had the Buddhist Sect provoked this time?

While he was shocked and in despair, one of the Buddhist Supreme God Realm experts was actually frightened out of his wits.
He turned around and fled, not daring to fight Yun Lige again!

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However, could he escape?

When he turned around and flew away, Yun Lige did not even move.
Or rather, he did not care to move at all.

The spear beside him let out a world-shaking roar and instantly pierced through the void, transforming into a black lightning that instantly covered 3,000 kilometers.
It hit the other party’s heart and broke out!

Yun Lige slowly stretched out his hand, and the palm force shattered the void.
After that, he actually retrieved his spear from 3,000 kilometers away.

Even the corpse of the Supreme God Realm expert was retrieved.
Blood essence was absorbed endlessly into Yun Lige’s body along the spear.

The entire scene was silent!

It was so silent that even a pin drop could be heard!

No one dared to say a word.
Everyone knew that this person could not be provoked!

Even a Supreme God Realm expert could not escape from him, let alone the others.

Even the other Supreme God Realm experts did not dare to say a word.

This guy had just pierced through the void!

The void barrier of the Divine World was different from the void barrier of the lower realm.

The void barrier of the Divine World was countless times thicker.

Only Martial Monarch Realm experts from the lower realm could break through the void, and in the Divine World, one had to reach the attack power of a God Monarch Realm expert to break through the void!

In other words, the attack power of Yun Lige’s previous move had already broken through to the God Monarch Realm!

However, his current true cultivation level was only at the third level of the God Emperor Realm!!

With a God Emperor Realm cultivation, he had forcefully increased his cultivation by two realms!

This guy was simply abnormal!

There was no one else as abnormal as him in the entire Divine World!

Just as the entire Bodhi Temple was at a loss, the current abbot of Bodhi Temple finally came out.

There was no reaction from the Holy Land.
Without the High Buddha, the other Supreme God Realm experts and the fifteen God Monarch Realm experts were unable to come out without the High Buddha’s orders.

Moreover, so what if the abbot came out?

Although Yun Lige was a small God Monarch Realm expert, he could not be underestimated at all!

A God Monarch Realm expert might be able to suppress him, but a Supreme God Realm expert was not even qualified to carry his shoes!

Moreover, who knew if he had a third stronger state?

At this moment, if the abbot did not come out now, the entire Bodhi Temple would probably be leveled by Yun Lige!

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