In the valley, Lu Xiaoran’s brows were already furrowed.

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This was because he had just discovered that on the activity information, Fang Tianyuan and Ji Wuxia were also starting to rush over.

The two of them were extremely fast and had already caught up to Jun Bujian and the others.
They would probably arrive beside him in another two hours.

However, activity information was still appearing endlessly.

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being attacked by Buddhist Supreme God Realm experts.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being attacked by Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts!”

“Your disciple Yun Lige is being attacked by a large number of Buddhist disciples!”

“Could this Lige have fallen into a monk nest? No, if this continues, Lige probably won’t be able to hold on anymore.
What if he gets killed?”

He could not let Lige fight alone.

After all, it was not easy for Lige to cultivate to the God Emperor Realm.

If he died now, even if he increased the Body Modeling Mark to the level of an acquired spirit treasure, it would be impossible for him to revive Lige in a short period of time.

At that time, wouldn’t the strength Lige had painstakingly cultivated fall behind the other disciples?

His disciple Lige was so hardworking.
How can he let Lige fall behind again?

Lu Xiaoran valued his eldest disciple as if the other party was his first son.

In the future, Lige would inherit the throne.
He could not bear to see anything happen to Lige.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran thought of a countermeasure almost in an instant.

First, he would activate the Absolute Heaven Song!

The Absolute Heaven Song could allow all the attacks Lige suffered to be transmitted to him.

His cultivation was stronger than Lige’s, and his ability to fight those at a higher level was also stronger than Lige’s! Needless to say, his defense and resistance naturally surpassed Lige’s.

With him using the Absolute Heaven Song, even if Lige encountered a God Monarch Realm expert, at the very least, he would not have a problem defending.

Then, he would get Wang Cai to summon Lige back through a long-range summoning.

Lige probably did not know that he was still alive now.
If the other party knew, the other party would definitely return to find him immediately.

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On the other side, the High Buddha left the Bodhi Temple and arrived at an extremely hidden forest in the Divine World.

As soon as his figure appeared, an aura quietly landed beside him, making his eyelids twitch.

The other party was an extremely powerful and beautiful woman.
As a Buddhist cultivator, he did not care much about a woman’s appearance.
However, the other party’s cultivation made him very concerned.

Perfected tenth level God Monarch Realm!

He actually had subordinates with such cultivation.

However, after one’s cultivation reached this level, they generally did not dare to casually move.

Even if they used a trace of their cultivation, they would definitely trigger the heavenly might and might transcend the immortal tribulation at any moment.

At the same time, an Immortal Realm expert like him would also suffer from the heavenly tribulation and could not casually use his immortal power.

However, he was a member of the Buddhist Sect and was protected by the two Saints.

As long as he did not use the full strength of an immortal, the heavenly tribulation would more or less give the Spirit Mountain face.

After all, no matter how powerful the heavenly tribulation was, it was only a small immortal tribulation.
How could it compare to the two Western Sages?

However, the other party was not protected by his Western luck!

Could it be… that they were the disciples of a Saint?

At this moment, a shocking wave suddenly surged in the High Buddha’s heart.

However, he naturally did not show it.

After living for tens of thousands of years, he had long cultivated to the point where he could easily hide his emotions.

“Greetings, High Buddha.”

The High Buddha nodded slightly and immediately said, “You are…?”

“High Buddha, as instructed by my senior brother, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“In that case, bring me to your senior brother.”

“High Buddha, please follow me.”

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The High Buddha was quickly led to a cave.

The moment he stepped into the cave, the High Buddha’s body trembled imperceptibly.

This cave was actually filled with immortal aura!

He was an immortal to begin with, so his perception of immortal aura was very sharp!

However, this was the Divine World!

How could the Divine World have such dense immortal aura?

The immortal aura was not created by some Dharma treasure.
This was because there was no Dharma treasure in the world that could create immortal aura endlessly.

Unless it was a Connate cardinal treasure? Or a Connate spirit treasure?

However, those things were almost all in the hands of Saints or Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.

How could ordinary people obtain it?

The High Buddha knew very well that the other party was an existence at the first level of the Immortal Realm like him.

No matter what, it was impossible for the other party to have a Connate cardinal treasure or a Connate spirit treasure.
This was because he did not have the strength to activate it at all.

However, how did he get so much immortal aura to cultivate?

“High Buddha, my senior brother is in the depths of the cave.
Please enter.”

The High Buddha nodded and stepped into the cave.

However, when he arrived in the depths of the cave, his expression suddenly changed.

It turned out that there was actually a small hole in the depths of the cave that was constantly transmitting immortal aura into the cave!

As for the immortal, he was cultivating with immortal aura.

The High Buddha was already dumbfounded.

Even with his toes, he could guess that the other side of this cave was definitely the Immortal World.

However, there was a gap between the Immortal World and the Divine World!

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The Heaven Dao had long set a rule that no one was allowed to interfere casually with the various worlds, especially when it came to the upper realms.

Unless it was a Saint who had the ability to make some changes, it was simply impossible for others to do anything.

Even a small fry like him had to hide his cultivation after being sent down the Spirit Mountain.
He could not expose his immortal cultivation.

However, even so, he was already extremely lucky.
At the very least, the Buddhist Sect was able to send him down.

As for getting him a dimensional tunnel to cultivate, that was simply impossible!

However, the other party actually dared to do something that even the Western Buddhist Sect was unable to do.
Wasn’t this too bold?

Moreover, the other party’s methods were also powerful enough.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to do this.

“Hehehehe… High Buddha’s presence brings light to my humble home.”

The other party had already ended his meditation and greeted the High Buddha with a smile.

The High Buddha was silent for a moment before saying, “Fellow Daoist, stop referring to me as High Buddha.
We both know that that’s just what the people of the Divine World call me.
On the Spirit Mountain, I’m only an ordinary immortal disciple.
Fellow Daoist, just call me Xingyun.”

He had his reasons for saying this.

Firstly, since the other party had shown his trump card, it meant that the other party was definitely trying to block his escape route.
If he did not express his intentions, it would probably not be easy for him to leave this cave today.

By saying his real name, he could also reassure the other party.
It could also be considered as a way to express his feelings and tell the other party that he was interested in cooperating.

Secondly, he was really somewhat tempted.

The other party’s strength and methods really made him unable to help but look forward.

The other party also smiled and immediately said, “Alright, Master Xingyun is indeed straightforward.
In that case, Master Xingyun, you can also call me by my Dharma name.
My name is Jiang Li.”

Xingyun raised his eyebrows slightly and searched his memories, but he did not remember such a person.

However, thinking about it carefully, this Jiang Li was only a pawn like him.
His true backer was hiding in the background.
It was also very normal for him to have never heard of the other party’s name.

“That’s right.
It’s Jiang Li.
Fellow Daoist Xingyun, don’t think too much.
I’m only an unknown small ant in the Immortal World.”

Xingyun smiled awkwardly.

“Fellow Daoist Jiang is too humble.
You’re much stronger than me in all aspects.
If you’re so humble, how am I supposed to act?”

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After a pause, he continued, “The reason why I came this time is also because of the hot shots that Fellow Daoist Jiang mentioned.
I want to know what benefits I can obtain from hunting the hot shots.”

“The benefits are quite obvious.
The hot shots were all created by that person.
If we can successfully hunt them, we can obtain great luck.”

“To put it bluntly, after you kill the hot shots, you will even be able to pick up a top-grade immortal pill or two when you’re taking a dump in the toilet!”

Xingyun immediately felt his scalp turn numb.

“Of course it’s possible.
If not, why would I come to Fellow Daoist Xingyun? Fellow Daoist Xingyun, you should know that it’s almost impossible for ordinary people like us to cultivate successfully in our lives.”

“Our greatest achievements have only allowed us to become pawns of a faction in the Immortal World.
To put it bluntly, what’s the difference between us and cannon fodder?

“Not to mention an existence like a Saint, even an existence at the Arhat level or an immortal is negligible.

“Fellow Daoist Xingyun, are you… willing to live like that? ”

Xingyun’s heart immediately throbbed fiercely, but he did not answer.

Jiang Li continued, “Fellow Daoist Xingyun, do you know who’s dealing with your Buddhist Sect this time?”

You might think it’s the hot shots, right? After all, they can kill enemies above their level and their cultivation also increases extremely quickly!

“However, let me tell you, they are not hot shots at all!

“They are only the disciples of the hot shot!

“However, because they had gotten involved with the hot shot, they were able to achieve great success! Do you know how many years it took for them to cultivate to this level?

“Before this, they had just ascended from the lower realm and were only a group of God Realm experts!”

Xingyun’s pupils suddenly constricted, and the hair on his body stood on end.

After a while, he took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, “How confident are you?”

The corner of Jiang Li’s mouth curled up slightly as he took out an array formation and four immortal swords!

“Fellow Daoist Xingyun, have you heard of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation?”

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