“Immortal… Immortal Slaying Sword Formation!”

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After all, the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation was quite famous.

That was the first ancient sword formation!

It was a top-notch killing formation controlled by School Master Tongtian.

Although it had disappeared after the God Sealing Tribulation, its reputation was known to everyone in all three worlds.

Seeing Xingyun’s shock, Jiang Li smiled and explained, “Of course this is not the true Immortal Slaying Sword Formation.
A true Immortal Slaying Sword Formation requires a Saint to be perfectly unleashed.”

“This one is only a version of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation created by my master that simulates the original.
Other than that, my master also created the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation Diagram.

“Although it’s only the immortal artifact version, I don’t think I need to explain how powerful it is, right?”

Even if it was only an immortal artifact version of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, it was still enough.

This was because since that hot shot was in the Divine World, it meant that he had yet to become an immortal.
Even immortals might not be able to handle this version of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, let alone the other party who was not even an immortal.

Even if the other party could fight those at a higher level, even if he had many means…

It still would not be possible!

“However, speaking of which, since Fellow Daoist Jiang Li has such powerful means, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to do this even without me, right? Why do you still need me?”

Jiang Li smiled indifferently and immediately said, “Fellow Daoist Xingyun, you’ve never fought a hot shot before, so you’ll never be able to imagine how powerful a hot shot is.
To be honest, even with the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, I don’t dare to say that I can definitely kill him!”

“What? Is he that powerful?”

Mage Xingyun’s heart trembled.
He felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse and was extremely frightened.

The reason why he came to find Jiang Li was partly because he liked the strength of the hot shots and wanted to change his fate by hunting them.

On the other hand, he felt that as an immortal, he had a certain confidence in dealing with the hot shots.

However, now, Jiang Li had actually said that even the immortal artifact version of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation was unable to defeat the other party.
If this was the case, then what was the point of fighting!

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Wouldn’t he be courting death if he went?

Jiang Li explained again, “Fellow Daoist, don’t misunderstand.
I’m not saying that the hot shots are definitely that powerful.
It’s just that the hot shots are too cunning.
If you’re careless, they might escape.

“My Immortal Slaying Sword Formation has complete hope of defeating the other party.
However, after defeating the other party, it’s very likely that the other party will escape.

“Once the other party escaped, he would definitely be like a frightened rabbit.
It would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens to find him again.

“With the speed at which the hot shot increases his cultivation, it won’t be long before he becomes stronger.
At that time, it will naturally be impossible for us to deal with him.

“Therefore, I came to ask Daoist Xingyun to help set up a Hundred Monarch Realm formation outside the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation This formation can also be considered to be the condensed version of the Ten Thousand Immortal Formation of Jie School and will help prevent the hot shot from escaping.

“In this way, our grand undertaking will succeed.
You and I will defy the heavens and change our fate.

“Although that’s the case, our Bodhi Temple only has fifteen God Monarch Realm experts.
It’s probably not easy for fellow Daoist to gather a hundred God Monarch Realm experts and set up the Hundred Monarch formation, right?”

“Fellow Daoist Xingyun, don’t worry.
I’ve already found many ancient family heads.
For example, the Lin family has had a conflict with the hot shot.
Their bloodline in the lower realm has already been slaughtered by the hot shot.

“I’ve also convinced many other families.
Now, we just need the fifteen God Monarch Realm experts of the Bodhi Temple to join us and the Hundred Emperor Formation can be set up!”

“I see.
Then I understand.
I’ll join this collaboration.”

“Alright! After this matter is done, I guarantee that the benefits Fellow Daoist Xingyun obtains will be even richer than a hundred or a thousand Postnatal Qi.”

At that time, not to mention an Arhat, I’m afraid even a Bodhisattva wouldn’t be able to compete with you, right? ”

In the Bodhi Temple, when the abbot of the Bodhi Temple appeared, the originally panicked people finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The previous abbots of the Bodhi Temple were all peak Supreme God Realm experts.

With him around, it should be enough to intimidate Yun Lige.

“This child’s demonic nature is deep.
The Buddhist Dharma is no longer able to suppress him.
Switch to the Exquisite Dharma Lotus Sutra and use the Supreme True Scripture to increase my combat strength.”

At this moment, be it the elders and disciples of the Bodhi Temple or the few Supreme God Realm experts, they all sat cross-legged and recited the Exquisite Dharma Lotus Sutra.

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As soon as the scripture appeared, several golden lotus flowers appeared on the entire Bodhi Mountain.
The lotus flowers bloomed, and in each lotus flower sat a Buddha phantom.

Tens of thousands of Buddhist power of faith were augmented on the abbot of the Bodhi Temple at the same time.
The aura of the abbot of the Bodhi Temple immediately erupted quickly in a shocking manner.

In an instant, his aura surpassed the Supreme God Realm and broke through to the God Monarch Realm!

“Amitabha, good, good! Buddha is merciful and will help me destroy the demon!”

The abbot tapped his foot lightly and instantly arrived in front of Yun Lige.

“Tathagata Demon Slaying!”

He slashed out with his palm and aimed at Yun Lige’s body.

Yun Lige did not retreat or dodge.
He held his spear and stabbed over.

The energy of the two erupted.
First, a black light flashed, and then golden light spread crazily.

The powerful force made the world tremble and even shook the entire Bodhi Mountain.

The two of them kept attacking each other and kept exchanging blows…

Every time they increased their damage output, a violent explosion would occur.

The Buddha figures that filled the sky were actually somewhat uncontrollable and began to flicker.

The abbot’s expression was somewhat solemn.

He had no choice but to step forward.

Actually, with the strength of the Buddhist Sect, if one or two peak God Monarch Realm experts could appear, they would probably be able to easily crush Yun Lige as if they were slaughtering chickens and dogs!

After all, no matter how heaven-defying Yun Lige was, he was still far from reaching the level of a top-notch God Monarch Realm expert.
Otherwise, he would be too heaven-defying.

However, since the High Buddha did not allow it, there was nothing he could do.

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It was even to the extent that even the other Supreme God Realm experts were not allowed to come out.
Now, he could only rely on himself to turn the tide.

He could not lose.
Once he lost, the losses of the Bodhi Temple would be too heavy.
In the future, the Spirit Mountain would probably reduce their investment in this world.
Then, the Buddhist Sect would really be unable to survive in this world.

In the confrontation, the abbot of the Bodhi Temple slowly took out four profound divine artifacts with his other hand.

Firstly, he placed the Great Ming King Wheel behind him and crazily gathered Buddhist power to increase his attack.

Secondly, he placed the Eternal Buddha Bell above his head.
Every time he circulated his divine power and rang the bell, he would attack Yun Lige from all angles.

Thirdly, he took out his Buddhist Bone Prayer Bead.
It imprisoned the 24 Great Zenith Heaven around Yun Lige, preventing him from absorbing any divine power from the air.

The fourth item he took out was the Golden Buddha Relic.
It directly attacked Yun Lige’s chest with supreme Buddhist power.

As soon as the four profound weapons appeared, the attack power of the Bodhi Temple’s abbot suddenly soared at an even faster speed.
In an instant, he suppressed Yun Lige’s aura.

The Golden Buddha Relic bombarded Yun Lige fiercely.
In an instant, it forced Yun Lige back!

Yun Lige was blasted back an entire 100,000 meters, directly retreating from the peak of the Bodhi Mountain to the mountainside.

At this moment, he also spat out his first mouthful of blood!

Ever since he stepped into the Bodhi Mountain, this was the first time he had lost to someone!

A Bodhisattva divine soul surged out from behind the abbot of the Bodhi Mountain.
It was a thousand meters tall and emitted an extremely holy aura!

“Your cultivation level is only at the God Emperor Realm, and my cultivation level is already comparable to a God Monarch Realm expert with the enhancement of the Exquisite Dharma Lotus Sutra!”

“At the same time, your Dharma treasure is a divine artifact, and my Dharma treasures are all profound divine artifacts!

“You’re no longer my match.
If you surrender now and be edified by our Buddhist Sect, I can still give you a chance to live.

“Put down the butcher’s knife and embrace the path of the Buddha! ”

Yun Lige spat out a mouthful of blood and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

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“Your Buddhist Sect is really shameless.
Seeing that I’m talented, you want to rope me in and completely ignore the fact that I killed many disciples of the Buddhist Sect.

“No wonder the Buddhist Sect could become the number one sect in the Divine World.
You guys are even more shameless than our Nameless Sect!

“Unfortunately, I had already said that I wanted to destroy the Buddhist Sect!

“I have to fulfill my promise! ”

“How stubborn.
In that case, I can only send you to the afterlife.”

After taking a deep breath, the abbot of the Bodhi Temple attacked again.

The Bodhisattva phantom behind him attacked with a world-shaking palm shadow.
The divine power in the entire world was stirred, and the wind and clouds changed drastically.
In the world, everything within a radius of 5,000 kilometers was affected!

The black lotus on Yun Lige’s head spun even faster.
He raised the spear in his hand and faced the other party again.

The shock wave this time directly slashed a huge ravine that cut halfway into the mountainside of the entire Bodhi Mountain!

What Yun Lige did not expect was that the abbot of the Bodhi Temple had actually mixed that profound divine artifact—the Golden Buddha Relic—in this palm shadow!

The Golden Buddha Relic suddenly shot out from the middle of the explosion and collided fiercely with Yun Lige’s Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear.
After a moment of pause, it directly shattered the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear!

It did not lose its momentum.
After shattering the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear, it bombarded Yun Lige’s body at an even stronger speed.

With another violent explosion, half of Yun Lige’s right arm was directly shattered by this Golden Buddha Relic!

Yun Lige spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying again.
This time, he was blasted to the bottom of the mountain.

The black lotus was still releasing black aura endlessly and condensing with his blood essence, but it was already somewhat chaotic.

Yun Lige originally could fight those at a higher level.
He could sacrifice his defense and turn all of it into attack power.

Now that he was severely injured, he was already somewhat unable to control himself.

Suddenly, an Azure Thearch phantom appeared behind him to quickly treat his severely injured body!

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