At this moment, no injuries had appeared on his body!

Yun Lige thought that this was his master’s soul in the heavens protecting him.

The abbot of the Bodhi Temple was stepped on by Yun Lige.
Yun Lige also pressed the tip of the God Slaying Spear against the other party’s throat, and he was already prepared to send the other party on his way!

The abbot of the Bodhi Temple suddenly said.

Yun Lige stopped slightly and smiled coldly.

“What? Are you afraid? As the dignified abbot of the Buddhist Bodhi Temple, are you also afraid of death? Didn’t you beg me to kill you first just now?”

The abbot coughed twice.
He had already been crippled by Yun Lige.
At this moment, he was unable to resist at all.

His limbs had already been severed, and his body was riddled with holes.
His organs had all been turned to dust.

If not for the powerful life force of a Supreme God Realm expert, he would probably have long died.

“I’m not someone who’s afraid of death.
I just have a question I want to ask you.
Otherwise, I won’t die in peace!”

“I can’t wait for you to die with remaining grievances!”

As soon as the other party finished speaking, Yun Lige directly pierced through his throat.

At this moment, the abbot’s soul flew out of his body and asked firmly, “I have to know.”

Yun Lige was stunned.
He did not expect the other party to ask him this after turning into a soul.

“You’re quite stubborn! Alright, you seem to be a man.
I’ll tell you! It’s because you killed my master!”

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“My master’s name is Lu Xiaoran.”

The abbot frowned slightly.

“Why have I never heard of this name? I am certain that our Buddhist Sect never killed such a person.
Did you mistake him for someone else?”

“Bullsh*t! It’s impossible for me, Yun Lige, to be wrong!”

“You must be wrong.
Our Buddhist Sect has really never killed a person called Lu Xiaoran.
I’m the abbot of the Bodhi Temple.
Your master is definitely stronger than you.
If such a powerful person is killed, the other Buddhist branches will definitely report it to me.”

However, no one reported it to me.
This is enough to prove that our Buddhist Sect did not attack your master.

“Do you think I’m a pig? Am I supposed to believe that? If my master really wasn’t killed by your Buddhist Sect, I’ll kneel and call you father! I’ll even escape to an empty sect! I’ll acknowledge Rulai as my eighteenth generation ancestor!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Lige’s body suddenly trembled slightly.

This was because he could sense that his master… was summoning him!

His master… was not dead?

He had worked hard to avenge his master and had beaten the entire Bodhi Temple until they were unable to fight back.
He had even killed tens of thousands of Bodhi Temple elders and disciples.

It could almost be said that he had created a blood feud with the Buddhist Sect!

In the end, his master was actually not dead?

Was this all a misunderstanding?

Was the Buddhist Sect a victim?

Um, this information was too much.
For a moment, Yun Lige actually could not take it.

“I dare to swear on my Buddha that our Buddhist Sect has definitely never killed a cultivator called ‘Lu Xiaoran’! You’re definitely wrong!”

Yun Lige was silent for a moment before directly blasting the other party’s soul with another spear.

“You want to be my father? Are you even worthy?! Only Master is qualified to be my father!”

It did not matter if the Buddhist Sect had killed their master.
It did not matter if it was a misunderstanding.
In any case, their Nameless Sect was not a good sect.
They were all bad people to begin with.
Why should they care about oaths and morals?

The Nameless Sect’s priority was to live ignobly and take advantage of others!

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He just had to remember these two rules.

He didn’t mind being a bad person.
After all, what could the other party do to him?

The other party only had the right to discuss this with him after winning!

After killing the abbot, Yun Lige coughed lightly and immediately retracted the God Slaying Spear to escape from the Bodhi Temple.

The God Monarch Realm experts of the Bodhi Temple had not come out yet.
They were probably in seclusion somewhere.
If a group of God Monarch Realm experts ran out to attack him, it would be troublesome.

It was not that he was afraid of fighting the other party.

Originally, he was not afraid of death because he thought that the other party had killed his master and wanted to avenge him.

Moreover, when he arrived, he had already thought it through.
He did not hope to return alive.

As long as he could kill a few more Buddhist disciples, even if he was killed by the Buddhist Sect, it would still be considered as him being loyal to his master.

However, now that his master was not dead, what was the point of fighting for his life?

He had to escape quickly and return to find his master to increase his cultivation.

On the other side, Lu Xiaoran limped out of the room.
He held his waist with his left hand and held his chin with his right.

“Damn! This brat Lige sure knows how to get into trouble! It hurts!”

“Was that a freaking Supreme God Realm expert? Did he provoke a God Monarch Realm expert? ”

Lu Xiaoran’s current cultivation was only at the Supreme God Realm and had yet to reach the God Monarch Realm.

Moreover, when he used the Absolute Heaven Song, he could not use his equipment.
In other words, he was using his body to forcefully receive all the attacks!

Fortunately, his body was very powerful and he could also use the Indestructible Golden Body.

Soon, he used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair his injuries.

Just as he finished doing all of this, a large group of familiar auras surged over from outside the valley.

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