“Uh… No need.
I suddenly feel that my stomach seems to have recovered again.”

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“That’s good.
Let’s go in quickly.”

Han Zhen braced himself and nodded in agreement.

To be honest, he really did not want to go in.
However, if he did not go in, the others would definitely think that something was wrong.

He did not want to be noticed.

It was even to the extent that he did not want to come to the Lu family previously.

However, he had just joined the Misty Sect and it just so happened they were about to carry out a mission.
Helpless, he could only come.

It did not matter.
He just needed to slack off!

In any case, he would not let anyone see through his cultivation and hidden strength.

Everyone quickly walked into the Lu family’s array formation.

“See, I knew it.
This array formation is nothing to us.
I can walk through the outermost illusion formation with my eyes closed.”

“That’s right.
They’re just a small family.
Why even bother setting up illusion formations? Isn’t it embarrassing enough?”

Everyone’s faces were solemn.

“Are you guys able to… see through this illusion formation?”

“I don’t even know where I am now.”

“I don’t even know what’s going on!”

“Damn! This small Lu family is actually so awesome?”

Han Zhen could not help but roll his eyes.

So what if they were a small family? After all, a small family could also have a hidden big shot!

Otherwise, why would Han Zhen hide for thousands of years?

Those who died quickly were usually those who looked down on small families.

Fortunately, this was an illusion formation.
They were only simply trapped and were not injured.
Otherwise, Han Zhen would definitely think of a way to break through the array formation.

Although… he was not very confident in breaking this array formation…

However, at this moment, a change suddenly occurred.
The array formation that was originally an illusion formation actually changed, and some physical attacks appeared!

A Misty Sect disciple was caught off guard and was suddenly sent flying.

Because the formation’s strength was too powerful, he directly spat out a mouthful of blood in midair.
When he landed, he fainted on the spot.

“Damn! Isn’t this an illusion formation? Why is there a physical attack?”

Han Zhen’s eyes turned cold, and his heart began to beat faster.

With his attainments in array formations, he could naturally tell that the other party had overlapped the array formations.
Underneath the illusion formation was an attack array formation .

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If one stayed in the illusion formation for a certain period of time, they would also be attacked by the array formation.

Han Zhen wondered who the person who set up these array formations was.
The other party’s attainments in array formations were actually so deep.

Just as he was feeling anxious, an attack arrived in front of him.

Han Zhen’s pupils constricted, and the divine power in his body instinctively began to defend against the attack.

However, he only defended and did not counterattack.

In the next second, his body was directly sent flying and fell heavily to the side.

He did not respond to the other senior brothers’ shouts because he had already pretended to have fainted.

With his understanding of array formations, if one did not resist, such an array formation would not continue to attack.
The more one resisted, the more violent its attack would be.

In any case, the Lu family would definitely save them when they came out.
After all, they were here to deliver a wedding message.
The Lu family had no reason to harm them.

Before that, he only needed to lie down.

At this moment, the other senior brothers had already begun to deal with the array formation.

The two sides exchanged blows happily.
Light kept lighting up, and explosions sounded one after another.

Lying on the ground, Han Zhen pulled out a small grass and chewed it in boredom.

He did not understand why these people were so confident that they could defeat this array formation.

After being stuck for an hour in the illusion formation, how could they not have learned how powerful this array formation was?

Moreover, what was the use of defeating this array formation?

This was only a small illusion formation.
There were still countless attack formations, defensive formations, and various other array formations behind.
Could they really handle them?

Why not just lie on the ground and play dead like him?

However, it had to be said that these senior brothers were quite powerful.
They actually fought for fifteen minutes before being beaten down by the array formation.

This result was already rather good.

This was because Han Zhen knew very well that this was a profound-level array formation.
Moreover, the other party had already engraved it rather perfectly.
Although it was only a small illusion formation, it would probably take him a quarter of an hour to crack it.

Moreover, his cultivation was stronger than theirs, and his attainments in array formations were even more terrifying!

When all the senior brothers were knocked out, a few figures quickly flew over.

“Something’s wrong.
Quickly go and take a look.”

“It’s the people from the Misty Sect! Quick, bring them back to see the old master!”

Han Zhen could not help but ridicule in his heart, “What a drag.”

In the next moment, he was carried towards the center of the Lu family like a dead pig.

As he was lifted, he narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the other party.

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Eh, the others seemed to all be carried by the female disciples of the Lu family.
Why was it that the disciples that were carrying him were all men.

Could it be that they were discriminating against him, a handsome man who had just entered the Misty Sect?

Soon, he and everyone were carried to a room in the Lu family courtyard and thrown onto the bed.
After that, they were each fed a medicinal pill to help them wake up.

It had to be said that this medicinal pill was simply top-notch!

It melted in their mouths immediately and was sweet and delicious.
Moreover, it contained an extremely large amount of essence and almost no impurities.
After eating it, he felt that it was better than eating a pile of the medicinal pills that were found outside!

He did not expect this Lu family to be filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons!

Not only were the array formations outstanding, even the medicinal pills were so good.

It seemed like this small Lu family was about to make a killing.
No wonder the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect was determined to marry Young Master Lu.

That Divine Maiden had probably long known that this Lu family was extremely impressive.

At this moment, another voice suddenly sounded in Han Zhen’s mind.

As if sensing that Han Zhen did not react, the system continued, Ding! You have successfully been bound to the eavesdropping system.
The system will bring you to marry a rich and beautiful woman and help you become the sect master to reach the peak of your life!

“Another system? Is there something wrong with these systems? Why do they keep looking for me every day? Could it be… that I’m being targeted by a hidden mastermind?

“Damn! I hope he gets killed soon! ”

As if sensing that Han Zhen did not react, the system continued, Ding! You have successfully been bound to the eavesdropping system.
The system will bring you to marry a rich and beautiful woman and help you become the sect master to reach the peak of your life!

“Stop talking nonsense.
I heard you.
Do I have to fight that Lu Xiaoran if I’m bound to this system?”

“Host is very smart.
You even know how to create missions for yourself!”

“Don’t flatter me! Nothing good will happen if you do.
I won’t fight Lu Xiaoran.
Hurry up and leave.
I won’t activate it.”

“Host, why are you so cowardly? With my help, it’s actually not difficult to beat Lu Xiaoran.”

“Cut it out.
It’s not like I don’t know how powerful Lu Xiaoran is.
I won’t agree no matter what you say.”

“Host, I’m an existence created by a Saint.
Do you think that a system created by a Saint can’t defeat a small Lu Xiaoran?”

Han Zhen’s pupils constricted, and his hair suddenly stood on end.

It was actually a system created by a Saint!

Heavens, if it was created by a Saint, he could consider it.

After all, that was a Saint, the strongest in the three worlds!

However, he could not be too careless.

After all, even if this system was created by a Saint, he still had to be careful.

Firstly, it said that it was created by a Saint.
It might not have been created by a Saint.
Perhaps it was lying to him.

Secondly, what if Lu Xiaoran’s backer was also a Saint?

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Han Zhen knew that there were more than one Saint in the world.

If the other party also had a Saint behind him and he went over to find trouble, he would be doomed if he really provoked the Saint.
Moreover, if the Saint who created the system was also unable to defeat the other party, then wouldn’t he be done for?

He would probably be directly sacrificed as cannon fodder.

Therefore, after thinking for a moment, Han Zhen continued, “Can I ask why your system wants to kill Lu Xiaoran?”

“It’s not that our system wants to kill Lu Xiaoran, but that the hot shots want to kill Lu Xiaoran.
There are many hot shots in the world, and as a system, I can help the hot shots.
As for you, you’re also a hot shot.”

Han Zhen was silent for a few seconds.

This title sounded very awesome.

However… If such an awesome existence wanted to kill Lu Xiaoran, how powerful was Lu Xiaoran?

Damn, he could not be tricked so easily.

“I have another question.
Since you were created by a Saint, why don’t you summon the Saint?

After all, your goal is already confirmed.
It’s to kill Lu Xiaoran, right? ”

“All the systems and hot shots are unable to return to the Immortal World before transcending the tribulation.
It’s also impossible for them to communicate with that Saint.

“This involves some Great Dao laws that existed before the creation of the world.
Even the Heaven Dao can’t easily change it.

The more Han Zhen listened, the more shocked he became.
This actually involved the Great Dao!

Damn, this was getting ridiculous!

Lu Xiaoran was an existence who had only ascended to the Divine World from the lower realm a few years ago.
How could he be involved in this matter?

No, he could not be fooled so easily and be used as cannon fodder.

Thinking of this, he continued, “I can activate you if you want, but I have to experience it first.
After all, I don’t know how much strength you have! If your strength is very low, won’t I lose out?”

“This… Alright, I can give you fifteen minutes.
In fifteen minutes, you can use my strength.”

At this moment, Han Zhen felt an extremely mysterious and strange force slowly enter his ears.

“Be gentle, be gentle.
Not so quick;y! This is my first time.
Can you be gentler?”

“Yes, yes, yes… that’s the speed.
Hey, yes, go down a little.
Yes, yes, that’s the place.
Just make sure to aim.”

Soon, Han Zhen heard an unusual voice.

“Fortunately, I was smart and chose to play dead.
However, speaking of which, why aren’t the Lu family members here yet? I feel like farting.
I can’t hold it in anymore.”

This should be the voice of one of his senior brothers.
He did not expect that other than him, another senior brother would actually choose to pretend to be unconscious.

This world was really too dangerous.
Everyone was petty.

At this moment, the door was pushed open again.

“Master, these are the people.”

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“What nonsense.
They’re all disciples of the Misty Sect.
Aren’t you going to give them better medicinal pills to wake them up sooner?”

In the next second, the Lu family disciples immediately fed everyone even better medicinal pills.

Han Zhen also received one.

“Wow! The medicinal pills of this Lu family are really getting better and better!”

This was not his inner thoughts, but the inner thoughts of the disciple who was pretending to be unconscious.

This made Han Zhen unable to help but feel disdain in his heart.

Wasn’t it just a medicinal pill? It was as if the other party had never eaten a medicinal pill in his eight lifetimes.

Was it really so… Eh, damn, this medicinal pill tasted even better than the previous medicinal pill.

The Lu family was awesome!

At this moment, another voice sounded in his ear.
It was Old Master Lu’s voice.

“Fortunately, our Lu family’s ancestor has the strength of an immortal and created so many good medicinal pills.
Otherwise, with so many Misty Sect disciples injured today, it would probably be difficult for us to explain to the Misty Sect.”

Han Zhen, who was eating a medicinal pill, suddenly froze.

The small Lu family actually had an immortal ancestor!

The person with the highest cultivation in the Misty Sect was only the sect master and the sect master was only at the God Emperor Realm.

In the end, the Lu family directly had an immortal?

It turned out that it was not the Lu family that was powerful, but the Misty Sect.

No, he had to be obedient later.
He definitely could not provoke that immortal.
Otherwise, he would not even know how he died.

Soon, the disciples of the Misty Sect woke up one after another.
When they saw Old Master Lu, they did not dare to be as arrogant as before and got out of bed to greet him.

“Greetings, Old Master Lu.”

Old Master Lu chuckled and said, “Sorry, everyone has come a long way.
Our Lu family failed to give you a proper reception.
Please forgive us for our poor hospitality.”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Old Master Lu, you’re too kind.
We were too presumptuous and were dazed by the array formation.
We’ve embarrassed ourselves.”

“Don’t say that.
Why have you come this time?”

“We came here to inform the Lu family that our Misty Sect’s Divine Maiden, Gong Wan’er, has already cultivated to the God Production Realm.
Therefore, she chose to fulfill her promise and asked us to inform the Lu family.”

Old Master Lu was overjoyed.

“So Divine Maiden Gong’s cultivation has risen.
Good! Good! This is really great news.
Everyone, follow me to the hall.
I’ll get someone to set up a banquet to welcome you.”

“Thank you, Old Master Lu.”

“You’re welcome.
It’s only right.
By the way, Xiao Chen, go and get Xiaoran.
Tell him that he can go to the Misty Sect to marry the Divine Maiden Gong!”

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