The expressions of the remaining Wind Fire Sect cultivators immediately changed drastically, and their bodies trembled.

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“You… you… you actually dare to kill our Wind Fire Sect’s elder and Divine Son! Our Wind Fire Sect will definitely not let you off.”

Jun Bujian walked forward with a sinister smile.

“Do you think we’ll let the Wind Fire Sect off? Or even… you brats?”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

“What… what do you plan on doing? Do you want to kill the few of us?”

In the next second, before the few of them could say anything else, Jun Bujian had already rushed forward.
Golden divine power covered his arms, forming dragon claws that tore the few of them into pieces, not giving the other party any chance.

Seeing the tragic scene covered in blood, the entire Misty Sect trembled in fear.

No one expected Lu Xiaoran’s three disciples to be so ruthless and directly wipe out all the Wind Fire Sect envoys.

The Sect Master of the Misty Sect swallowed and tried his best to calm down.

“Are… are you all Lu Xiaoran’s disciples?”

“Since the engagement has been canceled, it’s time for us to leave.
As for the Wind Fire Sect, don’t worry.”

“This is something we caused, so we naturally have to bear the responsibility.
We’ll destroy the Wind Fire Sect in a while and not let the Misty Sect be implicated.”

Hearing this, be it the Sect Master of the Misty Sect, the others, or even Old Master Lu and the others, their hearts could not help but throb fiercely.

Were Lu Xiaoran’s disciples all so arrogant?

They actually wanted to destroy the entire Wind Fire Sect?

The Misty Sect Master could not help but say, “That Wind Fire Sect already has two Supreme God Realm experts.
Can the three of you defeat them?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Misty Sect Sect Master.
In any case, we made the decision ourselves.”

As soon as he finished speaking, several powerful auras suddenly attacked from the distant horizon.

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“Bastards of the Misty Sect! You actually dare to kill the Divine Son of our Fire Wind Sect’s elder.
Do you really think I, Luan Yun, am easy to bully?”

Lu Xiaochen’s expression changed drastically.

“Why are the people from the Wind Fire Sect here so quickly?”

Old Master Lu sighed and said, “The Wind Fire Sect and the Misty Sect are adjacent to each other and are very close.
Therefore, once their elders and Divine Son’s spirit tablets shatter, they will naturally find out and arrive here immediately.”

“I see.
However, can Xiaoran’s three disciples really defeat a Supreme God Realm expert?”

“I don’t know either.
Let’s see.”

The expressions of the people from the Misty Sect were also not good.

After all, if Li Changsheng and the other two could not beat the Wind Fire Sect like they said, the rest of the burden would be shouldered by their Misty Sect.

“Sect Master, should we prepare early?”

The Sect Master gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, we should make preparations in advance.
I’ll contact the Taiyi Sword Dao.
I heard that the Wind Fire Sect has recently relied on the Heaven Saber Pavilion.
Putting aside whether Lu Xiaoran’s three disciples can defeat the Wind Fire Sect, even if they can, the Heaven Saber Pavilion behind the Wind Fire Sect will not let the matter rest.”

On this side, Li Changsheng and the other two could not help but tease, “You’re quite fast!”

“He probably lived for too long and wants to reincarnate early.”

“Perfect, it also saves the three of us the trouble of going all the way to the Wind Fire Sect.
We’ll directly deal with them here.”

With a thought, the three of them had already transformed into three streams of light and went out to welcome the enemy.

The people from the Misty Sect and the Lu family naturally would not miss this.
They quickly chased after the other party, wanting to witness this battle with their own eyes!

As soon as everyone arrived outside, several streams of light quickly flashed over from the sky.

Among them were two extremely dazzling golden lights that were as powerful as two suns.

Before they arrived, their lights had already made it difficult for everyone to open their eyes.

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The auras of the few people behind them were also extraordinary.
They were actually all above the God Emperor Realm.
There were a total of thirteen of them!

Because of their arrival, wind and clouds surged in the sky, and thunder trembled from time to time, making the living beings on the ground unable to help but tremble.

“How powerful! There are actually two Supreme God Realm experts and thirteen God Emperor Realm experts!”

“Looks like this Wind Fire Sect has really found a huge inheritance.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have improved so quickly in such a short period of time!”

Everyone clenched their fists tightly, their eyes filled with seriousness and worry.

It seemed like the Misty Sect was probably really in trouble this time.

They did not believe that Lu Xiaoran’s three disciples could still resist in this situation.

After all, those were two Supreme God Realm experts and thirteen God Emperor Realm experts!

However, Li Changsheng and the other two still did not care.

If the three of them had yet to meet Lu Xiaoran, they might have been slightly worried.
After all, in that case, be it their cultivation techniques or equipment, they would be inferior to the other party.

However, now, the cultivation techniques they cultivated were immortal techniques.
The weapons in their hands were profound divine weapons.
Killing enemies at a higher level was as easy as eating vegetables.
What was there to be afraid of?

After looking at the sky, Li Changsheng said, “Two Supreme God Realm experts and thirteen God Monarch Realm experts.
I’ll let you guys pick first.
Leave the rest to me.”

Song Xinian and Jun Bujian swept their gazes over each other.

“Why don’t you let me deal with the two Supreme God Realm experts?”

“Let me deal with the Supreme God Realm experts.
After I transform into a dragon, my cultivation can increase by an entire realm to the God Emperor Realm.
Coupled with my strength to kill enemies at a higher level, it’s still very easy for me to deal with two Supreme God Realm trash.”

“Alright, I’ll take on seven God Emperor Realm experts and Senior Brother can deal with the remaining six.”

If they were with outsiders, the two of them would definitely not be so polite.
According to the habits they had learned from Lu Xiaoran, they would definitely slack off.

It was even possible for them to not make a single move during the entire fight.
Moreover, they might even escape.

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However, they were all fellow disciples and did not mind.

Jun Bujian was the first to attack.
With a stomp of his foot, a powerful dragon roar erupted from his body that made the world change color.
In the next moment, a golden light that made people unable to open their eyes quickly erupted from his body.

This golden light was actually several times stronger than the two Supreme God Realm experts from the Wind Fire Sect!

Then, a seven-clawed divine dragon circled out of the golden light with endless might.

When Jun Bujian used the Dragon God Art, his Dragon God Transformation would constantly increase the number of dragon claws he had according to his cultivation.

He was currently at the God King Realm and could at most turn into a seven-clawed divine dragon.
However, after his cultivation increased to the God Monarch Realm, he would turn into a ten-clawed divine dragon!

At that time, his talent would grow to an even more heaven-defying level.
Perhaps, he would be able to approach the talent of Yun Lige, Ji Wuxia, and the others.

The cultivation technique Lu Xiaoran gave to every disciple, or rather, the cultivation technique Wang Cai gave to every disciple, was a cultivation technique that combined cultivation and talent.

The Dragon God Transformation was unstoppable!

The moment Jun Bujian transformed into a divine dragon and appeared, he spat out a dragon breath towards the sky.

Even the dragon breath of a true dragon race like Long Kuang was pure golden.

However, Jun Bujian’s dragon breath was mixed with a colorful aura.

This aura was filled with the strongest laws of the world, making it unfathomable and heart palpitating.

Li Changsheng frowned slightly.

“Junior Brother Jun’s dragon breath seems very familiar.
I think I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

“I think I’ve seen it before.
It seems… to be somewhat similar to Senior Brother Yun’s black lotus, Senior Sister Ji’s Phoenix power, and Senior Brother Tianyuan’s Demon Ape power.
However, they’re not completely the same.”

“Their strength should all come from the same place, but their attributes are different.”

At this moment, the dragon breath had already attacked the sky.

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The two Supreme God Realm experts of the Wind Fire Sect happened to welcome it.
When they saw this sudden dragon breath, their expressions changed drastically.

The two of them attacked almost at the same time.
One circulated the wind, and the other circulated the fire.

A wind god phantom and a fire god phantom appeared behind them.

The Fire Wind Sect mainly cultivated the power of wind and fire.
Fire relied on the wind, and the wind strengthened the fire.
Their might overlapped and was endless.

The power of wind and fire of the two Supreme God Realm experts from the Fire Wind Sect collided with Jun Bujian’s dragon breath almost the moment it was emitted.

At this moment, a huge ball of light directly exploded in the sky.
The shock wave exploded crazily and actually directly blasted the people from the Fire Wind Sect Gate several steps away!

In particular, the God Emperor Realm cultivators retreated hundreds of steps.
If not for the two Supreme God Realm experts at the front taking the most damage, the thirteen God Emperor Realm experts would probably have retreated even further!

“Damn, I was wondering why the Misty Sect dared to kill the elders and Divine Son of our Wind Fire Sect.
It turns out that they have such a powerful divine beast holding down the fort!”

“However, even if a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal descends to the mortal world to save you today, all of you will still have to die!”

“That’s right.
Today, we’ll skin this loach alive! We’ll turn its dragon scales into protective soft armor!”

The two Supreme God Realm experts attacked angrily and collided with the divine dragon Jun Bujian had transformed into.

Explosions constantly sounded in the sky.
The light from various explosions was like small suns that illuminated the world.
It even blocked the light of the original sun in the sky.

When the people below saw this scene, they were immediately petrified.

Lu Xiaochen was dumbfounded.

“Is this Xiaoran’s disciple? Xiaoran’s disciple is fighting a Supreme God Realm expert? Moreover, they’re fighting to a draw? Moreover, according to what Xiaoran told me, their cultivation is lower than mine?”

Old Master Lu also felt more and more emotional.

“Xiaoran, how much more do you want to shock me?”

Looking at the faces of the entire Misty Sect, their expressions were extremely dark!

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