Late at night, the stars lit up the galaxy and a dazzling star net gradually formed in the sky, as if it was about to envelop the entire world.

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Under the starry sky, Futu stood proudly in the air, holding a bronze compass.

As he injected immortal power and muttered the incantation, the bronze compass also began to slowly release a dark green light that reached the sky.

In an instant, the entire sky and the entire galaxy seemed to be stirred.

At this moment, the power of the world began to spread in all directions, as if it was searching for something.

Futu’s junior sister could not help but take a deep breath, and her expression became solemn.

“Senior Brother, this compass can actually stir the power of the galaxy! Could it be…?”

Futu smiled and said, “You’re right.
This is another immortal artifact Master gave me.
It can mobilize the power of the galaxy to search for any person or item!”

“As long as it’s someone who exists in this world, they can forget about escaping from me!

Ten breaths! I only need ten breaths to directly find Lu Xiaoran’s location!

“At that time, he will die without a burial place.

Junior Sister Futu’s eyes revealed a trace of envy.
She was filled with envy for this immortal artifact compass.

She wondered when she would be able to obtain an immortal artifact.

After all, this was an immortal artifact.
Only immortals could have it.

A deep admiration and envy flowed in her heart.

However, after ten breaths, there was no movement in the air.
The compass also quietly floated in the air.

Junior Sister Futu could not help but raise her eyebrows slightly.

“Senior Brother, has your immortal artifact malfunctioned?”

Futu was silent for a moment before saying, “I don’t think so.
I think it might be because the Divine World is too big and there are too many people.
Therefore, even if it’s an immortal artifact, it’s impossible for it to find Lu Xiaoran in an instant.
After a while, he will be found.”

Junior Sister Futu continued, “Senior Brother, are you sure the immortal artifact isn’t malfunctioning?”

“Hmm… I don’t think so.
After all, Master gave this to us.”

“Then… let’s wait a little longer.”

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After another five minutes…

“Senior Brother, are you sure this immortal artifact isn’t malfunctioning?”

“I… I don’t think so.
What kind of figure is Master? If his compass can’t work, then who else in this world can be trusted?”

In the valley, Lu Xiaoran and the others waited for a long time, but the other party did not find them or summon Yun Lige and the others.

This made Lu Xiaoran frown.

“Strange, didn’t this thing called Futu say that he was going to start hunting me? Why hasn’t he come to find me yet?”

“I don’t know.
I’ll ask in the group.”

Yun Lige was about to ask when Lu Xiaoran said, “No, it’s better if you ask him in private.”

Yun Lige agreed and immediately began to contact Futu.

“Group Master Futu, didn’t you say that the mission is about to begin? Why isn’t there any news yet? I can’t wait to hunt Lu Xiaoran.”

Soon, Futu replied, “I’m currently searching for Lu Xiaoran and haven’t found him yet.
He’s probably hiding.
This guy is especially good at hiding.
Under normal circumstances, it’s very difficult to capture him!”

“I see.
Then I’ll wait a little longer.
With Group Master Futu’s strength, it should be easy for you to find Lu Xiaoran.”

With that said, Yun Lige left the private chat.

Futu could not help but smile at his junior sister.

“Not only is this Yun Lige’s talent very powerful, but his words are also pleasant.
He’s really a talent.”

“I think he has the talent to be a bootlicker.”

“What’s wrong with bootlickers? It’s fine as long as it’s our boots they lick.”

On Yun Lige’s side, he had just left the group chat when he could not help but sneeze.

He rubbed his nose and could not help but curse.

“Damn, I wonder who’s secretly badmouthing me.

Lu Xiaoran kicked his butt.

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“Stop talking nonsense with me.
What did they say?”

“They said they couldn’t find you.”

Lu Xiaoran slapped his head.

He was wondering why the other party had not come to find him for a long time.
This was the problem!

Because he had Wang Cai to protect him, even the Heaven Dao could not sense him, let alone a mere Futu.

Moreover, he had set up many immortal formations in this valley, so it was even more impossible for the other party to sense him.

“Looks like I should go out and attract him.
You guys retreat first and stay away from me to avoid being discovered by the other party.”

Everyone immediately left the valley, and Lu Xiaoran slowly rose into the sky and released a trace of his aura.

“Wang Cai, is the Heaven Dao really unable to discover me? Logically speaking, the barrier between the lower realm and the Divine World should also be created by the Heaven Dao!”

“No, the barrier between the lower realm and the Divine World is not created by the Heaven Dao, but by Pangu’s meridians and skin.
The Heaven Dao can enter, but it’s impossible for it to patrol here with ease.”

“Otherwise, the Heaven Dao would have long come to find you.

Lu Xiaoran vaguely understood.
It seemed like Pangu was also smart enough to secretly set up a trap in order to revive himself.

As for the school master of Jie School, Tongtian, he clearly knew that Pangu had such a backup plan, so he created Lu Xiaoran.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for the right moment to take advantage of the situation>

Unfortunately, he was not Pangu.

At the same time, Futu seemed to have sensed something and immediately said, “Yes, yes! Junior Sister, look at the Compass Immortal Artifact.”

Junior Sister Futu looked over and saw a weak light spot appear on the compass.
Although it was very weak and flickered, she could clearly determine the other party’s location.

“Looks like this Lu Xiaoran is really powerful.
Even the immortal artifact compass Master gave you actually took so long to find him.”

Futu smiled indifferently.

“Of course.
If Lu Xiaoran was not powerful enough, Master wouldn’t be so afraid of him!”

“However, the righteous will always be one step ahead.
He’s still been captured by us now.”

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“I’ll start summoning the God Monarch Realm experts immediately.”

Soon, a golden light suddenly soared into the sky.
After sensing this light, countless auras in the Divine World quickly expanded their auras.

At this moment, countless people in the entire Divine World began to tremble.

“What a powerful aura.
Did our Battle God Sect’s ancestor come out of seclusion?”

“This aura, it’s a God Monarch Realm expert! Could it be that person?”

“How powerful.
This aura is extraordinary.
Is this a God Monarch Realm expert? I didn’t expect there to be a God Monarch Realm expert near our Great Cloud Mountain!”

“Too terrifying.
So many auras actually erupted at this moment.
What’s going on in the Divine World today?”

“The stars have moved, and the mountains and rivers have trembled.
It seems that something big is about to happen in the Divine World.”

These cultivators who usually kept a low profile had all displayed their strongest states at this moment, causing commotions all over the Divine World!

In a corner of the Immortal World, under the same pavilion, two people smiled indifferently.

“Looks like the plan is about to begin.”

“Success or failure depends on this.
If you win, from now on, the Heavenly Court will be under your control.”

“You will be qualified to be a Saint.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

At the same time, under the starry sky of the Divine World, countless streams of light quickly gathered above the valley Lu Xiaoran was in like meteors.

With a bang, the spatial barrier was directly shattered.

A burly figure was the first to step out.
He was eight feet tall and wore a bronze crown.
There was a huge skeleton prayer bead hanging from his neck.

“Hahahaha… I didn’t expect to be the first to arrive.
Looks like the credit for capturing Lu Xiaoran belongs to me.”

Another voice also sounded in his ear.

“That’s not necessarily true.
Brother Skeleton, it might be better to come later.
This credit doesn’t belong to whoever arrives first, but to whoever arrives at the right time.”

The Skeleton God Emperor snorted.
Before he could speak, another voice sounded.

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“That’s right.
The chief credit depends on who’s stronger and who brings the greatest blow to Lu Xiaoran.
As for the others, they’re all nonsense.”

In the blink of an eye, space shattered as God Monarch Realm experts descended one after another.

Everyone’s huge aura made the entire world tremble.

Zhou Tianhe seemed to be shocked by this force.

More than a hundred God Monarch Realm experts, almost all the peak experts of the entire Divine World, had gathered here.

Just as the God Monarch Realm experts gathered, a golden light attacked.
Everyone’s expressions could not help but tremble.

“This… this aura, it’s actually an expert of the Buddhist Sect!”

“The group master is so generous.
He even gathered an expert from the Buddhist Sect.
He’s really too powerful!”

“A God Monarch Realm expert flying over at high speed will definitely destroy the spatial barrier.
However, the people from the Buddhist Sect did not injure the spatial barrier at all.
It can be imagined how powerful their cultivation is!”

The Skeleton God Emperor and the other evil God Monarch Realm experts could not help but sneer.

“What’s there to brag about? The Buddhist Sect has always claimed to be on the righteous path.
I didn’t expect that one day, they would actually end up cooperating with us.
How laughable.

“Hehe, I’ve long said that the Buddhist Sect is a group of hypocrites.

“Indeed, everyone in the world prioritizes self-gain.

“Even the Buddhist Sect can’t help it when they see such generous conditions!”

As everyone discussed, another golden light slowly descended from the sky.

The aura emitted from the golden light made even the God Monarch Realm experts feel an intense pressure, making it difficult for them to breathe easily.

When the golden light landed, everyone’s hearts could not help but tremble, and their expressions became solemn.

“Group master, you’re here.
Get up and welcome the group master!”

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