Chapter 43 Li Daoran the Degenerate

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“Uncle-Master Li, Master hasn’t returned yet.”

“That’s true.
Your master was left behind to chat with the sect master.
He probably won’t be back for a while.
Forget it, | won’t wait for him.
I’m in a good mood today.

go find an opponent and practice a few moves.”

Yun LiGe was somewhat hopeful.

“An expert who can fight Uncle-Master Li must have a good cultivation, right?”

Li Daoran felt relaxed when he heard this.

“It doesn’t matter if one’s cultivation level is high.
What we mainly compete in is technique and endurance, not cultivation level.
However, it’s not that I want to brag to

No matter how powerful the opponent is, even if it’s a big shot, I can still handle him with just my spear.”

“Hiss! Martial Uncle is so powerful.”

Yun Lige could not help but gasp.
After a pause, he reacted and immediately said,

“Uncle-Master, I’m also a spear user.
Can you teach me a few moves?”


Li Daoran sized up Yun Lige.

“It’s not impossible.
However, I only spar with experts.
A young man like you won’t be able to deal with those experts.
You’ll basically be tortured by others if you go.”

Yun Lige immediately said seriously,

“Uncle-Master, although I can’t spar with experts now, I can try to find one or two weaker people first.”


Li Daoran’s eyes widened.

“Not bad, not bad! Alright, since you’re Old Lu’s disciple, I’ll bring you along every time I go to spar.”

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“Thank you, Uncle-Master.”

“What are the two of you talking about?”

Just as Yun Lige was answering Li Daoran excitedly, Lu Xiaoran’s voice sounded from below.
Soon, he had already arrived.

Yun Lige immediately ran over excitedly and replied, “Master, Uncle-Master Li is also a spear.
I asked him to bring me along to broaden my horizons and increase my

combat experience.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened and he kicked Yun Lige’s butt.

“Increase my a**.
The spear he uses is different from the spear you use.”

“Ah? What spear is that?”

Yun Lige was puzzled.
Lu Xiaoran kicked him in the butt again.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Have you finished copying the rules of Zhishui Peak?”

“Almost… almost done.
I copied the fastest.
I’ve already copied it more than nine thousand times.”

“Then copy it another 5,000 times.”


Yun Lige was instantly dumbfounded, and Lu Xiaoran glared angrily.

“Ah what? Is your butt still itchy?”

“No, no, no.
I’ll go right now.
Don’t be angry, Master.”

Yun Lige’s neck shrank, and he immediately ran back to the study obediently.

Then, Lu Xiaoran glared at Li Daoran angrily.

“If you dare to lead my disciple astray again, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

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Li Daoran shrugged and said pitifully,

“What does that have to do with me? He wanted to go with me himself.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Lu Xiaoran retorted angrily and walked towards his house with his hands behind his back.
Li Daoran immediately followed.

“Old Lu, don’t be angry.
I was just joking.
Even if he really wanted to go, I wouldn’t have dared to bring him there without your permission.”

“It’s good that you know.”

“Hehehe… of course.
After all, who am I to you? How could I not know your temper?”

The two of them sat in the living room.
Soon, Ji Wuxia walked over with two cups of tea.

The moment he saw Ji Wuxia, Li Daoran’s eyes immediately widened.

Although most of the women in the martial world had fair skin and beautiful faces because of their cultivation, they still did not compare to existences that stood at the

peak of aesthetics.

Ji Wuxia belonged to this category.

Be it her figure, appearance, or the aura she emitted, they were all incomparable to those Acacia Faction fairies.

“Old Lu, I finally understand why you didn’t go to the Acacia Faction today.
It turns out that you’re hiding a beauty in your Zhishui peak.”

Ji Wuxia’s face turned red, and Lu Xiaoran said angrily,

“Stop talking nonsense.
This is my second disciple, Ji Wuxia.”


Li Daoran exclaimed and looked carefully at Ji Wuxia.
After a moment of silence, he continued,

“Old Lu, if you want to take back the spirit stones you gave me, you can just tell me.
With our relationship, there’s no need to do this.”

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“It’s been ten years! An entire ten years! You haven’t taken in a single disciple.
In the end, in just a few days, you have three disciples.”

“You can’t say that.
I didn’t ask you to give 6666 high-grade spirit stones to my disciples.”

Li Daoran’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

He had definitely said this on purpose in front of Ji Wuxia.

Seeing Ji Wuxia staring fixedly at him, Li Daoran could only bite the bullet and give out another gift.

“Disciple-Nephew, this is a small token of my appreciation.”

“Thank you, Uncle-Master.”

Ji Wuxia thanked him and received the storage bag.
After putting down the tea, she turned around and left.

Ji Wuxia thanked him and received the storage bag.
After putting down the tea, she turned around and left.

Perhaps because his heart ached, Li Daoran picked up the tea and took a big gulp.

“What are you doing here?”

Lu Xiaoran asked.

Only then did Li Daoran remember the serious matter and smile mysteriously.

“Old Lu, do you know how I tortured Huang?”

“I don’t know.”

“Take a guess.”

“I can’t be bothered to guess.”

“Forget it, forget it.
You’re really boring.
I’ll just tell you directly.
I brought him to the Acacia Faction.”


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“I ordered the 998 for him.”

“You mean the Acacia Faction female elder who forcefully planted two hickeys on your neck, Zhang Dazhuang?”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s the one! Let me tell you something.
After I brought him in, I directly ordered Zhang Dazhuang.
Then, after sending him in, I turned around and ran.
Hehehe… I think now, Huang is probably already panting from all the work.”

“You’re really mean.”

Lu Xiaoran was rather speechless, but Li Daoran was so happy that he was beaming.

“He deserved it.
Who asked him to bully me like that? If not for the Sect Master’s early pardon, I’m afraid I would have been killed by him.”

“That’s because you ruined his blind date.”

“Who cares? I’ve already done it anyway.”

However, just as Li Daoran was beaming with joy, a rough voice suddenly sounded.

“Elder Lu, are you at home?”

Hearing this voice, the happy Li Daoran’s expression instantly changed.

“This voice, it’s Huang.
Damn, why is he back so quickly? Old Lu, this is bad.
Quickly find a place to hide.
Huang is currently in a fit of anger.
If he sees me, he’ll probably kill me directly.”

However, just as he got up, Elder Huang’s short and fat figure rushed in with large strides.

“Hahahaha… Elder Lu, you won’t be angry if I rashly visit, right? Eh, Daoran, you’re here too!”

Li Daoran trembled and almost wet his pants..

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