Chapter 48 Demon Sect

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A moment later, a figure flew up from below.

“Your Highness, we’ve already checked.
There are no traces around.
Everything has been completely destroyed.
There are no clues left.”

The young man closed his eyes slightly, his face revealing some helplessness.

“Even the omniscient mirror that can investigate the past is unable to restore the scene from before.
Looks like even the heavens don’t want me to solve the case.”

“Your Highness, in my opinion, the cultivation of the person who destroyed the White Bone Demon Sect is definitely extraordinary.
Among the surrounding sects, the strongest is only at the Shattering Void Realm.
It’s impossible for them to do something like this.”

“I naturally know that.
The cultivators of the various sects in the Great Zhou have all been registered in the Imperial City.
There are indeed no cultivators in the vicinity that can cause something of this scale.
As for the other sects, if there are high-level cultivators traveling, there will be news of them.
Unless… they came from that place.”

The subordinate trembled slightly and said softly, “Do you think that this is done by the Demon Sect?”

Ji Wushang placed his hands behind his back and looked towards the east.

“I heard that the Black Tortoise True Sect is holding an array formation meeting recently.
If I’m not wrong, the Black Tortoise True Sect wants to gather array formation geniuses to repair the seal of the Demon Suppression Tower, right?”

“It’s been 300 years.
The one in the Demon Suppression Tower is probably about to come out.
Those despicable demon cultivators will definitely take action.”

“Hiss! Then it seems like Great Zhou will probably face another calamity.”

“Whether it’s a blessing or a disaster, we can’t avoid it.
Let’s not talk about this first.
Did you inform Wuxia?”

“Prince, I have already gotten the spies planted in the Heaven Demon Sect to inform the princess.
The princess said that she will come.”

“We won’t stay here for long.
Get her to come quickly and return to the Imperial Palace with


“Yes, I’ll get someone to rush her.”

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“No need to rush me.
I’m already here.”

Ji Wuxia’s voice sounded quietly from behind the two of them.

Ji Wushang turned his head and shifted his gaze to his sister, his face expressionless.

Ji Wuxia had led a wandering life outside since young, and the two of them had not interacted for long.

“You’re finally here.
I thought you were going to stay in that small fish pond in the Heaven Demon Sect until you die of old age.”

Ji Wuxia clenched her fists slightly.

After meeting Ji Wushang, those memories of being underestimated in the Imperial Palace seemed to have returned to her mind.

However, she quickly took a deep breath and calmed down.

His master had told her not to lose her temper when she was no match for others.

“Brother Wushang, please don’t misunderstand.
I came here only because Brother Wushang has arrived, so I specially came to meet you.
In a while, I still have to return to the Heaven Demon Sect to cultivate.”


Ji Wushang frowned slightly, his expression somewhat displeased.

“Father ordered me to bring you back to the Imperial Palace.
I hope you won’t make things difficult for me.”

Ji Wuxia gritted her teeth.

“Sorry, Brother Wushang.
Forgive me, but it’s really difficult for me to obey.
After this, I’ll return to the Imperial Palace personally and explain to Father.”

Ji Wushang snorted.

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“That’s not up to you to decide.
Since you’re unwilling to leave, don’t blame me for being ruthless.
Someone, bring her away.”


In the next moment, the subordinate beside Ji Wushang exploded with the aura of the seventh level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

Ji Wuxia’s expression changed.
She had come here originally to persuade Ji Wushang not to bring her back.
Now, it seemed that it was useless to reason with him.

However, she would not rashly fight Ji Wushang.

Putting aside the fact that Ji Wushang was already a Soul Refinement Realm expert, the people under him were all at the Mountain Sea Realm.
She had only just reached the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm, so how could she possibly defeat them?

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Ji Wuxia immediately cupped her hands and said,

“Father, why are you here?”


Ji Wushang and the others immediately turned around.

However, at this moment, Ji Wuxia turned around and ran.

By the time Ji Wushang and the others reacted, she had already run several kilometers away.

Ji Wushang’s face could not help but twitch.

“Old Liu, you’re in charge of chasing her back.”


With Old Liu’s cultivation level at the seventh level of the Mountain Sea Realm, his speed was naturally not slow.

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However, Ji Wuxia’s cultivation technique enhancement was not to be trifled with either.
Although her realm was far inferior to Old Liu, she could still withstand it a little.

Even so, she was still caught up by Old Liu 400 kilometers away.

“Princess, stop.
Don’t make things difficult for me.”

Ji Wuxia gritted her teeth and turned around to slap him.
“Old Liu, don’t blame me.”

Old Liu did not care about this palm attack.
When Ji Wuxia left the Imperial Palace, she was not even at the fifth level of the Spirit Realm.
Even after these few months, she was still not enough to pose a threat to him.


When Ji Wuxia’s attack approached, Old Liu’s pupils suddenly constricted.

He could actually sense the might of a Mountain Sea Realm expert from that palm.

“How powerful!” Caught off guard, Old Liu immediately punched out and collided with Ji Wuxia’s palm wind.


With a violent explosion, the two of them retreated several meters away.

“Princess, has your cultivation level already increased to the Mountain Sea Realm?”

“That’s right.
Old Liu, you’re a subordinate of the Imperial Palace.
I don’t want to fight you.
Tell my brother not to look for me.
I only want to be with my master.”

Old Liu shook his head.

“Although your cultivation level has increased, Princess, I can’t let you off because of this.
Please forgive me.
Moreover… Princess’s cultivation level is only at the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm, and I’m at the seventh level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
Princess is definitely not my match.” Ji Wuxia gritted her teeth as her eyes flashed.

Old Liu was right.
Even though she was already at the Mountain Sea Realm, the difference between the two of them was still there.

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She could at most defeat the other party if he was only two realm levels higher, but there were five realm levels between them.

However, just as she was in danger, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

“If she’s no match for you, what if the two of us get involved?”

Ji Wuxia’s delicate body trembled.
She turned around and swept her gaze over, her beautiful eyes widened in disbelief.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Junior Brother, why are the two of you here?”

Yun Lige grinned.

“Master expected the Imperial Palace to harm you, so he sent the two of us to help you.” Ji Wuxia’s eyes turned slightly sour.
The reason why she came alone was because she knew that her master did not like to be involved in too many matters.
She did not expect her master to still send Eldest Senior Brother and Little Junior Brother to help her.

His master was just that warm.

However, Old Liu opposite him shook his head slightly.

“The two of you, one of you is only at the Spirit Realm and the other is at the third level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
Even if you work together, you’re still not enough.
Princess, I advise you to stop struggling.
Otherwise, if you injure your senior and junior brothers, you can’t blame Old Liu.”

The corners of Ji Wuxia’s mouth curled up.

“Is that so? Then let’s give it a try.”

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