Heaven Demon Sect lacks everything.
We just don’t lack people nor do we lack money.
In this world, we have to eat a meal each to have a good time.”

The sect leader of the Heaven Sword Sect also snorted.

However, our Heaven Sword Sect often visits the other sects and arranges many events.
We’re not like some sects who only come out once a year and order a table for everyone just to show off.
You’re no different from those people who have money but no class.”

The Heaven Demon Sect Master’s eyes turned cold.

“Martial artists should cultivate seriously.
What kind of martial artist are you? No matter how many friends you make, it’s useless if you’re not strong enough.
Oh, wait, that’s not right.
After all, some people get rich by stabbing their friends in the back.”

Heaven Sword Sect’s sect master slapped the table.

“Chen, be careful with your words! Who stabbed their friend in the back?” The Heaven Demon Sect Master glanced at him disdainfully.

“What? I’m just saying that your Heaven Sword Sect is shameless.
What’s wrong? Do you want to spar?”

“Let’s go then.
Do you think I’m afraid of


Seeing that the two sides were about to fight with swords drawn, the inn owner hurriedly came out to smooth things over.

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“Esteemed guests, calm down.
Calm down.
You’re all famous figures in the martial world.
On one side is the Heaven Sword Sect, and on the other is the Heaven Demon Sect.
As the saying goes, the Thunder God doesn’t even beat people who eat.
If you guys start fighting even while eating, won’t it ruin the reputation of your two sects?”.

Hearing the boss’s advice, the two sides temporarily stopped fighting, but the atmosphere was still very tense.

“Hmph, I’m in a good mood today.
I’ll let you off first.”

“My Heaven Sword Sect should be the one saying this.
When we leave the town tomorrow, I’ll definitely look for your Heaven Demon Sect to teach you guys a lesson.”

“That’s good.
I hope your Heaven Sword Sect’s skills are as sharp as your mouths.”

Everyone exchanged pleasantries and finally began to drink and eat leisurely.

However, Lu Xiaoran was the only one who pretended to eat.

Firstly, Lu Xiaoran was originally cautious.
He rarely ate the food outside and only ate the food he made.

Secondly, martial artists were able to fast for a long time after their cultivation reached a certain level.
Swallowing medicinal pills could also reduce their hunger.

The only use of eating was to satisfy one’s appetite.

The third and most important point was…

This inn was very wrong.

Putting aside the fact that he had sensed it before entering, the inn owner who had stopped the fight just now was actually an expert at the first level of the Shattering Void Realm!

The inn owner of this small inn was a Shattering Void Realm expert!

Who would believe this?

Only Lu Xiaoran could easily see through the other party’s cultivation.

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As for the sect masters and elders of the two sects, without Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation technique and cultivation, they were naturally unable to see through the other party’s hidden cultivation.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran did not eat and only observed calmly.

The two groups of people from the Heaven Demon Sect and the Heaven Sword Sect were in a confrontation.
For a moment, they did not pay attention to this matter and ate heartily.

It was as if they had to work hard even when eating

However, less than an hour later, a problem appeared.


First, it was the disciples with the lowest cultivation from both sides.
Their cultivation levels were shallow, and they were the first to be unable to take it.
They threw down their chopsticks and fell on the table.

“No, there’s something wrong with this meal.”

Only then did the experts of the two sides sense that something was wrong.

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