Chapter 71 First Revenge, Start

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Lu Xiaoran definitely did not want a woman.
Falling in love would delay one’s cultivation.
This was what he could not stand the most.
His cultivation level was very low to begin with, and he did not have a Martial Monarch Realm father.
Moreover, his background was also not good.
If he did not work hard to cultivate and fell in love, wouldn’t that be considered degeneration?

Secondly, women were troublesome.
The more beautiful a woman was, the more troublesome she was.

A woman like Qin Zimo, the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect, had countless admirers outside.

If he were to date her today, someone would go to the Heaven Demon Sect to challenge him tomorrow.

Most importantly, a woman’s mood was like the weather.
Usually, it seemed hot, but no one knew when a storm would arrive.

If she caused a scene at the critical moment of his breakthrough, he might go crazy and die from cerebral hemorrhage.

How could dating be more fun than cultivation?

Speaking of which, now was not the time to think about this.
Xiao Bei should have already been pursued by the Demon Sect, right?

He should set things up as soon as possible and kill Xiao Bei.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately returned to the sect tent.

Sect Master Chen and the others had become even more polite to Lu Xiaoran.
“Xiaoran, why are you back so quickly? Why didn’t you spend more time with the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise?”

“She went back to cultivate, so I came back for the time being.
It’s time for us to return to the Heaven Demon Sect, right?”

“No rush, what’s the rush? Xiaoran, this is a rare opportunity for you.
You have to grasp it well.”

“That’s right.
To be able to obtain the favor of the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect is a blessing that you only accumulate after a few lifetimes.”

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Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Sect Master, stop fooling around.
I’m only an elder of the Heaven Demon Sect.
She’s the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect.
Our backgrounds are different.
It’s impossible.”

“Who said it’s impossible?”

Sect Master Chen’s expression turned solemn.
Then, he patted Lu Xiaoran on the shoulder and said with a serious expression, “Xiaoran, don’t worry.
Our Heaven Demon Sect will definitely not drag you down.
The entire sect will support you.
I’ve already prepared to abdicate and become a Grand Elder to pass the position of sect master to you.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face twitched.
These gold digging higher-ups of the Heaven Demon Sect were really willing to bleed in order to get him to suck up to the Black Tortoise True Sect.

The sect master even wanted to pass the position of sect master to him.

It seemed that he could no longer stay in the Heaven Demon Sect.
At this rate, he would become more and more famous in the sect.

This did not conform to his character of wanting to hide and develop steadily.

After all, he had not reached the Martial Monarch Realm yet and was not the strongest in this world!

Forget it.
After destroying Xiao Bei this time, he would make a new plan and see if he should find a new place to hide or build a small sect again to develop.

At this moment, Sect Master Chen took out a storage bag and handed it to Lu Xiaoran.

“Xiaoran, you’re a man.
A man’s back has to be firm.
When you date someone, remember to pay for the lady.
As a man, you can’t lose face.
Here are a million high-grade spirit stones.
It’s the expenses of our Heaven Demon Sect for two months.
I’ll give it to you now.”

“We’re about to leave the Black Tortoise True Sect, but you have to stay.
This is a good marriage for you and also a good opportunity for my Heaven Demon Sect.
You definitely can’t give up.”

The other elders also clenched their fists and said, “Xiaoran, you can do it! You have to get the beauty.
We’ll wait for your wedding.”

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Lu Xiaoran :”…”

He wanted to say, Sect Master, stop dreaming.
It’s impossible for me to pursue a woman.
However, he ultimately did not say it.
After all, a million high-grade spirit stones was really not a small number.

He received the spirit stones and took a deep breath.

“Sect Master, I guarantee that I’ll return with her in the future.” Sect Master Chen was extremely excited.
He grabbed Lu Xiaoran’s hand tightly, and his body kept trembling.
“Good! Good! I knew it.
Xiaoran, you won’t disappoint us.
Good luck.” “Definitely.”

After a few simple greetings, the people from the Heaven Demon Sect finally activated the flying ship and left the Black Tortoise True Sect.

After Lu Xiaoran took a deep breath, he arrived at an empty corner.
He circulated the Great Void Chaos Steps and instantly disappeared from his spot.

Chasing Qin Zimo?

What a joke.
Master Xiaoran never pursued women.

He wanted to return to the Heaven Demon Sect in the shortest time possible and complete the first mission to kill the hot shot.

Because of the increase in his cultivation, Lu Xiaoran’s speed was much faster when he used the Great Void Chaos Steps.

Originally, from the middle point between the Heaven Demon Sect and the Black Tortoise True Sect, he had spent fifteen minutes arriving at the Black Tortoise True Sect.

This time, he was directly returning to the Heaven Demon Sect from the Black Tortoise True Sect.
However, the time it took for him was still only fifteen minutes.

After arriving at Zhishui Peak, Lu Xiaoran immediately summoned the Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation and completely surrounded the entire Zhishui Peak.

After revealing a little of their aura, Yun Lige and the other two immediately arrived at Lu Xiaoran’s residence.

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“Master, you’re back.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and was very satisfied as he looked at their cultivation.

“That’s right.
Looks like your cultivation has not been sloppy during the time I’ve been


“We naturally wouldn’t dare to neglect Master’s guidance.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded again and immediately said, “This time, I returned first.
The sect master and the others will probably return in a month.
The reason why I returned early was to release a mission.”

The three of them were shocked.

“Please tell me, Master.”

“Kill Xiao Bei.”


Hearing this name, Yun Lige immediately drew a cold breath, and his expression changed drastically.

Ji Wuxia and Lu Xiaoran could not help but be somewhat puzzled.

“Eldest Senior Brother, who’s Xiao Bei?”

Yun Lige clenched his fists tightly, his eyes revealing killing intent and hatred.
“He’s that bastard who destroyed our entire Yun family because we didn’t accept him as our master.”

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Ji Wuxia and Lu Xiaoran’s pupils constricted.

So it was Eldest Senior Brother’s enemy.

Lu Xiaoran smiled faintly and said, “This time, I met him in the array formation meeting and even secretly did something to him.
He should be exhausted from rushing around now and his strength is not at its peak.”

“But Master, in your words, shouldn’t he be a hot shot? Isn’t it a little too early for us to start dealing with him now?”

Ji Wuxia could not help but ask.

“You know my character.
Without a certain degree of confidence, I wouldn’t dare to make a decision casually.
I organized this.
There’s information regarding Xiao Bei.
You can take a look first.”

He handed out the information.

The few of them received the information and swept their eyes over it.
Immediately, they could not help but feel a chill run from their feet to their heads.

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