Chapter 90 You Have to Learn to Be Transient

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In the black night sky, a figure in a black robe and a bamboo hat walked over step by step.

His speed was not considered fast, but it was as if he was walking on flat ground.
With every step he took, the void seemed to tremble.

At the same time, with every step closer, everyone felt a suffocating pressure increase.

Although he was alone, he was like a huge mountain with a monstrous aura!

The people from the Demon Sect were all drenched in cold sweat and trembling.

“Senior, may I ask who you are? Why are you targeting our holy Demon Sect?”

Because the mask could change one’s voice, Lu Xiaoran was not afraid to speak.

“A thousand years ago, I established the Heaven Demon Sect.
A thousand years later, you guys come here and try to kill my disciples and grand disciples.
And now, you’re even asking me why I’m targeting your Demon Sect? Don’t you think that’s too ridiculous?”

“What?! You’re the Heaven Demon Sect’s patriarch?”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

The people from the Heaven Demon Sect were overjoyed.
Some even cried from excitement.

“Patriarch! It’s our Heaven Demon Sect’s patriarch!”

“Patriarch is actually still alive.
We’re saved!”

Sensing that Lu Xiaoran’s aura was growing stronger and his killing intent was gradually becoming more and more corporeal, the people from the Demon Sect were already extremely frightened.

“Senior, we really did not know that Senior was still here.
Please forgive us for our offense.
Our holy Demon Sect will leave the Heaven Demon Sect now and never attack your sect again.”

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“Since you’re already here, why leave so quickly? If I let you leave, won’t others laugh at my Heaven Demon Sect?”

“Senior, are you not afraid of our Demon Venerable? If Senior kills us, the Demon Venerable will definitely not let the Heaven Demon Sect off.
Even if Senior’s cultivation is rather deep, you’re probably not a match for our holy Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable, right?”

“Cut the crap.”

Lu Xiaoran did not speak anymore.
The Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture in his body circulated with all his strength, and his aura reached its peak.

Sensing the strength of Lu Xiaoran’s aura and the dense killing intent, everyone did not dare to stay any longer.

Without saying much, they turned around and


Sect Master Chen’s expression changed drastically.

“Patriarch, we can’t let them escape.
If they escape and attract the Demon Venerable, our Heaven Demon Sect will completely disappear!”

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to escape in front of me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran took a step forward and executed the third move of the True Phoenix Nine Transformations, Phoenix Capture Heaven and Earth.

The Demon Sect elders who had already escaped turned around and saw that Lu Xiaoran was not chasing after them, and they could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, they saw Lu Xiaoran’s large hand casually grab at the void.
In the next moment, a majestic huge force suddenly appeared in the air again and pulled all of them back to the Heaven Demon Sect with a domineering suppression.


Everyone screamed and went crazy, but they were unable to stop themselves from being pulled back by Lu Xiaoran.

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When everyone was pulled back to the peak of the Heaven Demon Sect, Lu Xiaoran raised his sword and circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture with all his strength.
His sword slashed down, and the sword beam expanded for more than four thousand meters, lighting up the entire night sky and making the stars in the sky lose their luster.

The sword beam landed on the few of them and directly turned the remaining Demon Sect experts into dust.

The sword beam did not lose its momentum and finally landed on the ground.


With a world-shaking bang, the ground was directly destroyed, forming a huge ravine more than 6,000 meters long!

At this moment, the entire Heaven Demon Sect went crazy.

“Long live Patriarch! Long live Patriarch!”

The Grand Elder was so excited that tears fell.

“After hundreds of years, I didn’t expect to be able to see Patriarch again… I even got to witness him show off his might.
My life has been worth it!”

The Demon Sect elites below were all dumbfounded.
The elders were all dead, so how were they supposed to fight?

They could only run.

Their cultivation levels were not as high as the elders, but they were very smart and knew to scatter like rats.

In this way, even if Lu Xiaoran chased after them, he couldn’t kill them all at once, right?

Unfortunately, they had miscalculated.

Who was Lu Xiaoran?

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Even when killing a small fry, he would burn the other party’s bones and scatter his ashes.
How could he let these people go? The True Phoenix Nine Transformations circulated.
Lu Xiaoran summoned the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark.
With a soft shout, he smashed down with the huge mark in his hand.
Who could resist a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

The power of the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark instantly enveloped an area of five kilometers.

Under Lu Xiaoran’s control, not a single one of the nearly 1,000 Demon Sect elites escaped.
They were directly smashed.


Explosions sounded incessantly like rolling thunder, making the entire Demon Sect mountain shake.

This continued for an entire two minutes before coming to a stop.

However, a huge pit five kilometers long and dozens of kilometers deep had already been created!

It was as if a huge hole had been opened in the ground, wanting to devour everything.


The people from the Heaven Demon Sect who had stabilized their bodies were excited again.


“As expected of our Heaven Demon Sect’s patriarch.”

“With Patriarch here, we won’t be afraid of anyone!” “There’s hope for our Heaven Demon Sect to prosper!”

The Demon Sect’s elites were all killed.
Lu Xiaoran retracted the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark.
As for the elders in the sky, Sect Master Chen, the First Elder, and the others… They immediately flew over and knelt in the air.
“Greetings, Patriarch.
Thank you for your help and saving the Heaven Demon Sect from danger, Patriarch.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face, which was hidden under his cloak and mask, could not help but twitch.

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With so many seniors kneeling before him, he was still not used to it.

However, he still had to continue acting.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran coughed lightly and placed his hands behind his back.

“You guys did well.
However, you were a little stupid.”

Everyone was stunned.

“Patriarch, we fought to protect the sect.
How were we stupid?”

Lu Xiaoran snorted.

“You still have the cheek to say that? With your meager strength, you still want to fight the Demon Sect? Do you know that these 1,000 people are only a small part of the Demon Sect? Their main troops have not really arrived yet.
Moreover, you can’t even defeat this small group of people.
What’s the point of fighting? Even if you want to die, you shouldn’t waste your lives like this.”

Everyone looked at each other after being reprimanded by Lu Xiaoran.

Actually, it was not their fault.
They considered the Heaven Demon Sect to be their home.
Since others had invaded, they naturally had to guard their home.

Seeing their puzzled and somewhat aggrieved expressions, Lu Xiaoran patted his forehead helplessly and said, “The most important thing for a sect is people.
Humans! Do you understand? As long as you have people, you can build a sect wherever you want! Why do you have to guard this mountain? Mountains are dead, but people are alive.
You have to learn to be flexible.

“When you encounter a powerful enemy like the Demon Sect, what you have to do is not guard the sect but escape.
Do you understand? Once the people of the Demon Sect leave, won’t you be able to return and rebuild the Heaven Demon Sect?”

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