Chapter 97 Reign

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“We’re a group of hardworking people who aren’t willing to be defeated.

In order to prevent the world from being destroyed and to protect the balance of the world, we were forced to become cute and charming villains!”

We are the Avengers Alliance.”

Li Changsheng was silent for a moment before saying, “I don’t understand.”

Lu Xiaoran :”…” Then, he coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment.

“In short, you just have to know that if you join us, you can kill your enemies and avenge your parents.
It’s that simple.”

Li Changsheng stared straight into Lu Xiaoran’s eyes.

“You should know what it means if you accept me.
It means that you have to become enemies with an unimaginably powerful enemy.
I’m not sure if he’ll kill you or not… However, if you get involved with me, even if he doesn’t kill you, I’m afraid he won’t let you off easily.
Perhaps you’ll even end up like me.”

Lu Xiaoran’s lips curled up.

“His subordinates have already been burned to ashes by me.
Do you think that even if I don’t accept you, that hot shot will let me off?” Li Changsheng closed his eyes and smiled.
“I didn’t expect there to be someone bolder than me in this world.
Forget it, since you don’t care, what’s there for me to be afraid of?”

“Master, please accept a bow from me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Cai’s voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on obtaining a new disciple.
Reward: top-grade Martial Monarch Realm-Azure Lotus Sword Art.
Reward: God Realm Martial Dao Soul-Sword Soul.’

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat surprised.
God Realm? What was that?

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He casually opened it, and when he saw the so-called God Realm clearly, he was completely confused.

That was already not something that ordinary people could possess.

Only a Martial Monarch Realm expert who had comprehended the truth of the Great Dao between the heavens and the earth… Only someone like that would be able to refine their cultivation and shed their mortal body to evolve into the God Realm, thereby obtaining the Sword Soul.

In other words, it was something that could only be obtained by a true son of heaven and a reincarnated Sword God.

It was a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times more precious than Sword Bones!

It was almost impossible to find.

Since ancient times, countless Martial Monarch Realm experts had tried to pursue this existence, but to no avail.

With a Sword Soul, why would one need a Sword Bones?

It seemed that after devouring the luck of the hot shots, Wang Cai’s ability was becoming more and more impressive.

Very good.

The more awesome Wang Cai became, the more awesome Lu Xiaoran would become.

If Li Changsheng smelted this Sword Soul, it would mean that both him and Lu Xiaoran would have Sword Souls.
It was very perfect.

Lu Xiaoran helped Li Changsheng up and smiled.

“Alright, from today onwards, you’re my disciple.
With me around, I guarantee that I can help you destroy that hot shot and let you take revenge.”

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Li Changsheng only smiled and did not say anything.

He did indeed have a glimmer of hope in his heart for becoming Lu Xiaoran’s disciple.
He hoped that he could break through.

However, he had already failed many times.
Every time, he would be defeated by that man.
He had already lost too many times and did not have excessive expectations that he would really be able to defeat the other party.

Lu Xiaoran said to Yun Lige, “The two of you, tell your junior brother my rules.
I’ll buy some materials to help him repair his body.”


After Yun Lige agreed, Lu Xiaoran went straight to the largest medicinal store in the Imperial City.

He had many extremely top-grade medicinal pills that could also repair Li Changsheng’s body.

However, Lu Xiaoran did not want to be so careless.

It had to be known that Li Changsheng originally had natural Sword Bones.
His original physique was extremely powerful and could even be said to be abnormal and heaven-defying.

The better he could repair him, the better his subsequent cultivation would be.

Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan began to guide Li Changsheng in the direction of “living ignobly” like instructors.

“Junior Brother Li, Master’s rules are mainly embodied in the word ‘ignoble.’ Basically, if you can avoid fighting, don’t fight.
If you can run, try to run.
If you can’t run, you have to kill the other party until nothing is left… You have to never give the enemy any chance of revival.”

Li Changsheng was stunned.

This master and his disciples were rather interesting

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This was the first time he had heard of such a theory.

In the past, because his cultivation was powerful and he was a heaven-bestowed genius, he never played around in battles.
He always fought head-on and won with his strength.
He did not have any dirty tricks.

What Yun Lige and the others were saying now was completely different.

However, it had to be said that what they said was indeed somewhat reasonable.

Actually, he also had a chance to defeat that man back then.
Unfortunately, every time he experienced some success in his cultivation, he would immediately go and fight the other party.

Unfortunately, the other party’s cultivation increased a little faster than his every time.

If he could be a little more ignoble and not be so rash, he might have a chance to turn the tables.

When Yun Lige mentioned the theory of the hot shots, Li Changsheng’s expression became even more solemn.

He had never expected such people to really exist in this world.

Even when he had encountered his previous opponent, he had never thought about why the other party was always one step ahead of him.

Now, he finally understood.
This was because the other party had cheated.
He had not!

Therefore, he had ultimately lost and ended up in this state.

At this moment, Li Changsheng suddenly had an idea.
An idea that even he felt was somewhat crazy.

This time, he might be able to do it.

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This master was very reliable and stable.

However, there was a problem.
If the other party was really a powerful hacker, could this master withstand it?

On the other side, Lu Xiaoran had also arrived at the largest medicinal store in the Imperial City—the National Pill Hall!

Of course, this place did not only sell medicinal herbs.
They also sold a lot of completed medicinal pills.
However, there was also a comprehensive supply of medicinal herbs that could be easily purchased by alchemists.

Lu Xiaoran walked straight in and arrived at the counter.
He handed over a piece of paper.
On it were the names of the medicinal herbs he had written down.

Because the medicinal herbs were too expensive, Lu Xiaoran even specially wore a mask and cloak to prevent himself from being recognized

“Get me these medicinal herbs.”

The shop assistant hurriedly ran over and received the paper.

“Sir, please wait for a moment.
I’ll prepare it for you right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the shop assistant looked down and his eyes instantly widened.

“This… Sir, are you sure you want to buy these things? These are all top-grade items! Not to mention the Dragon Spirit Grass, but this Hundred Beast Demon Marrow, the Exquisite Seven-Orifice Snow Lotus… These are all extraordinary items.”

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