Magnus designed purgatory in a way that would resemble medieval times. There were some cities that mimicked Europe, others that mirrored Asia, Africa, and even Australia, even though it was not yet discovered.

Each city and region was just a chessboard square with a letter and number attached to it. It wasn just tiles, he added a lot of scenery and mysterious places.

Some could have 100x more gravity and have a miniature star and some would make you see the world upside down.

It was these things that he hoped would give everyone, including himself, ideas on how they could expand, upgrade and evolve.

”Woah! This place is huge! ” A feminine voice said.

”And I thought that Earth had gorgeous scenery, however this is pure K.O. ” Another feminine voice said.

They were admiring the scenic scenery before them. Through some cracks they found in a cave they were able to find this masterpiece.

As if someone had cut a perfect hole into a mountain and let just the right amount of sunlight through, the surroundings were covered in a green blanket. This was amidst various flowers quietly showing off their brilliance.

At the end of this valley a small pond could be seen as water cascaded from above and fed it. Gentle and peaceful sounds of water hitting the pond further enhanced the magical aspect of it all.

They looked at each other and each of them gave each other an OK sign before they approached the pond.

One silently manifested an invisible lance and the other pumped mana into it further boosting its prowess.

Before any of them could react a shadow blasted through the quiet unmoving pond and grabbed the lance before making it disappear.

”I knew it! There is never a quiet peaceful place! ” The previously feminine voice suddenly became deep.

Magnus still a bit grumpy that someone woke him up from his sleep looked at the two fools and he was quite stunned.

Two men stood before him bickering about how they would nuke this place once they respawned to kill the great monster.

Magnus put a hand on his chin and pondered for a bit before snapping his fingers.

They are like yin and yang. He thought as he nodded to himself.

The two completely ignored his presence and argued about how to get rid of the monster.

”Gentlemen I don think that talking about killing someone in their very presence is polite. ” Magnus said as he finally caught their attention.

”Pedro look! He isn a monster, what if he tries to get revenge? ” The lanky one said.

”Mathew you are right! Once again, you have provided a precise analysis of our situation as always! ” Pedro beckoned Mathew to bend over as he whispered a few words of wisdom into his ear.

”Mhm. Yes! Brilliant! How did I not think of that? ” Mathew kept nodding.

Both of them ignored Magnus. His eyes twitched before he chanted his mantra.

It takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving. He repeated the mantra three times in his head before looking at them again.

They were still coming up with their master plan and paid him no heed. He looked at them with a blank stare before he put on a beautiful smile.

He vanished from his spot and appeared before them. Magnus grew a few meters and grabbed both of them by the neck.

”Now the two of you, could you please stop talking about this? It is quite uncomfortable… ” Magnus said as his voice deepened a few notches.

”Pedro do you think that he will let us go? ”

”Does it matter Mathew? We can respawn anyway. ”

They looked at each other with a bright smile as they finally acknowledged his existence.

”Hello, I am Mathew and this is Pedro. ”

”Hello, I am Pedro and this is Mathew. ”

Magnus looked at them with a bewildered look. He felt like he was losing brain cells every second he was listening to their conversation.

In the end Magnus shook his head and just quietly sent them back to their respawn point…

Few seconds later he also vanished not wanting to risk getting nuked for no reason…

He travelled to a distant corner of the world. On his way, he realized that the strength growth of monsters was massively more rapid than that of humans.

The initial push is always the easiest and produces the fastest results, however after a while they stop exploring. He hoped that after getting spam killed a few times they would realise that.

Magnus had also realised one of his greatest mistakes he had made whilst creating this paradise.

In exchange for infinite respawns, humans would become complacent and eventually disdain death. What would they do after they returned to Earth?

Most would be terrified of death, at least he hoped so. But that would not stop some fools from basically committing suicide after they got drunk on power.

Theres always a sinister trap for everyone no matter their social standing. For poor its laziness and for rich and powerful its being complacent.

As soon as a human becomes complacent, even his most stout kingdom will crumble before he realises what is going on.

So, what if he became the motivator? Hed create the second biggest threat to mankind if they were to defeat his army or even him.

He didn have to be powerful. What he needed was to fully use his imagination.

Mana functions on the principle that it is an almost omnipotent fuel source. Magnus used it as such.

Although his mana capacity was soaring, why not invest in it? He put 60% of his regenerated mana into expanding his mana capacity and another 30% into continually upgrading and strengthening his body.

The remaining 10% would be his main strength.

”Hehe I will finally become an entity with multiple power up transformations. ” Magnus said as he was imagining the absolute chaos he could unleash.

Humans were a resilient bunch and he was sure of that and their power shone brightest when hard times arose.

And as such he would create both the brightest of organisations and the darkest as well.

Both a hero and a villain the only question would be how long until others find out? And to accomplish this, he divided himself into three.

Magnus Fjall a man who would establish the greatest resistance against that persons army.

M, a mysterious merchant that sells specialties not found in the systems database.

And the last one would not have the name, after all mystery is what fuels imagination the most.

And purgatory is the most appropriate place to egin with his clones possessing 3.33% of his power which was growing unstoppably. Of course, if need be he could concentrate all his mana into one of his clones in but an instant.

Alas humans aren able to walk his path of unlimited reinvestment. Or maybe an unrivalled talent he hadn discovered yet, who had died in the past, could.

Magnus Fjall would become their greatest supporter if he found such a person…

3 months had passed since the Earthlings were sent to purgatory, and various factions sprang up.

Many organizations fell when their leaders development slowed down and normal members caught up or they made enemies.

It was as such until a certain merchant began to make waves.

Aura items that would weaken monsters near fortresses or items that would promote growth were all sold.

But most ominous of all was a sinister item. An item that would bring the target and the user into a different dimension.

Most people didn take it seriously until a young man whose loved one kept getting harassed by one of the larger leaders of an organisation focusing on bloodlines. The leader took the bloodline of an imaginary vampire ancestor.

Like a fool he didn sacrifice more mana to remove the cravings for blood and this resulted in his regular hunts for blood.

The sight of his loved one getting their blood sucked as he could only watch powerless when 100 other people were keeping an eye on him was too much.

Nevertheless, he didn break and that very night a merchant approached him. It wasn the first time the merchant had appeared, but it was the first time he sold an item for the price of 1 mana stone.

A currency created by humans who concentrated their mana in one place. These mana stones could be exchanged for points to Magnus surprise, but the conversion was just too terrible.

Hed need more than a trillion mana stones to get the same amount of points he gets every month.

But the Earthlings weren dealing with the same system Magnus had, but a much inferior version that accepted mana stones in a 1:1 ratio.

This gave Merchant M a valid excuse to even exist. And with a series of events the next day was the first time an Earthling had died.

Like a rude awakening a simple popup text had appeared in the retinas of every Earthling.

[MythicBloods leader left purgatory and entered a duel, one in which he died. As a result of his high negative karma, his slayer and defender of justice had received 50% of his points and 50% of his mana capacity.]

[Karma value unlocked! You can now see it in your status.]

[Killing people with positive karma might result in disastrous things happening! Heed this warning with caution before slaughtering wantonly.]

[As this is a unique achievement other occurences will not be broadcast.]

Merchant Ms importance rose a million fold, but no one could track him down and no one was bold enough to threaten him.

At least not since one fool bought the item and challenged M to a duel.

Not a second later merchant M appeared and carried on about his business as usual.

As merchant Ms popularity kept skyrocketing another two people had appeared.

One man was full of justice, whose charisma attracted all hot-headed warriors and rapidly gained followers.

Whenever someone challenged him to a duel, even without the use of an item, he would win, creating an undefeated portfolio.

The other was a mysterious man who although almost never killed through the use of an item, he would oftentimes slaughter entire fortresses multiple times over.

A lot of people began to fear him since their precious time would be wasted and dying wasn pleasant at all.

Many famous and powerful figures tried but failed to challenge the mysterious man during that time. Fail until Magnus Fjall appeared and barely won.

With a pyrrhic victory, but victory nonetheless, he established the most powerful organisation.

His status as an ordinary man who became so powerful began to spread like wildfire and soon attracted people trying to learn the reason for his success.

The sixth and final month rolled by and he fought that mysterious man multiple times and even brought him into the dimension, but the man broke through it and escaped.

This gave rise to another faction supporting that mysterious man who could defy all odds and fight against the now known strongest man of purgatory.

Due to his status, he took on a couple of apprentices. Their social standing was all over the place and it gave hope to everyone.

Except that no one knew that they were his ex-porters. Of course he created a series of fully anonymous testing halls where others can prove their worth or talent in order to be impartial.

But what not even Magnus knew was that his dearly beloved porters awakened a tiny portion of their memories each time he interacted with them.

Especially when he was using high grade magic. Magic that subtly broke the confounded nature of reality and opened brief gateways to other dimensions.

Be it a blessing or a curse, either way Magnus had no idea what his dearest now disciples were planning…

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