Pizarro was a character that should never be allowed to live.

He’s the kind of villain who can disrupt every action of yours and even send information to the enemy Sorun estate.

Getting rid of him quickly, or not, can make a huge difference in the early game.

That’s not all.

Taking out Pizarro also restored some of the public sentiment that had been so bad.

Pizarro was hated by the citizens as much as Otto, the lord.

[Lota Estate].

Public Sentiment: 11 / 100 Dangerous

Food: 9 / 100 Very Dangerous

Finances: 11 / 100 Dangerous

Public Safety: 37 / 100 Caution

The current public opinion of Lota Territory is 11.

If it falls below 20, there is a 150 per cent chance that the people will revolt.

If it falls below 10 and becomes ‘Very Dangerous’?

A rebellion will be triggered within 48 hours.

And after that?

‘My head will be hanging over the city walls.

I shudder to think about it.

Once food is distributed, public opinion goes up by five, and the fires can be put out.

But it’s not a guarantee.

I need a short-term boost, and the best way to do that is to publicly execute Pizarro.

This will temporarily raise public opinion by 30.

“It’s not easy to get rid of Pizarro, and if you mess with him, he might do the same to you.
I’m sure you are aware of that.”

“I know.”

“The knights escorting him right now are of a high level, and there are many within the estate who act as his lackeys.”

“He’s also have ties to the Sorun estate.”


“There are several spies from Sorun inside the estate, and even if we succeed in removing Pizarro, they will incite the people to revolt, and Sorun’s forces will take advantage of the chaos and march into our territory.”

“How do you know that?”

“I have a way of knowing.”

“What the hell is that way…”

“That’s a trade secret, I can’t tell you.”

“Trade secret ….”


Otto changed the subject.

“We need to get rid of Pizarro.

“Didn’t you just say that if we get rid of him, the spies will incite the people to rebel, and they’ll take advantage of that, Sorun estate as well.”

“I did.”

“And yet you want remove him?”


“You don’t think about the aftermath?”

Camille glared at Otto with that look that says you do.

“I have a plan, so don’t look at me like that.”


“I really have one?”




“It’s real! It’s real!”

Otto whined, his stomach churning at the fact that Camille didn’t seem to trust him at all.

“What is it, the plan.?”

“What if I told you that I knew the exact location and information of the spies that Pizarro has planted?”

Gamer Kim Do-jin had been playing the game as an Otto de Scuderia, and through countless trials and errors, he’d figured out the identities of Pizarro’s spies.

It was a valuable piece of information that came after hundreds of deaths and research.

“What if we could take out Pizarro’s spies before they could do anything?”

A smile tugged at the corners of Otto’s mouth.

* * *

That afternoon.

Pizarro was summoned by Otto to the palace.

‘Looks like the bugger’s finally got a grip on things, *Snicker* Fufufu.
He must have scared s*itless.’

Pizarro’s stride were triumphant.

When his opinion wasn’t accepted, he immediately encouraged the moneylenders to pressure Otto to pay his debts.

This was possible because most of the moneylenders who had lent Otto money at gambling tables had connections to Pizarro.

They then, immediately demanded that Otto pay them back, causing the food distribution to stop.

It was impossible to distribute food when there wasn’t enough money to pay the moneylenders.

“You guys wait here.”

“Yes, Pizarro-Sama.”

Pizarro left the six knights escorting him and entered the palace.

“I’m here in answer my lord’s summon.”

“You’re early.”

“Hahaha! I, Pizarro, always come running like lightning when my lord calls….”


I arrest you for treason.”

Four knights appeared and blocked Pizarro’s path.

“W-what is this…?”

Pizarro panicked.

“My lord, what is this? What treason have I committed?”

“You’ve been in cahoots with the Sorun estate.”

“No way! Why would I be conspiring with the Sorun estate?”

Pizarro started upon hearing this, but raised his voice in protest.

“Then forget it.”

“Yes..? What’s that….”

“Because it doesn’t matter if you did or didn’t.”

“What on earth are you talking about, my lord, you’re making a big mistake….”





Screams began to be heard from outside the courtyard, but were soon silenced.

Camille then entered the palace, still gripping his bloodied sword.

He walked past Pizarro to Otto, who was seated on the throne, and dropped to one knee in respect.

“Knight Camille, at the command of my lord, I have slain the knights who served as escorts for the traitor Pizarro.”

There was not the slightest hint of disturbance in Camille’s expression.

It was hard to believe that this was the same man who had just slashed six knights.

“Good work.”

Otto congratulated Camille, sounding somewhat troubled.

“My lord! You’ve made a huge mistake! You’ll regret this decision for the rest of your life! You’re making an irreparable mistake!”

“We’ll see about that, drag him away.”

At Otto’s command, the knights dragged Pizarro to prison.

You d*mned b*stard.
How dare you arrest me for treason? Yeah, let’s see whose head falls off first.

Even in his prison cell, Pizarro was smug.

Any moment now, the spies within the estate would begin to act, and there would be a rebellion.

It would be quicker for Otto to be captured by angry residents than for him to be executed.

‘I’ll take advantage of the uprising and escape, Hahaha.’

And then.

“You filthy traitors, can’t you move fast enough?”

“Keep your heads down, you b*stards!”

The soldiers began to drag the men, one after the other, into the cell where Pizarro was being held.

“You, you!”

Pizarro was horrified to see that the spies who were supposed to lead the rebellion were being brought in.

‘No way… you knew all along?’

It’s like being thrown in a bucket of cold water.

The identity of the spies is a secret that only Pizarro knows.

That being said, ….

‘You’re telling me you’ve been playing with me, you lowly b*stard? That can’t be! There’s no way!’

Pizarro denied the reality.

He didn’t want to admit that he’d been played by an incompetent s*umbag like Otto.

* * *

The next morning.

Pizarro and the spies were publicly tried in front of the entire estate.

“For all the times you have blinded your lords’s eyes and ears, and used your lord’s authority to commit all manner of sins….”

The list of offenses was long, and it would take over half an hour to list them all.

By blaming Pizarro for Otto’s crimes, he hoped to divert the anger of the citizens.

And it worked.

“What! Kill him!”

“””Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!”””

They cursed, stoned, spat, and vented their anger at Pizarro and his men.

They had a lot of pent-up frustrations and needed someone to vent them on.

There were many wicked acts and misdemeanors committed by Pizarro.

“…I hereby sentence the traitorous Pizarro and his associates to death by beheading.”

Camille, the judge, sentenced Pizarro and his men to death according to the laws of Lota.

“Put the traitors to the guillotine!”


As the criminals were strapped to the guillotine, Camille glanced back at Otto.

“Execute… the criminals.”

Otto took a moment to catch his breath, but soon gave the order.

The blades dangling from the guillotine dropped with a clang.

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!


The severed heads of the criminals landed on the floor.

Pizzero, one of the most annoying villains in the early game, has met a rather futile end.

[Notification: You have defeated Pizarro!]

[Notification: Your popularity is temporarily increased by 30!]

A notification window appears.

[Lota Estate]

Public Sentiment: 41 / 100 Caution

Food: 9 / 100 Very Dangerous

Finance: 11 / 100 Dangerous

Security: 37 / 100 Caution

Thanks to the execution of Pizarro, public opinion has changed from ‘Dangerous’ to ‘Caution’.

‘That’s a relief.’

With a ‘Caution’, it’s unlikely that the citizens will rebel on their own.

But I wasn’t entirely at ease.

The boost in popularity from killing Pizarro was temporary.

In thirty days, public opinion would drop again.

This is because I’ve only put out a fire, not addressed the underlying cause of the decline.

* * *

Upon returning to his office, Otto sank back into his chair.

“I gave an order… and a man died.”

The game and reality were different.

The sight of a man’s head being chopped off in real life was so horrifying that I barely held back the urge to vomit.

The image of Pizarro’s head on the ground and his bulging eyes was enough to drive me insane.

Even though it was Otto himself who had executed Pizarro and his men….

‘You have to get used to it.
This isn’t a dream.
It, it’s a clear reality.
If you don’t adapt, you won’t survive, and you’ll have to kill… countless… people… in the future.’

Otto poured a full glass of whiskey from the bottle on his desk and took a long gulp.


I gulped down the strong liquor, but it didn’t calm my nerves.

If he was easily calmed, that would be even stranger.

Gamer Kim Do-jin was just a normal young man who enjoyed playing ‘Territory Wars’ using the Otto de Scuderia, not a psychopath.

* * *

The next morning.

As soon as Otto woke up, he put on his armour with the help of his servants.

He didn’t know when or how he would be assassinated or struck by a curse blow, so armor like this would increase his chances of survival.

This was another one of those hacks I picked up over the years of playing Otto de Scuderia.

By wearing armor, I was able to avoid a lot of assassination attempts and ‘Wretched Bastard’ curse.

‘It can’t be helped.
I have to endure until I break the curse and awaken.’

If you survive the game as the Otto de Scuderia, you’ll have a chance to break the Curse and awaken.

And if you succeed?

‘The character’s performance will be completely transformed.
From crap to cheat.’

Otto’s eyes sparkled.

‘I just have to survive until then.’

Otto decided to put up with the discomfort of the moment, waiting for the day he would awaken.

Until then, of course, he would have to survive somehow.

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