The first thought that came to mind when I played this game for the first time was this:

This game is insane.

The graphics are so realistic that it’s hard to distinguish them from reality if you don’t look closely.

The insane amount of freedom to do whatever you want.

Of course, because of that freedom, there were some f**ked up things, but that actually made people go even more insane.

I’ve been enjoying City of Seoul, or CS for quite a long time now, almost five years.
I gave up on a game I had been playing for almost 5 years because of this game, that says it all.

[Welcome to City of Seoul]

As usual, the game started with flashy effects.

If there was one characteristic of this game, it was this:

If your character dies, it’s deleted permanently.

So, you had to try countless times, which meant that each round had to be very careful.

Of course, even so, it wasn’t easy to survive.

Average survival time: 30 days.

Nevertheless, seeing many people going insane and surviving for a long time, this game was really something.

“Savior Crowd”

[Survival Time: 1,652 days, 7 hours]

A middle-aged character holding a revolver in the character window and biting on a cigar.

Among the countless characters created and deleted, this character had survived for the longest time, and was my pride.

“At first, it was really hard.”

When I knew nothing, I died at the hands of the National Intelligence Service while playing the villain.

I tried to make a school drama by enrolling in the Hero Academy, but I became a loner and dropped out.
Then, as soon as I became one of the strongest positions in the world, the hero association president, I was assassinated.

There were more than a few times when I wanted to break the computer, but I held back when I thought of my bank balance.

However, maintaining the top position in this game where numerous veterans were falling behind was enough to give me a tremendous sense of achievement, so I couldn’t give up.

“Well… I’ll see the end today.”

And what I’m aiming for now is one thing.

World Ranking No.1.

This game was basically a single-player game.

So there was a ranking system that used achievements and accomplishments, and only one person was above me.

[1st place: ImDOG]

He was the one who was barely ahead of me by just one achievement.

In this game, where even 3rd place has a mere 74% achievement rate, his and my achievement rates are currently at 99.8%.

However, because that guy reached 99.8% first, he was still in 1st place.

And coincidentally, the one remaining achievement for both him and me is this one.


It was a hidden achievement.

There isn’t even a hint on how to achieve it.

If even [ImDOG], who is in 1st place, couldn’t achieve it, it must be an achievement beyond imagination.

Today, I promised myself that I would achieve 0.2% no matter what.

As I logged into the game, a different reality, almost like reality itself, unfolded on the monitor.

To achieve this 0.2% achievement, I have tried hundreds and thousands of things.

Becoming a hero receiving everyone’s praise.

Turning a whole city into a ghost town.

Conquering a police station while naked.

Assassinating the president with a cotton swab….The list goes on.
It was madness.

But today, I challenged myself because I found a clue.

[ImDOG: I saw your YouTube and you were doing everything to become 1st place, but you’ll never achieve the remaining achievements.
Give up.]

A message I received from him yesterday.

He is the one currently in 1st place.

After reading the message, I asked him if he knew how to achieve it, and he replied with a playful answer.

[ImDOG: Can you live as yourself, using your own nickname? Haha, I don’t think you’ll ever achieve it.]

“What the hell is this nonsense?”

Although I was taken aback by his message, I replied to him.

[DarkLord of Underworld: What’s wrong with my nickname? Would you like to taste the power of the DarkLord? Haha!]

It was a message sent with the thought of “Screw you.”

But the guy who received my message left a meaningful reply.

[ImDOG: Really? Then try it out once.
Haha, you’ll find out tomorrow when you log in.]

With this, the message ends.

In the end, I logged into the game as the guy had told me to do.

As soon as I entered the game, there was a loud explosion followed by a message popping up on the screen.

[Hidden achievement unlocked!]

[The details of the achievement will be revealed through challenges.]

[You can only attempt the challenge once, and if you fail, you can never achieve this again.]

[This achievement can only be held by one person.]

[Would you like to take on the challenge? Y/N]

“What, an achievement that only one person can do?”

That’s probably why there was no information beforehand, and the message only had one meaning.

The guy who was ranked first had attempted and failed this achievement.

Ultimately, it meant that if I could achieve this, I could take back the first place.

“Even if a man can’t eat, he can survive!”

I confidently pressed the Y button.

And at that moment, I lost consciousness.


An empty room with nobody inside.

An alarm sound indicating a received message came from the monitor with the lights on.

[ImDOG: ZZZ You’re really doing that.]

[ImDOG: Then let’s do it.]

[ImDOG: Enjoy it.]

And at the same time, all the messages start disappearing.

[Nonexistent user.]

[Nonexistent user.]

[Nonexistent user.]


[1st place: DarkLord of Underworld]

[2nd place: Hello Stir-Fried Rice Cake]

[3rd place: Fire Pork Belly Guy]





The first thought that came to mind was, ‘Why does the ceiling look unfamiliar?’

It was a thought that could have come straight out of a novel, so I chuckled and sat up.

“Did I fall asleep while playing a game?”

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I stretched and looked around, only to realize that something was off.

“…Where am I?”

One thing was for sure: This was not my room.

First, there was the bed that was dimensionally different and much softer, and the fancy wallpaper.
And then, there was the size of the room, which was three times larger than my old apartment.

There was a knock on the door.

“Are you awake, Young Master?”

A voice could be heard from outside.

Since I hadn’t yet figured out the whole situation, I didn’t answer.

‘I’m sure I heard a voice…’

The voice came from outside the door once again.

Gradually, the sound of footsteps became more distant.

“What on earth is going on?”

First and foremost, my eyes were drawn to the computer on one side of the room, so I ran over to it and turned it on.

There were three folders and a trash can on the vintage desktop.

[City of Seoul]


(Notes: Refer to Porn video folder on the Internet.)

[Game Collection]

Although the folder named “Jikbakguri” bothered me, I noticed a more familiar phrase.

[City of Seoul]

I was convinced that it had something to do with the current situation and immediately clicked on the folder.

Inside the folder, there was a game button that I r

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