“We refugees and immigrants were abandoned.
It was suicide to resist the monsters pouring out of the dungeon with nothing but our bodies.”

However, the immigrants began to gather with weapons in hand.

It was to survive.

“At that time, the one who led us first was Don Vito.
Your father.”

My father displayed excellent leadership and began to lead the immigrants.

Father’s judgment was always accurate, and people began to attach the title ‘Don’ to his name.

“And finally, the boss awakened.”

At that time, it was like a miracle.

In the most difficult times, the strongest person was given power.

“The boss who gained strength began to gather other awakened individuals.”

The awakened individuals, who began to gather around the bar Corleone, started to deal with all the monsters in the immigrant area, and finally only the dungeon remained to be conquered.

“Most of the awakened individuals continued to suffer severe injuries from the incessant cleansing of monsters.
The only one who remained unscathed was the boss.”

Vito Corleone was truly a hero.

He did not receive the official title of “Hero” as he did not graduate from the academy, but his deeds were no different from those of a hero.

“The boss said he would conquer the dungeon alone and stepped into the dungeon.”

“Alone? Wasn’t anyone stopping him from going to conquer the dungeon alone?”

Parnello chuckled at my words.

“Because he’s the boss.
At that time, people who saw the boss just cheered and joked.”

About 20 minutes after Vito Corleone entered the dungeon.

He succeeded in conquering the dungeon without a single injury.

The myth of Corleone began.

“From that point on, the Korean government could no longer ignore our Corleone.
There weren’t many people who could conquer the dungeon alone.”

Also, abandoning the area where there were immigrants and refugees would have played a part.

After saying this, Parnello took a sip of water.

“Of course, there were many who aimed kill the boss.
The government, foreign assassins, other organizations… Yet, not a single person endangered the boss.
That’s why Corleone became the greatest organization.”

That’s how Parnell’s story about the history of Corleone ended.

After listening to his explanation, I finally understood why my father had such high expectations for my admission to the academy.

He was everyone’s hero, but ultimately, he was not recognized in the country.

That’s why he might have wanted to raise me as a “hero” who would be recognized in the country.

“Huhu, you look bored.
I understand.
I don’t think my words are that interesting either.”

Seeing my expression, Parnello smiled subtly, as if he was disappointed.

“Did I give myself away? Next time, why don’t you make a documentary and come?”

“A documentary? Um… that’s worth considering.
I’ll take your opinion into account.”

No, it was a joke.

“Well then, let’s move on to physical training.”

After saying that, Parnello took off his training clothes and elegantly put on his sleeves.

As he took off his training clothes, his muscular body was revealed, which was hard to believe was that of a middle-aged man.

“Let’s go outside.
You won’t be bored this time.”


Did he say that because of the joke I made earlier?

By the way, this was Parnell’s information in the encyclopedia.

[Name: Parnello Ramich]

[Affiliation: Corleone]

[Description: A member of the Corleone organization and a loyal right-hand man to Don Vito Corleone.
He is a witness to the history of the Corleone organization and is known in society as the “Black Hound of Corleone” or “Corleone’s Sword.”]

A sense of unease began to creep in.

A duel with Corleone’s Black Hound.

It was a time when I was resenting myself for thinking it would be easy to survive in CS.

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