I’m telling you this for your own sake.”

I won’t come next month, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

The next moment, the tavern owner looked down on me with eyes like trash, and suddenly turned red with anger, and threw a punch at me.
I quickly dodged it with a head slip, as if my life depended on it.

That was close.

I was so tired that if I had not avoided it and taken it head-on, I might have shattered his fist.

“You can’t even hunt goblins properly, and yet you have the nerve to act all high and mighty.
You trample on my kindness that pitied you.
Listen carefully! As long as you’re an adventurer, don’t think you can escape my request.”

Oh well.
In the end, then there was no point in giving away today’s low commission free of charge if I was going to be scolded anyway.

“Um, I have retired from being an adventurer, so thank you for everything up until now.”

“What, retiring!?”

Bowing my head apologetically, ai left without waiting for a response.

Though I heard angry shouts directed at me as I left, my contract with them had ended today, so I could just ignore it, right? Still, I couldn’t help but think the appointment system that I couldn’t refuse was terrible.

I managed to finish all the accumulated requests somehow.

It’s over.
Finally, it’s over.

My life as a slave.

Adventurers are crap.

The chains that had bound me shattered into pieces.

My steps were light.

I shouted without hesitation on the main street!

“Aaaaaaah! I am freeeeee!!”

Former E-rank adventurer, Ex.

Unemployed ← NEW.

Now, I might be able to fly in the sky.

Such an exuberant feeling.

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