Chapter 5 – Planet’s Core

Part 1


“Well… are there any materials in this direction that could be used to power a spaceship?”


“Where are we headed, by the way?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

“That’s obvious, isn’t it…?”

The next day.

After waking up in the morning and finishing breakfast, we decided to leave immediately and walked through the wilderness with Ouma-san leading the way.

You might be wondering why we were suddenly in the wilderness.

But we hadn’t been teleported anywhere, nor had we been carried by Ouma-san, who had returned to his original size.
We were really walking in the wilderness right after leaving the house.

It seemed that the place where we live was originally a part in the depths of the [Great Devil’s Nest].

In the depths of the Great Devil’s Nest, there were many black hardwood trees and powerful monsters like the Mithril Boar.
In addition, in the depths of the forest there should have been magic stones SS-grade or higher that could be used to power the spaceship.
I’ve never seen them, though.

During the battle with Avis, his attack wiped out the entire forest behind Sage-san’s house, and the vastness of the [Great Devil’s Nest] was reduced to nothing.


“Hmm…? Hyii?”


As I was walking, I suddenly felt a strange sensation on the bottom of my foot, and the moment I moved my foot, a tree grew out of the ground where my foot had just been, piercing the sky!

“W-what is that? Why is it suddenly growing out of nowhere?”

As I stepped away in surprise, I placed my foot on another spot and felt the same sensation on the sole of my foot again.

“C-could it be…”

When I moved my foot, I had a terrible premonition that a tree was growing out of the ground again!

“Hey… what’s going on here?”

As I moved from one place to another, trees began to grow one after another in an instant, transforming themselves into magnificent black hardwood trees.

This growth rate is out of the ordinary.”

(Even if this is a phenomenon unique to this land… it’s out of the ordinary for a mature tree to suddenly grow out of the barren ground!)

Yuti, Merl-san, Night, and others continued to avoid the black hardwood tree that suddenly sprouted as if attacking.

Then, Ouma-san, who was flying in the lead, told us with a dumbfounded look.

“What are you surprised about? The amount of magic power floating around in the [Great Devil’s Nest] is the highest in this world.
The life force of the plants that grow there is also extraordinary.
These [Black Hardwood Trees] were once wiped out by that Evil attack, but I guess they left their seeds in the ground and were ready to revive at the slightest stimulus.
It would take some time for the monsters to return to their original numbers, but nature should be able to revive soon.
The impact of your feet may have accidentally triggered the regeneration.”

“Isn’t the life force too strong?”

How could they just skip the budding and suddenly become mature trees?

As I was bewildered by the unbelievable vitality of the Great Devil’s Nest, Ouma-san laughed.

“Well, even though the number of monsters has yet to return to normal, it doesn’t mean they aren’t around.”


The moment I was about to ask what he meant, I felt the strong presence of a monster.
In addition, the location is…!

“Under our feet again?”

We immediately jumped away from the spot, and something jumped out from the ground where we were just now with tremendous force!

And this time, it’s not a tree.



That’s the [Gluttony Worm].”

“Gluttony Worm?”

The name gave off a very bad vibe.

It looked terrifying, and although there were no eye-like parts, it had a huge mouth that could easily swallow up a dozen people and had a huge amount of teeth lined up in a row.

Its skin was slimy and gnarly, and it looked like a giant worm.

I immediately activated my [Identification] skill.


[Gluttony Worm]

Level: 5

Magic Power: 2,000
Attack: 100,000
Defense: 5,000
Agility: 1,000
Intelligence: 10,000
Luck: 1,000


“100,000 Attack Power?”

What’s with the outrageous stats? I haven’t seen this aside from Master Usagi who has over 100,000!

However, this monster seemed to be an ambush-type monster, and it was a relief that its agility was not that high.
But it’s still dangerous…

Merl-san, who was seeing the monster of this world for the first time, groaned as she operated her terminal.

(Is this the creature of this planet…? I understand that this planet is different from Earth, but the patterns of life and genetic information are also very different.
Even so… it’s amazing that a single creature can possess so much power.)

“Um, Merl-san.
I know it’s a little late to ask, but can you fight, Merl-san?”

(Unfortunately, I can’t use the battle mode on this device yet.)

“I see… So, Akatsuki, will you stay here and protect Merl-san?”


When I asked him to do so, Akatsuki raised his paw as if to say, “Leave it to me.”

“Pi! Pii!”

“Hey, you stay over here.
If you go out there, it’s not good for Yuuya’s training.”


Ciel offered to help fill the hole left by Akatsuki but was stopped by Ouma-san.
Ugh, it would have been reassuring to have Ciel’s support… Well, I somehow expected this to happen, so no problem.

“Well then, Yuti, Night.
We are the only ones fighting; can we do this?”

I asked, and Yuti gave me an indescribable look.

Gluttony Worm is a legendary monster.”


It’s the same as Ouma-san, the kind of monster that appears in legends.
I believe it was one of the Seven Deadly Sins.”

“Seven Deadly Sins…?”

Are they the same as the Seven Deadly Sins that also appear in stories on Earth? Well, it’s called Gluttony, so it’s probably the same.

So in terms of the name, it bears the name [Violent Eating]? Isn’t that right…? I don’t know the details, though.
But why is it that the same or similar concept as Earth’s Seven Deadly Sins exists in this world? I wonder.

“The more I hear about it, the worse it sounds, but… can’t we just avoid it… It seems impossible, huh?”

We are definitely being targeted.
It seems to move slowly, but we don’t know what kind of attack it has.”

As I listened to Yuti’s words, I turned my gaze to Ouma-san, but Ouma-san was not looking at me as he held Ciel.

“It must have been hungry because of the lack of food since the forest in this area was wiped out.
If you don’t defeat it, it will eat you.”

“…So it will be difficult to escape…”

…Even Ouma-san, as expected, would say something if it was an enemy we couldn’t defeat, which probably means we can defeat it.

“…It can’t be helped.
Yuti, Night.
Let’s handle this on our own.”

I’ll do my best.”


With the reliable voices of the two as a signal, I took out my [Omni-Sword] and slashed at the Gluttony Worm.




(Wha… what’s that weapon?)

As Yuuya and the others begin to battle the Gluttony Worm, Merl rolled her eyes when she saw the weapon Yuuya was holding.

“It’s something my friend, the Sage, left behind.”

(The Sage…? No, more importantly, how could a single individual have created such a thing?)

Because there was nothing he couldn’t do.”

(That’s absurd…)

Unlike Yuuya, Merl came from a planet where science and technology were at their most advanced and could infer the power contained in various objects from the electromagnetic waves that flooded them.
Moreover, the terminal attached to Merl’s arm can be used to make more accurate measurements.

It was only when she saw the weapon in Yuuya’s hand and the storage room of Yuuya’s house that Merl felt that it was outrageous without the need to even use the terminal.

Even Merl, who had traveled through various universes in search of the blueprint, didn’t know of any other place where such extraordinary power was swirling around.

In addition, the wave of power in the storage room would have easily collapsed not only the Earth but also the entire universe, but somehow it has remained in that space, perfectly intact.

It was no exaggeration to call it an act of God, and Merl could not prove it with the science she knew.

And the surprise didn’t end there.

“Hey… This guy’s skin is too slippery to cut!”

Surprisingly, even though Yuuya slashed at the Gluttony Worm with his [Omni-Sword], the blade could not penetrate the Gluttony Worm’s skin properly to cut it.

(That weapon didn’t work?)

“It’s certified as an S-class because of the small amount of magic power it contains within its body, but if you look at its ability alone, it’s one of the best among the monsters.
They called it one of the Seven Deadly Sins for that very reason.”

(What are the Seven Deadly Sins?)

“I don’t know much about it.
It’s a title that humans have given them arbitrarily.
…No, was it the Sage? I don’t know where he got the idea from, but he said something like that a long time ago.
In any case, there are at least six more troublesome types of monsters like the Gluttony Worm inhabiting this world.”

(What do you mean, there are still six more kinds of creatures like that?)

Merl’s eyes widened at the fact that Ouma had told her.

In the meantime, when Yuuya found out that the [Omni-Sword] could not be used, he stored the [Omni-Sword] in his item box and took out the [Absolute Spear].

(Wha? What’s with those weapons? Is there more than one weapon that can contain that much power?)

“Hahahahaha! Is that your common sense? Don’t talk about the Sage with such a narrow view.”

(It’s not just my common sense, it’s the common sense of the universe…)

Merl began to feel dizzy.

Originally, she had come to collect the blueprint for an anti-celestial annihilation weapon to protect her planet from the Dragonia aliens.
No one would have thought that there would be a weapon that surpassed all the technology of Amel on such a remote and empty planet.

Merl was surprised and fatigued, but Ouma laughed in amusement.

“It’s nice to be amazed by Sage’s weapon, but it’s not just the weapon that’s amazing.”


“Although there are still many things that are lacking, I sense a similar vibe in master… Yuuya as in the Sage.
Even I cannot measure his potential.”

When Ouma had just said this, Yuuya unleashed his [Magic Attire] and Evil’s power that had laid dormant within him, as he overwhelmed the Gluttony Worm.
However, as a last-ditch effort, the Gluttony Worm went on a rampage, its huge body undulating wildly.
Then, the aftermath of the attack headed towards Merl.


Merl, who had been caught completely off guard, was unable to avoid the stone pebbles launched by the Gluttony Worm’s violent movements.
In addition, Merl was still unable to use her battle mode.

“Watch out!”

In an instant, Yuuya came to Merl’s side and held her in his arms.


“I’m sorry! My lack of power has put Merl-san in danger… Are you okay?”

(Eh… Ah… Yes…)

“I see… Please stay here for now.
I’ll defeat it properly this time.”

That’s all Yuuya told her, and then he put Merl down at a further distance and headed straight for the Gluttony Worm.

Merl was taken aback by the sight.
In response to Merle, Ouma smiled proudly.

“Do you understand now? That guy is amazing.”

But Merl could not say anything.

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