“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

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“Five years, it’s been five years.
When will you charge successfully?!”

[Ding! Legendary System has been downloaded by 99.99%.
Please charge and activate…]


Gong Ziliang meditated in the back mountain of the Profound Heaven Sect’s outer courtyard.
He raised his head slightly and looked at a progress bar that only he could see.

He had transmigrated five years ago.

To be exact, according to what he saw in a dream, Gong Ziliang had farted in his bed, causing him to transmigrate to this world called the Martial Spirit Continent.
Moreover, his soul had entered the body of a disciple with the same name as him in the outer sect of the Profound Heaven Sect.


He had read many novels in his previous life.
After knowing that he had transmigrated and obtained this Legendary System, he was extremely excited.

However, the Legendary System had been stuck at 99.99% and had not been successfully activated for a long time.

Although it said that it required charging, Gong Ziliang had also spent the savings he had saved from his sect mission in these five years.
It was as much as 200 taels of gold, which was equivalent to 2 million copper coins!

(Author’s Note: 1 Spirit Stone = 100 Taels of Gold = 1 Million Copper Coins)


The 2 million copper coins were all thrown in and disappeared, but this Legendary System could not be activated.
This made Gong Ziliang very depressed.

In the end, Gong Ziliang shifted the charging currency to spirit stones instead.

Now that he had an idea, in a short three months, Gong Ziliang crazily accepted some low-grade first and second-grade missions of the Profound Heaven Sect.
He saved up 100 sect contribution points in exchange for a spirit stone.

Spirit stones were the high-level currency of the Martial Spirit Continent.
At the same time, they were what cultivators needed the most, especially in the late stages of the Martial Body Realm.
If one wanted to break through to the Qi Refinement Realm, they needed a large amount of spirit stones to provide a good spiritual environment.

“My god, it’s been five years.
Do you know how I’ve lived these five years?”

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“In the past five years, I’ve been waking up early and going to bed late.
I’ve been obsessed with doing sect missions every day, all for the sake of earning money to activate this stupid system!”

“If copper coins don’t work, let’s use spirit stones.
I have a spirit stone that I spent three months of hard work exchanging for.
On the account that I, Gong Ziliang, am a handsome man, I beg of you, let me succeed in charging it!”


Gong Ziliang pressed his palms together and closed his eyes.
He looked up and prayed to the heavens.

This was because Gong Ziliang knew his own strength.

In the Martial Spirit Continent, it was a cultivation world with many sects and strengths.
The weak were prey to the strong.

Not everyone could become a cultivator, but when they cultivated to a higher realm, they could fly, burrow, burn mountains, and boil seas.
They were omnipotent.


Therefore, many people wanted to walk the path of cultivation, but this path was not easy at all.

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Without talent, resources, connections, or power, he was like a headless fly.

Gong Ziliang had been in the Martial Spirit Continent for five years.
To this day, he was only an outer sect disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect who was at the fifth stage of the Martial Body Realm.

Despite being a transmigrator, other main characters were awesome at the beginning.
From the start, beautiful women surrounded them, and a group of underlings followed behind them.
They were rich enough to rival a country and were unstoppable.
They married beautiful women and walked to the peak of their lives…


What about Gong Ziliang?

Other than doing sect missions, he still did missions.
Moreover, he was afraid that he would die by the hands of someone whose realm was higher than his every day.

But because of this, Gong Ziliang wanted to activate this Legendary System faster.

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang slowly stretched out his right hand and injected a trace of spiritual qi into the spatial ring on his right index finger, and he took

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