“F*ck you! Aren’t you hurting the innocent?”

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“If I fall from such a height, will I, a handsome sixth-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator, die?”

Gong Ziliang turned around and looked into Bai Chuxia’s eyes.

Bai Chuxia sighed deeply and directly grabbed Gong Ziliang’s wrist.
She suddenly stepped on the steep cliff a few times and quickly found the next foothold.

“If you don’t want to die, quickly mobilize the spiritual qi in your body to find a suitable foothold on your feet!” Bai Chuxia said in a clear tone.

She knew that from such a high canyon, if she, an eighth-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator, fell down, she would be crippled even if she did not die.

Therefore, she had to find a suitable foothold on the cliff to reduce her falling speed.

Gong Ziliang was stunned.
He did not notice it when he was talking to Bai Chuxia earlier.
Now, he heard a crisp, pleasant voice.
It turned out that…

She was a girl!

Holy shit!

Gong Ziliang, oh Gong Ziliang, to think that you had watched so many films before you transmigrated… Cough cough, those were learning materials.
Yet, you could not even tell that this person in front of you was a girl!

He had really regressed! He had to study hard when he returned.

When Bai Chuxia saw that Gong Ziliang was in a daze, she immediately roared, “What are you waiting for? Do you want to die?”


“Ah! Yes, yes, yes!”

Gong Ziliang was shocked.
When he recovered from his shock, he quickly mobilized the scarce spiritual qi in his body to his feet.
He made a heavy step on the cliff, and with a bang, the speed at which the two of them fell decreased greatly.

This was not the end.
The canyon of the Fire Cat Mountain was too deep.
It was completely bottomless.
What they had to do now was to continuously step on the cliff and jump down progressively.

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Of course, Gong Ziliang still had two questions that he did not understand.

Firstly, didn’t this masked girl want to kill him just now? She specialized in attacking the lower body, and now, she seemed to be saving him…

Secondly, why would Hua Sheng want to kill them? He actually pushed them down the canyon? Was he careless?


These doubts could only be resolved after they landed safely at the bottom of the canyon.


At this moment, a loud sound came from above their heads.
Gong Ziliang turned around in the air and took a look.

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As he cursed, he saw that a huge rock had directly broken out from the place where he had landed on the cliff and was smashing towards them.

Was this what it meant by ‘one cannot escape from their own sins’?


At the same time, Bai Chuxia directly released her grip on Gong Ziliang’s hand.
After pushing him away, she grabbed her longsword and accumulated strength to slash at the huge rock that pounced at her.


The sharp blade collided with the huge rock, and as dazzling lights lit up, accompanied by a loud bang, this huge rock was actually cut into two by Bai Chuxia’s sword.

At that instant, sand and rocks splattered everywhere.
Gong Ziliang could not see what was going on at all.
He stepped on the cliff and hurriedly rushed over, shouting, “Sister!”

Although Bai Chuxia could cut open the huge rock, she was still falling currently.
The huge rock was split into pieces, but she had also fainted from the intense collision.

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“Damn it!”

When Gong Ziliang saw that Bai Chuxia had fainted, he ignored everything and directly reached out to hug her.

It was also during the collision that the black cloth on Bai Chuxia’s face loosened.
Now that he saw Bai Chuxia’s face at such a close distance, Gong Ziliang’s heart was pounding.

“Holy f*ck! This sister is a fairy!”


Soon, Gong Ziliang gradually saw the bottom.

He originally thought the bottom of the canyon would be desolate.
Instead, the truth was that there were lush trees and green bamboo trees.
There was even a river stream beside it.
Compared to the canyon, this was probably a paradise, right?

“Step! Step!”

Gong Ziliang landed steadily.
He carried the unconscious Bai Chuxia and placed her on the lush grass steadily.

Looking at Bai Chuxia in front of him, Gong Ziliang’s conscience jolted.

The girl’s pinkish-white forehead was crystal clear, and there were beads of fragrant sweat on it, as if a brilliant peach blossom had been dipped in water droplets.


A faint healthy pink color seeped out of the porcelain-white face.
Even the budding red lotus could not compare to its shy and timid luster.
Her red lips were probably shivering in the cold, gently exhaling soft white air, making the bright red lips look even more delicate and beautiful.
The most charming thing was the pair of crystal-like eyes, the pitch-black pupils were even deeper than the abyss.


She was simply like a Bodhisattva, her aura was like a cloud covering the moon.

If this fairy could become his wife, it would be a blessing of three lifetimes!


“How careless!”

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Gong Ziliang cried out in surprise.
He had thought that it was a man on the cliff, but he did not expect it to be a beautiful girl.
She was too beautiful!


If she transmigrated to the modern world, she would be praised as a rare beauty!


Although the girl was wearing a black shirt and pants, when Gong Ziliang looked carefully, he discovered two places that he could not help but admire.

Those long, straight legs!


There was also the twin peaks.
Although she was wearing black, they could not be concealed!


No wonder he kept feeling that something was amiss when they were fighting earlier…

There was no one here.
Why not…


Gong Ziliang revealed an experienced smile and immediately dispelled the dirty thoughts in his mind.
He said, “I’m the protagonist.
I have to establish the right values!”

Gong Ziliang paused and scouted the surroundings.
He had a trace of doubt in his heart.
Didn’t they say that this was the canyon where the demonic cats lived?

Why did it feel like a paradise here? There were clear waters and green mountains, and there were birds singing and flowers blooming.
It was really a good place to stay and travel.


Cough cough! The precondition was that they did not encounter the demonic cats and the Fire Cat King.

Seeing that there was no danger around and that night was gradually descending, Gong Ziliang took a piece of dry wood from the surroundings and built a fire, guarding this Fairy Sister who wanted to kill him but also save him.


After all, she had indeed saved his life just now.


Gong Ziliang then noticed that Bai Chuxia was at Level 8, which was also the eighth-stage Martial Body Realm.

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An eighth-stage Martial Body cultivator had fainted from the impact when she collided with the huge rock during his fall, let alone a sixth-stage Martial Body cultivator like him.


At this moment, the sky had darkened.
Gong Ziliang meditated beside the fire.
At the same time, he opened the interface of the Legendary System and checked his items.

When Gong Ziliang looked at his ingots, an idea suddenly appeared in his mind.

Weren’t ingots just spirit stones?

Couldn’t spirit stones be exchanged for ingots?

Did that mean that ingots could also cash in spirit stones?


“System, can I exchange ingots for spirit stones?” Gong Ziliang asked in his mind.


As soon as he finished speaking, a spirit stone that had been successfully exchanged appeared in Gong Ziliang’s hand.
It was still the crystal clear spirit stone.

Gong Ziliang was extremely happy.
Since the ingots could be exchanged for spirit stones to be taken out, then if he sold all the spirit stones to others, one spirit stone would be worth 1 million copper coins.

Right now, he had 113 spirit stones in his bag, which was 113 million copper coins!

“Damn it! I’m rich!”

“In the future, please call me Diamond Gong Ziliang.
Thank you!”


[Ding! In order to maintain fairness in the game, to prevent alternative account abuse, the Sale Function will be unlocked at Level 60 or VIP 5.]

[All items and currencies obtained through the game are bound items for now.]

[The system suggests charging to increase your VIP level and unlock the Sale Function.]

Gong Ziliang became speechless.


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