Chapter 147: Tian Nizi

Wang Chong also wiped his cold sweat.
Fortunately, his reaction was fast!

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Otherwise, Gong Ziliang would have been directly exposed just now!

“Previously? That’s right! I joined a sect before this!”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he nodded.
Wasn’t Wang Chong’s question rhetorical?

If he did not join a sect previously, how could he come to the Myriad Sword Sect!

As expected, after hearing Gong Ziliang’s answer, Wang Chong’s heart skipped a beat.
He took a deep breath!

It was too shocking!

This Junior Brother Liang had indeed joined the Myriad Sword Sect in his previous life.

Only this could explain why he could reach a realm that many people could not reach in their entire lives in three days!

This was because he had already cultivated well in his previous life!

After Wang Chong finished speaking, he became obedient and did not speak anymore.
He followed Gong Ziliang towards the land of inheritance!

The land of inheritance could be said to be the deepest region of the entire Divine Flame Ruins!

This was the inheritance ground of the Tribulation Transcendence expert.
When the remaining four people arrived here, even if they were already mentally prepared, they could not help but be shocked by the scene in front of them!

Gong Ziliang and the others arrived at the end of the ruins.

Here, there was no path ahead, but there was a boundless sea of clouds!

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This sea of clouds surged, it was extremely terrifying!

There were even dragons and phoenixes that used clouds as their bodies to soar in the sky.
It was very shocking!

“A Tribulation Transcendence expert can transform anything! After cultivating to this level, he has already surpassed the realm of mortals!”

Zi Yanrou looked at the boundless sea of clouds, her beautiful eyes flashing with surprise.

“Where is our inheritance? It can’t be these clouds, right!” Ba Shan looked around impatiently and said unhappily.

“You’re here!”

At this moment, a long voice suddenly sounded from the depths of the sea of clouds.

Then, everyone saw the sea of clouds in front of them quickly surging.

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Soon, these clouds condensed into a huge shadow that stood in front of them!

This figure was a hundred meters tall and only had a rough shape.
His face could not be seen clearly, and boundless clouds continuously scattered from his body.

“I am the master of the ruins, Tian Nizi!”

This figure stood in front of them, and his voice seemed to have crossed countless years as he conversed with them through space and time.

“Today, since you can come here, it means that you all have the qualifications to accept my inheritance! However, I only have one inheritance!”

Tian Nizi’s voice did not carry any emotion, “I will assign you the inheritance according to your performance in the ruins!”

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“Those who did not obtain the inheritance can also obtain the martial arts cultivation technique that I cultivated previously!”

As Tian Nizi spoke, the figure formed from the sea of clouds gradually became thinner.
“Alright! Now, I want to distribute the ownership.”

“Although the three of you came here, your performance was standard! You did not kill any of the demonic bees or the Queen Bee I arranged.”

Tian Nizi stretched out his huge hand and pointed slightly.

Then, three rays of light appeared in front of Zi Yanrou, Ba Shan, and Wang Chong, “Therefore, you are not qualified to obtain the inheritance!”

“As for you, your performance has been outstanding along the way! You’re the person I’m looking for.
This land of inheritance is also left for you!”

As Tian Nizi spoke, his expressionless face made Gong Ziliang feel like there was a gaze staring at him!

“This is my inheritance.
I hope you can comprehend it well!”

As he spoke, Tian Nizi’s figure directly scattered.

At the same time, a golden light shot out from his scattered body and arrived in front of Gong Ziliang!

“This is…”

Looking at the golden light in front of him, Gong Ziliang stretched out his hand and touched it.

Immediately, boundless light enveloped Gong Ziliang.
When he saw his surroundings clearly, he discovered that a sage-like old man was standing here and looking at him with a smile.

“Child, you’re here! I’m Tian Nizi!”

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Tian Nizi looked at Gong Ziliang and said, “This inheritance of mine is a little special! Because even I, after spending my entire life, have never cultivated it to the highest realm!”

“My inheritance is called the Chaos Heavenly Origin Body!”

Tian Nizi looked at Gong Ziliang and slowly said, “It’s a body-tempering cultivation technique! When cultivated to the large success stage, even against some Divine Bodies, it’s not inferior at all!”

“Unfortunately, my talent was limited and I didn’t cultivate to that step! Now, I’ll teach you this Chaos Heavenly Origin Body.
I hope you can cultivate well and reach a new peak!”

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang felt a memory appear in his mind.

In this memory, it recorded the insights and consciousness of Tian Nizi when he cultivated the Chaos Heavenly Origin Body, as well as the entire cultivation process!

“Fallen Leaf Sword Technique, a high-grade Profound-rank sword technique!”

Zi Yanrou looked at the martial technique in her hand and felt very satisfied.

Her Fallen Leaf Sword Technique was actually a fusion sword technique.
This was what she needed!

“Dragon and Tiger Body! I actually obtained a Body Tempering cultivation technique…”

Wang Chong looked at the cultivation technique he had obtained in surprise.

Body Tempering cultivation techniques were extremely rare, and their Myriad Sword Sect mainly cultivated sword techniques.
Body Tempering cultivation techniques were few to begin with.

Now, the appearance of this Body Tempering cultivation technique made up for Wang Chong’s weakness.

“Dragon Tiger Divine Fist, a high-grade Profound-rank martial technique…”

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Looking at the martial technique he had obtained, Ba Shan smacked his lips and felt a little dissatisfied.

Although high-grade Profound-rank martial techniques were precious, they could still be found in many high-grade sects!

This trip of Ba Shan’s was to obtain the inheritance of the Divine Flame Ruins!

He had previously asked around for this inheritance.

Tian Nizi was a body-tempering expert.
In fact, when he reached the large success stage of body-tempering, he encountered a Divine Body and finally fought with it.

In the end, it actually ended with Tian Nizi only losing by half a move.
It could be said that it stunned the others!

This time, Ba Shan’s target was also Tian Nizi’s body-tempering cultivation technique!

Ba Shan was confident that if he could obtain a body-tempering cultivation technique, he would definitely be able to reach the level of the Divine Body.

He could even become a true Divine Body!

“Unfortunately! Although that Gong Ziliang is strong, he’s also a sword cultivator.
It’s utterly impossible for him to spend too much effort on body refinement! It’s really a pity to give him such a powerful body-tempering cultivation technique…”

Ba Shan sighed and did not care about Zi Yanrou and Wang Chong beside him.
He directly said bitterly.

“Your body-tempering talent is so high?”

When Wang Chong and the others heard Ba Shan’s words, they could not help but raise their brows.

“Of course! If this Tian Nizi’s inheritance lands in my hands, in less than a hundred years, I will definitely be able to reach his peak…” Ba Shan said proudly.

To be able to chase after a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert in a hundred years, it could be said that Ba Shan was definitely very confident in his talent!

“Although Gong Ziliang’s sword technique is superb, his talent in body refinement might be inferior to mine! If he wants to reach the height of the heavens, he needs at least 200 years…” Ba Shan calculated and said with a smile..

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