Just its aura alone made many Meridian Opening cultivators feel suffocated.

Every action of its made the Red Tower Mountain face the risk of collapse!

As the natural stronghold of the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty, it could be said to have always been covered in flames of war!

All of this had changed since this monster appeared a month ago!


As if it was tired of seeing these humans in front of it, the monster suddenly roared at these soldiers.

Immediately, terrifying sound waves appeared from this roar.

A huge sound wave seemed to have turned into a substantial attack, causing countless soldiers in front to fall!

It was even to the extent that existences below the Illusory Core Realm were covered in blood.
In the end, their bodies exploded, and their flesh became blurry!

The entire battlefield instantly turned into a blood-colored sea!

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“It’s broken! We’ve been broken through!”

When those soldiers who were lucky enough to survive saw this scene, they were about to go crazy and run behind without caring about anything.

“The Red Tower Mountain has been broken through! This monster is going to attack the two empires!!”

With the destruction of the Red Tower Mountain, both the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty were shocked.

Even in their two huge dynasties, there was probably no one who could restrain such a colossus!

Immediately, news of the Purgatory Snake Demon spread everywhere, causing everyone to be anxious.

Southern Border, Myriad Sword Sect, Saint Beast Pond.

From afar, one could see an old toad lying here, as if it was struggling at death’s door.

It looked in the direction of Gong Ziliang, and the deeds that Jian Zun had explained appeared in its mind.

“Interesting! I didn’t expect that such an interesting little fellow would actually come to the Myriad Sword Sect! Alright, alright, let me take a look at him myself!”

Half a day later, the old toad suddenly laughed as if it had thought it through.

Then, its huge figure began to rapidly shrink!

In a short moment, it became the size of a mortal toad!

However, the difference was that in its eyes and mouth, there were white eyebrows and a white beard that only humans had.

The old toad looked at its body and immediately felt very satisfied.

Then, it began to jump and leave the Saint Beast Pond.

A few minutes later, an inconspicuous jade-green toad appeared on the mountain where Gong Ziliang was.

The toad looked at the surrounding environment and finally arrived at the entrance of Gong Ziliang’s small courtyard.

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“System, synthesize the Experience Pill!”

Through the resources that he had continuously refreshed these few days, the number of low-level Experience Pills in his bag had already reached 85!

In other words, he could synthesize medium-level Experience Pills and consume them all.
He could reach Level 40!

[Ding, successfully synthesized medium-level Experience Pills!]

“Alright! Let’s begin…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the medium-level Experience Pills in his bag and nodded.

“Eh? This kid is planning to break through? Not bad, not bad! His aura is balanced now, and it’s indeed the best time to break through!”

When the old toad outside saw this, it nodded in agreement.

“Oh? What is he doing…”

However, when he saw that Gong Ziliang was prepared, he actually picked up a large spoon and ruthlessly dug in front.

This scene made the old toad glare and look inside.

“I want to see if you’re as magical as Jian Zun said!” The old toad muttered to itself.

Gong Ziliang was sitting cross-legged on his bed and adjusting his aura.

He had no idea that the Myriad Sword Sect’s divine beast was peeping at his door.

Furthermore, the World Boss that he had summoned was really becoming the World’s Boss now!

“Right! Everything is ready.
It’s time to break through to Level 40!”

Gong Ziliang exhaled.
When he opened his eyes, a bright light flashed in them!

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