New functions had finally been activated!

Therefore, he opened the interface without any hesitation.

Firstly, on the Mutated Beast Function column, after the Beast Riding Beast and War Beast, another Treasure Beast section indeed appeared!

Gong Ziliang clicked on it curiously and immediately explained.

[Treasure Beast: It can deal with all kinds of complicated things! Picking up equipment, daily dungeons, and daily activities, you only need to give an order and the treasure beast will do it!]

“Damn! So comfortable!”

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Seeing the system’s introduction, Gong Ziliang immediately widened his eyes.

In that case, in the future, he did not need to personally deal with the various resource dungeons.
This treasure beast could replace him to farm resources!

[Treasure Beast Substitute Function: It can help you clear the Instance Dungeon and Personal Boss activities that you have already cleared.
From now on, you won’t have to waste time and can save a lot of effort! You only need $299 to unlock it!]

“Tsk! As expected!”

However, when Gong Ziliang saw the last part of the introduction, he almost spat out blood.

As expected!

With such a convenient function, how could a stingy system like this let him have it easily!

“But I don’t have any treasure beasts now.”

After Gong Ziliang opened the beast column, he discovered that it was empty.

[Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! $333 Spirit Cat Treasure Beast Gift Bag is currently being sold! Limited quantity, first come first serve!]

[$333 Spirit Cat Treasure Beast Gift Bag: There’s a top-grade Treasure Beast, Spirit Cat, and 10 Mutated Beast Advancement Pills!]

“So much money…”

Looking at the price of this gift bag, Gong Ziliang gulped.

$333 for a treasure beast.
If he added $299 for a Treasure Beast Substitution Function, that would be $632!

That was simply a huge sum of money to Gong Ziliang now!

“Sigh, I’ll save it slowly! I should buy a treasure beast first.
As for the Substitution Function, there’s no hurry.” Gong Ziliang sighed.

The $333 Treasure Beast Gift Bag sounded like a lot!

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However, according to Gong Ziliang’s current earning speed, it would probably only be a few days, so he did not need to be too desperate.

After closing the function, Gong Ziliang placed his gaze on the second new function, the Weapon Soul Function!

This Weapon Soul Function was combined into the Forging Function.

At this moment, after Strengthening, Star Ascension, and Gem, the Weapon Soul Function appeared!

Gong Ziliang nodded.

An explanation interface immediately popped up.

[Weapon Soul: A Weapon Soul is divided into six fragments! The Weapon Soul fragment can be obtained through the Weapon Soul Instance Dungeon! Once you gather all six fragments and attach them to the weapon, the weapon’s attributes will increase greatly! You can obtain various strengthening attacks!]

[Weapon Soul Instance Dungeon: You can obtain Weapon Soul Fragments by killing monsters! You can clear it every day, and VIP 4 will have an additional full clear attempt every day!]

“Oh? The attributes will increase greatly? It can obtain various strengthening attacks?”

Looking at the introduction of the Weapon Soul, Gong Ziliang’s thoughts were immediately attracted.

Once he exchanged for this Weapon Soul, wouldn’t it increase his strength greatly?

Thinking of this, Gong Ziliang immediately looked at the Weapon Soul Instance Dungeon.

From here, he saw that there were many black pixel-like monsters wandering in the Weapon Soul Instance Dungeon.
They looked extremely cute and did not have any offensive characteristics!

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang immediately entered this dungeon.

[Ding! Please kill the monsters in front of you and obtain the Weapon Soul Fragments!]

When Gong Ziliang saw the surrounding situation, he discovered that he had already arrived in a catacombs.

In front of him, the pixel monsters he originally saw became clearer and clearer..

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