Chapter 166: Clearing the Tower Again

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“It appeared! It really appeared!!!”

Looking at the location of the Big Dipper, it happened to be aimed at the mountain peak where Gong Ziliang was!

At this moment, Elder Mei Hua also became excited.
He pointed at the phenomenon of the Big Dipper Seven Stars and his voice was about to break.
“How, how, how is this possible…”
When Jian Zun saw this scene, his eyes widened in cultivation, and even his voice began to tremble!
It appeared!

It had really appeared!

‘The phenomenon of the Big Dipper stars really appeared in the sky!

Didn’t this mean that Gong Ziliang had already cultivated the Myriad Star Technique to the realm above Martial Intent!

‘When he thought of this, Jian Zun took a deep breath and felt extremely shocked!

It had only been half a day since Gong Ziliang left!

To be able to cultivate this martial technique to the level of Martial Intent in such a short period of time.

It seemed that other than the reincarnation of a mighty figure, there was no other explanation!!!

“No way! Could it be that Gong Ziliang is really the reincarnation of a mighty figure?!”

Jian Zun looked at Elder Mei Hua in a daze.
Even he could feel all his senses trembling violently!

Reincarnation and rebirth, this news was too shocking!

“Definitely! Otherwise, who can be so impressive in the Illusory Core Realm? To kill a True Martial Realm Angry Vajra alone, such an accomplishment is not something that even a True Martial Realm cultivator can easily achieve!”

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Elder Mei Hua nodded firmly.
“Moreover, if Gong Ziliang is not the reincarnation of a mighty figure and only relied on his talent to achieve this, I feel that my Dao heart is about to collapse!”

Jian Zun nodded when he heard this.

That’s right!

They were able to sit in this position today because they had cultivated bitterly previously.

If Gong Ziliang was not the reincarnation of a mighty figure, then what was the point of their painstaking cultivation!

“If not, I feel like my Dao heart is about to collapse!”

Jian Zun nodded and agreed with Elder Mei Hua.


Gong Ziliang in the courtyard did not notice so many things.

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After raising the Myriad Star Technique to Level 40, he also raised the other skills to Level 40!
At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s combat strength could be said to have increased greatly!
“It’s time to try the Infinity Tower again…”
After sensing the power in his body, Gong Ziliang looked at the Infinity Tower in the system function.

‘When Gong Ziliang reached the 11th level along the way, he discovered that the monster’s ability had increased rapidly.

Helpless, he left and thought of coming back in the future!

Now, after these few days of improvement, Gong Ziliang felt that it was already time to challenge the Infinity Tower again!


While he was thinking, Gong Ziliang had already entered the Infinity Tower.
With a dense blood-colored smell, the warhorse appeared in front of him again!

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Looking at the 90,000 HP of the warhorse, Gong Ziliang clenched his fists and planned to test the extent of his physical strength first!


As the golden veins appeared in his body again, Gong Ziliang’s physical strength directly reached the peak at this moment!

‘Without any fancy moves, Gong Ziliang directly threw a punch at the warhorse.


The warhorse also roared and began to run, colliding with Gong Ziliang with an extremely powerful aura!


In just an instant, the two of them collided!


Then, a huge black shadow was sent flying from the collision, and its body was deeply embedded in the edge of the pagoda!

This figure was the warhorse!


Gong Ziliang looked at his fist and almost shouted in excitement.

The physical strength of the Indestructible Golden Body was simply terrifying!

When he struck this blood-colored war horse, he only felt extremely comfortable!

The robust body of the warhorse seemed to have become as weak as a piece of paper.
In the end, it was sent flying by a punch!


Then, a huge amount of health points was deduced from the horse!

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Looking at the health lost, Gong Ziliang could not help but be overjoyed.

Back then, he remembered that he had used all his strength and risked being unable to move to injure this warhorse with 30,000 health points!
Now, his punch could actually reach 10,000 damage!

The difference in strength was like the difference between heaven and earth!

“Come, come, come!”

Looking at the bloody warhorse that fell, Gong Ziliang waved his hand at it.

Then, the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand was unsheathed, and a wave of extraordinary sword intent erupted!

Aray of light flickered, and the endless sword qi seemed to have a life of its own as it blasted towards the warhorse.




Immediately, dense damage continuously appeared on the horse’s head.

In fact, the health bar that disappeared above its head did not even catch up to its health!

After about a minute, the warhorse neighed and fell to the ground.


After the horse fell, a large number of vouchers immediately appeared around it.

‘When Gong Ziliang saw this, he hurriedly picked it up and discovered that there were more than 30 vouchers alone.

Gong Ziliang picked up these vouchers and discovered that they were all $0.10 vouchers.

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“30 vouchers! Not bad…”

After counting, Gong Ziliang put away these vouchers in satisfaction.


Then, Gong Ziliang placed his gaze on the Infinity Tower.
Just like before, as long as he passed the tenth floor, the following rounds seemed to become much simpler!
Level 11, Level 12, Level 13.

Almost every floor would have around $3 of vouchers.

In the end, when Gong Ziliang passed the 19th level, he actually obtained a $3.30 voucher!

“Next is the 20th level!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the 2oth floor and could not help but think.

If the 20th level was the same as the 10th level, it would become extremely difficult.
He did not know if he could pass with his current strength!


After getting ready, Gong Ziliang shouted at the system.


As the 20th level opened, a violent beast roar sounded!

Then, in Gong Ziliang’s eyes, an extremely agile black figure walked out of the darkness.

The black figure roared and rushed towards him before he could react!

The speed at which this black shadow erupted shocked Gong Ziliang.
In fact, before he could even see what this black shadow was, the figure had already attacked him!
“So fast!”

Gong Ziliang looked at this black shadow and brandished the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand, slashing at this black shadow at his fastest speed!

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