Chapter 173: A Bamboo Sword

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“Forgotten Cliff, what a familiar name!”

Looking at the location of the decisive battle, Gong Ziliang’s eyes flashed slightly.
Then, he took out a battle schedule.

“Damn! The Forgotten Cliff is the location of the second round of the competition!”

Looking at the information on the battle table, Gong Ziliang’s heart immediately lit up.

Wasn’t this a coincidence!

“After the second round of the competition ends, I can go take a look at the location of the final battle!”

After thinking for a moment, Gong Ziliang immediately made a choice.

Just as he was checking the information, the first round of the competition quickly ended.

The first round of the competition looked a little messy.

This was because many Qi Refinement Realm cultivators were fighting against Meridian Opening Realm cultivators and even Illusory Core Realm cultivators.

However, in this way, many disciples with lower cultivation realms were quickly eliminated!

“Hahaha, good, good, good! No one from our Myriad Sword Sect was eliminated in the first round!”

Looking at the battle result today, Elder Mei Hua laughed loudly.
It could be said that he was very satisfied.

Jian Zun’s face was also red.
It could be said that this battle result was enough to make them very excited.

In such a chaotic battle, although they would encounter some low-level disciples, the probability of encountering high-level disciples was also not low!

‘Their Myriad Sword Sect had really not experienced a situation where everyone advanced like today!

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“Look, look! The mighty figure is back!”

Just as Elder Mei Hua was happy, Jian Zun coughed lightly and recovered his dignified aura.

Gong Ziliang held the information and walked past the two of them.
Only then did Jian Zun let go of his arrogant aura and sigh in relief.

“The condition of the mighty figure is really good! As expected of a reincarnated mighty figure.
Facing a major competition like the Supreme Academy, he did not show any joy.”
Jian Zun watched as Gong Ziliang returned to his room and sighed.

“With a mighty figure holding down the fort! Looks like our Myriad Sword Sect is really going to overturn the heavens this time!”

Elder Mei Hua and Jian Zun looked at each other, their gazes filled with anticipation.

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“However, the competition tomorrow will be held at the Forgotten Cliff! That’s not a good place!”

Jian Zun suddenly frowned and said worriedly, “Ever since the battle three years ago, I heard that the Forgotten Cliff has never recovered.
Even now, there are still some evil auras!”
“If it’s a disciple with a weaker mental state, I’m afraid that before the competition begins tomorrow, they will be invaded by the evil aura, causing their strength to decrease greatly!”
Jian Zun sighed, his tone filled with worry.

“Don’t worry! This time, our Myriad Sword Sect’s lineup is the strongest in history! Moreover, there’s a mighty figure holding down the fort.
There’s no problem!”

On the other hand, Elder Mei Hua was surprisingly confident in Gong Ziliang!

“Hopefully…” Jian Zun nodded.

The night passed uneventfully.
The next morning, Gong Ziliang was the first to wake up!

Looking at the location of the competition today, a trace of uneasiness suddenly rose in his heart, as if something major would happen later!

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“Let’s go!”

Just like yesterday, Jian Zun led his disciples to the competition venue.

This time, after walking for about half a day, everyone stopped in front of a dense forest.

“This is the venue for today’s competition, Forgotten Cliff!”

Looking at the dense forest ahead, Jian Zun introduced to Gong Ziliang and the others, “After you enter, there might be evil aura appearing.
You have to be careful of the evil aura entering your bodies.
At the same time, you have to find your respective arenas to fight!”
“Compared to the previous round, the difficulty this time will be very high! All of you prepare yourselves!”

After Jian Zun finished speaking, he retreated and left this place to Gong Ziliang and the others.

“This is the Forgotten Cliff!”

Looking at the dense forest in front of him, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.

Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, he was the first to rush into the dense forest.

“Good lord! Are they in a hurry to reincarnate?”

“This kid, doesn’t he know that the evil aura is rampant in the Forgotten Cliff? He will be invaded by the evil aura if he’s not careful! He actually rushed in without any preparation.
He’s really crazy!”

“He’s really fearless!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s figure, the disciples in the competition immediately sighed, as if they had already seen the outcome.
“What’s going on?”

Seeing Gong Ziliang’s abnormal reaction, Jian Zun and Elder Mei Hua were also a little surprised.

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In the dense forest, there was black gas everywhere.

This black gas seemed to contain an evil power, causing all the creatures that were stained to emit intense hostility!

“Forgotten Cliff is the place where Wu Hai and Demon Cult’s Branch Altar Master fought! I’m afraid the evil aura here was left behind from the battle back then…”
At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s body was rolling around in the various branches, and he almost approached the center of the forest at a very fast speed.
“Heh! Your opponent is me!”

At this moment, a frivolous voice suddenly sounded.

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he looked over and saw an arena below him.

On the ring, a young man was looking at him.

This young man looked to be in his early twenties.
He wore a green combat suit and looked like he had just run out of the deep mountain forest.
“Hey, you’re No.
99 too, right?”

This person looked at Gong Ziliang and raised the schedule in his hand.

“It really is!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his match schedule and discovered that he was really the No.
99 in the second round of the competition!

“Forget it! I should deal with the battle first before looking for the location of the decisive battle!”

After Gong Ziliang pondered for a moment, his body landed on the stage.

“Heh? You’re really fast! I just came in a while ago and haven’t even sat down when you arrived!”

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This person looked like a chatterbox.
As he spoke, he picked out a bamboo pole and held it in his hand.

“Come on!”

This person looked at Gong Ziliang and smiled.

“Oh? This is…”

Looking at the young man in front of him, Gong Ziliang felt a little surprised.

This was because after this person picked up the bamboo pole, an extremely sharp sword intent actually rose from his body.

“Using a bamboo pole as a sword??”

Looking at this person’s posture, Gong Ziliang’s brows could not help but raise slightly.

“Tm Wang Jinxi from the Heavenly Cloud Sect.
Please enlighten me!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, Wang Jinxi bowed slightly.
The etiquette was very thoughtful and polite.

“Myriad Sword Sect, Gong Ziliang!”

After Gong Ziliang nodded, he looked at the referee who was already in position.

“The second round of the Supreme Academy Tournament begins!”

The referee’s voice still sounded like an emotionless machine..

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