“Alright! Let’s go back first…”

At the same time, Gong Ziliang was also very satisfied with the wings on his back and began to prepare to return to the inn!

The wings behind him shook slightly, and his entire figure transformed into a stream of light that flew towards the inn below.


The bald old man behind him was just about to go over and ask questions when he shockingly discovered that even he could not catch up to Gong Ziliang’s speed in the air.
He could only watch as Gong Ziliang fell all the way down!
“Good lord! What’s that behind him? Wings? Could it be that he’s a member of the Heavenly Feather Race?”

The old man stood in the air awkwardly.
He touched his bald head and recalled the appearance of the wings on Gong Ziliang’s back.

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“That inn seems to be the new inn this year! Looks like a few interesting fellows came to the academy this time!”

The old man stood here and chuckled, his tone actually filled with anticipation.

“Alright! Since I encountered you, I’ll give you something as an opportunity!”

The old man looked at the inn and suddenly smiled wryly.

Then, he flicked his finger, and a white light emitted from his hand, flying towards Gong Ziliang.

In the room.

Gong Ziliang was trying to keep the wings.
Otherwise, it would be too ostentatious if he wore them everywhere he went!

Finally, after trying for a while, Gong Ziliang could control this wing freely!


However, at this moment, a ray of light suddenly flew out from the window and landed in front of Gong Ziliang.

“What is this…”

Looking at the white light in front of him, Gong Ziliang was a little surprised.

He hurriedly went to the window and looked out, only to see that there was nothing outside.
It was clear.

After returning to the roof beam, Gong Ziliang looked at the white light that was still floating in the air and accepted it skeptically.

“This is… a spirit crystal!”

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‘When this light disappeared from his hand, Gong Ziliang realized that what was lying in his hand was a purple spirit crystal!

However, there was a golden symbol carved on this spirit crystal.
It seemed to have a special meaning, causing the entire spirit crystal to sublimate greatly!
“What is this…”

After Gong Ziliang took the spirit crystal and looked at it, he did not discover anything special inside, so he directly threw it into his bag.

“Next is the skill upgrade!”

‘As Gong Ziliang threw the spirit crystal in, he took out an ancient book in his bag.

This ancient book looked a little old and the page was a little yellow.
It looked like something that had been around for a long time!

This ancient book was the Ancient Sword Control Technique that Shen Wangian had given him!

According to Shen Wangian, this Ancient Sword Control Technique was a high-grade Profound-rank martial technique.
It could be said to be enough for the True Martial Realm to use now!
[Ding! Do you want to spend 100 ingots to learn the Ancient Sword Control Technique?]

As expected, just as Gong Ziliang took out this Ancient Sword Control Technique, the system’s notification sounded.

Gong Ziliang did not hesitate and immediately nodded.

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully learning the Ancient Sword Control Technique!]

With a light sound from the system, Gong Ziliang immediately discovered that there was an additional Ancient Sword Control Technique in his skill column!

“System, max out the skill level!” Gong Ziliang coughed lightly and said directly.

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