Chapter 207: What? We Can Take Down the City in Half a Day?

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“How is this possible! Just now, that spirit beast actually erupted with the speed of the Spirit Refinement Realm!”

“Tl deal with you later!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s voice sounded from above.

The general of the Bright Fire Dynasty hurriedly looked up and was shocked to discover that Gong Ziliang was actually really flying in the sky!

Under the contrast of the white wings behind him, Gong Ziliang’s feet straddled the Golden Fire Lion.
His entire person was like a deity that had descended to the mortal world, possessing extreme dignity!
“He really flew into the sky…”

‘The warriors of the Bright Fire Dynasty who had just attacked Gong Ziliang raised their heads and looked at him in the sky, their eyes filled with shock!

Then, they actually knelt down in front of Gong Ziliang.
This was because in his impression, only deities had such an image!

[Ding! The Parkour Event has ended!]

At the same time, the system notification sounded in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

After pondering for a moment, Gong Ziliang brought the Golden Fire Lion and transformed into a stream of light again, heading to the city gate tower of the Flatwater Pass!

In the end, Gong Ziliang steadily landed on the city tower of Flatwater Pass, causing the surrounding soldiers to retreat one after another, not daring to approach at all.
“May… may I know who you are???”

Looking at Gong Ziliang and this Golden Fire Lion in front of him, Ning Ji’s actions became very cautious.

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“My name is Gong Ziliang.
I’m a student from the Supreme Academy.
I’m here to reinforce you!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the careful expressions of Ning Ji and the others and could not help but say.

“A student from the Supreme Academy??”

‘When Ning Ji heard this, his eyes immediately widened.
Then, he looked at Gong Ziliang as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not say it.

“Kid, you actually gave me false information!”

However, following that, Ning Ji immediately turned around and slapped the servant who had reported the news to him.
“Kid, didn’t you say that the Supreme Academy will take at least 15 days to arrive here?! Why did this young hero arrive so quickly?!”
“L,I, L… [don’t know either!”

The servant covered his face and was extremely stunned!

This was because the news that he had received clearly indicated that the members of the Supreme Academy had just set off two days ago.

It would indeed take half a month to go from their Flatwater Pass to the Supreme Academy!

Gong Ziliang could not bear to see this person being slapped, so he said, “Ah, actually, I’m a little faster than them, so I arrived a little earlier!”

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‘A little earlier? Are you really saying that?!”

‘When the servant heard Gong Ziliang’s words, he almost fainted.

Good lord!

It took you two days to complete the 15-day journey!

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Was this still a little early?

Wouldn’t this slap be a waste?

“City Lord, City Lord, did you hear that? It’s not my problem! He’s too fast!”

‘The servant looked at Ning Ji with tears in his eyes.

“Lheard it! Do I need you to remind me?!”

‘When Ning Ji heard this, he frowned and slapped again!


“Student, welcome to our Flatwater Pass!”

‘After Ning Ji slapped the servant, he immediately looked at Gong Ziliang with a smile.
The speed at which he changed his expression simply stunned everyone at the side!
“How’s the situation at Flatwater Pass?”

Gong Ziliang looked at Ning Ji’s smiling appearance, so he came to the side of the city tower and looked ahead.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang saw the huge blood-red wolf demon in the center of the battlefield!

At this moment, the wolf demon emitted an extremely ferocious aura.

Be it the soldiers of the Primordial Dynasty or the soldiers of the Bright Fire Dynasty, they were all attacked by this wolf demon and devoured!

Under this feeding method, the wolf demon’s body rapidly expanded at a visible speed.

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Its terrifying posture was simply crushing towards Flatwater Pass!

“Very bad!”

After hearing Gong Ziliang’s question, Ning Ji immediately smiled bitterly.
“Student, you saw it too! This wolf demon here is really too terrifying.
The experts on our side are not its match at all!”
“What’s even more terrifying is that no matter what kind of attack landed on this wolf demon, it devoured it and turned it into its own strength!”

“Therefore, after consuming various martial techniques, this wolf demon became so huge!”

Ning Ji explained to Gong Ziliang, his tone could be said to be filled with helplessness.

“It can devour martial techniques and turn them into its own strength??”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he was immediately interested!

This was the first time he had seen such a strange existence.
This kind of evil method was clearly not a serious martial technique.

Perhaps only those extremely evil people could use it!

“That’s right!”

Ning Ji looked at Gong Ziliang who was in deep thought and asked carefully, “I wonder what your current realm i
“Tm currently at the sixth-stage True Martial Realm!” Gong Ziliang looked at Ning Ji and said.

“Sixth-stage True Martial Realm? Looking at your age, you’re only in the first year, right? You’re actually already at the sixth-stage True Martial Realm?”

Hearing this answer, Ning Ji’s eyes revealed a shocked expression.

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Gong Ziliang looked to be in his early twenties, but he had actually reached the sixth-stage True Martial Realm!

He was only a step away from becoming a seventh-stage True Martial Realm cultivator!

However, the current Ning Ji was already more than 40 years old.
He was more than 20 years older than Gong Ziliang!

‘There was a difference of more than 20 years, but the realm was only one minor level higher!

This made Ning Ji feel that he had lived his life like a dog!

“If you’re at the sixth-stage True Martial Realm, we can fight!”

After Ning Ji pondered for a moment, he immediately formulated a plan.
“Now, including me, our Flatwater Pass has a total of five sixth-stage True Martial Realm experts, two seventh-stage True Martial Realm experts, and one eighth-stage True Martial Realm expert!”
“In this case, as long as we use all our martial techniques, we should be able to defeat this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!”

“Indeed! We can resolve the battle in about half a day…”

After Gong Ziliang looked at the map seriously for a long time, he nodded and said, “At that time, after we take down the city, I can choose anything inside, right?”

“Of course! Isn’t that… Wait!!! What?! Take down the city? What city?!”

‘When Ning Ji heard Gong Ziliang’s words, he subconsciously nodded.
However, he quickly realized that something was amiss and looked at him in confusion.

“The city of their Bright Fire Dynasty!”

Gong Ziliang pointed at a city on the other side of the map…

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