Chapter 214: Reunion of the Three Geniuses

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“Thope Little Yan can last until we arrive…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the city not far ahead and could not help but say.

Sage King City was the main city set up by the Primordial Dynasty in the entire eastern territory.

Ever since the war of the Jianghe Kingdom, this place had naturally become the center battlefield of the entire Eastern Border.
It could be said to be carrying out various huge battles every day!
However, the most intense part of these battles was the deep pit not far from the city gate of the Eastern Border!

‘There was a huge blood-red hungry wolf crazily devouring everything around it!

This hungry wolf’s body had already grown to a height of 50 to 60 meters.
Ordinary people were as weak as ants in front of it!

‘What was even more terrifying was that as this hungry wolf continuously devoured all the surrounding resources, its strength was also rapidly increasing.
Almost every second, it was crazily improving!
Accompanied by the roar of the hungry wolf, many disciples were sent flying.
Some of them landed in the hungry wolf’s mouth, and some were heavily injured.
Only a few people could barely stabilize their bodies and not be swept away by the hungry wolf!
“So powerful!”

Looking at the hungry wolf in front of him, Shangguan Yan could not help but clench his fists!

At this moment, Shangguan Yan’s cultivation had already reached the Profound Realm.
Only a Divine Body like his could have such a shocking cultivation physique!

“The strength of this hungry wolf is probably infinitely close to the Spirit Refinement Realm…”
Beside Shangguan Yan, a soldier from the Cloudless Space who was fighting also adjusted his breathing!

Through this warrior, Li Xiao,’s current breathing, one could sense that his cultivation level was at the Meridian Opening Realm.

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However, the density of the spiritual qi in Li Xiao’s body was much stronger than those in the Illusory Core Realm or even the Profound Realm!

It was as if a true Profound Realm expert might not be able to defeat this current Li Xiao!

“If this continues, we’re doomed!”

Shangguan Yan looked at the sect disciples at the side.
Most of these disciples were at the Meridian Opening Realm.
It could be said that when facing this hungry wolf, almost all of them were here to die.
It was completely useless!
“Unless a Spirit Refinement Realm expert comes, it’s impossible to defeat such a hungry wolf!”

However, at this moment, Shangguan Yan suddenly sensed something and looked ahead.

He subconsciously looked and happened to see two figures rushing over at high speed!

‘These two figures were one golden and one white.
Moreover, the aura they emitted made him feel that it was extremely familiar!

“Little Xiao! And… Little Liang!!”

Shangguan Yan was already shocked, his tone filled with disbelief.

“Little Xiao, Little Liang, why are the two of you here?!”

Seeing Gong Ziliang and the others arrive, Shangguan Yan hurriedly went to welcome them.

At this moment, the three elites of the Profound Heaven Sect finally encountered each other again!

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“We were afraid that you would be killed, so we rushed here to save you!”

Lin Xiao looked at Shangguan Yan who was not injured and could not help but joke, “It seems that we’re still a step too early!”

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“Screw you! If you don’t come, I feel like my body is going to collapse!”

‘When Shangguan Yan heard this, he rolled his eyes and punched Lin Xiao.

“Oh! Our handsome Little Yan has become much more capable after not seeing you for so long!”

Gong Ziliang looked at Shangguan Yan and could naturally sense the powerful fluctuation coming from their bodies.

“Tsk, tsk.
Kid, you seem to be doing well in the Supreme Academy! You didn’t even bother coming to find us!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, Shangguan Yan and the others chuckled.

At this moment, the hungry wolf below suddenly roared.

It was as if the laughter and conversation of Gong Ziliang and the others that did not take it seriously had completely angered him!

“Is that you…”

At the same time, in a dark corner of the battlefield, the figure of the Demon Cult’s Holy Son silently appeared.

He looked at Gong Ziliang and the others in the sky, and an extremely fierce killing intent appeared in his eyes!

“Since you’re so anxious to die! Don’t blame me!”

As he spoke, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son suddenly threw a blood-red ball at the hungry wolf!


After obtaining this ball, the hungry wolf suddenly roared at the sky.
The powerful force in its voice made everyone watching feel shocked!

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Roar! Roar! Roar!

Then, the hungry wolf slowly opened its mouth.

At the same time, countless wisps of blood qi began to condense in front of the hungry wolf’s mouth!

As these fine lines continuously condensed, a huge blood-red light ball appeared!

“This is the main body of the previous Bone Eroding Blood Wolves!”

They looked at this hungry wolf.

Lin Xiao said solemnly, “Let’s kill it first!”

Gong Ziliang and the others looked at each other and nodded almost at the same time.

In the next moment, the four of them flew in four different directions.
Their speed was so fast that the disciples of the other sects who were watching the battle widened their eyes.
“It’s here!”

Seeing that the others had landed, Gong Ziliang shouted softly and took out the Heavenly Frost Sword!

At the same time, Lin Xiao, Shangguan Yan, and the Cloudless Space soldier, Li Xiao, also began to prepare their strongest move!

“Chaotic Heavens Codex!”

Lin Xiao stood among the tall bugs with a light sneer.

‘The next moment, endless chaos surged crazily from his body!

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This chaotic feeling was much stronger than when Gong Ziliang broke through the Water Intent previously!

The range of intervention was also countless times larger!

“Fire Array!”

On the other side, all kinds of sparks actually floated out of Li Xiao’s body.

‘These sparks emitted green light one after another.
The scorching temperature made the surrounding space begin to distort!

With Li Xiao’s release, his world turned into a world that was like a furnace!

“Spirit Pressure Technique!”

On Shangguan Yan’s side, it was even more terrifying!

As he circulated his cultivation technique, seven vortexes actually appeared above his head.
These vortexes crazily gathered all the spiritual qi in the surrounding space.
In just an instant, a huge spiritual qi nebula condensed above his head.
The spiritual qi contained in it made the expressions of countless sect disciples change!

“Oh my god! Which sect are these disciples from… This is too abnormal!”

“Look at the symbol on their clothes.
It seems to be a medium-grade sect?? Are the disciples of medium-grade sects so powerful now?!”

“Gasp! These disciples are not simple! If they can survive this war, I’m afraid many high-grade sects will invite them!”

“Wait! Look at the last disciple… He seems to be from the Supreme Academy!”

The disciples below looked at Lin Xiao and the others who had released their full strength and were all shocked.

However, some of them still had sharp gazes as they looked at Gong Ziliang

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