Chapter 237 Demon Cult’s Altar Master

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Their gazes were very uniform as they all looked at the center of the entire Sin City!

There was a huge black palace! There were more than ten black-robed people guarding the entrance of the palace.
Their auras looked extremely turbid, incompatible with the cultivators outside!

When some passersby saw them, fear appeared on their faces.

This palace was the branch hall of the Demon Cult in the Primordial Dynasty!

These people were all Demon Cult disciples!

“Useless! You’re all useless!”

At this moment, accompanied by violent roars, an extremely furious voice sounded from the hall!

In the Demon Cult’s hall, this place looked very vast.
The surrounding decorations were all uniform dark colors!

At this moment, there were a few figures standing here with ugly expressions.

All of them were wearing black robes, their bodies emitting overwhelming demonic qi.

“The dignified Demon Cult’s Holy Son is actually dead!”

Above these black-robed people was a middle-aged man wearing a purple robe.

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This middle-aged man’s eyes carried ferociousness, as if there was an endless violent aura hidden in his body!

“Altar Master, calm down!”

Seeing this middle-aged man angry, the Demon Cult disciples below revealed frightened expressions.

The middle-aged man in front of them was none other than the Altar Master of the Demon Cult’s branch in the Primordial Dynasty, Mo Yun!

“Calm down?? How can I calm down??”

Mo Yun looked at his subordinate and condensed a black lightning in his hand that struck him directly!

Immediately, this Demon Cult disciple turned into a pool of black dust without even letting out a tragic cry!

Seeing this Demon Cult disciple die, Mo Yun could not help but snort coldly, his tone filled with anger, “Have you investigated clearly? Who attacked?”

“It’s… it’s a disciple from the Supreme Academy called Gong Ziliang…” A Demon Cult disciple below said with a trembling voice.

“A disciple of the Supreme Academy?? A disciple of the Supreme Academy actually killed the dignified Demon Cult’s Holy Son?!”

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When Mo Yun heard this, he widened his eyes and his tone became even more aggressive, as if he was about to kill someone! The Demon Cult disciples below were even trembling on the ground and did not even dare to breathe loudly! “A disciple of the Supreme Academy?? Alright, alright, alright.
How impressive!” Mo Yun looked in the direction of the Supreme Academy and sneered, his voice could be said to be filled with various violent emotions!

“Looks like I haven’t fought in three years and have already made the Supreme Academy forget the existence of our Demon Cult!”

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Mo Yun took a deep breath and recalled the battle with the Supreme Academy’s Academy Master, Wu Hai, three years ago! In that battle, Mo Yun and Wu Hai were both heavily injured.
After three years of recuperation, Mo Yun’s injuries were finally close to improving!

On the other hand, after Wu Hai was heavily injured, not only did he not rest, but he also continued to manage the Supreme Academy.
“Pass down my orders! All the Demon Cult disciples are to gather now.
In ten days, follow me to attack the Supreme Academy!”

Mo Yun snorted coldly and immediately ordered this order.

“Yes, yes, yes…”

When they heard this, the Demon Cult disciples below hurriedly nodded and retreated desperately.
“Wu Hai, I haven’t seen you in three years! I wonder how much strength you have left…”

Mo Yun sat on the Demon Cult’s Altar Master’s seat and looked in the direction of the Supreme Academy from afar, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Time could be said to have passed in the blink of an eye.
Almost ten days had passed.

During this period of time, Gong Ziliang could be said to have completely consolidated his cultivation!

Now, Gong Ziliang had already adapted to his third-stage Spirit Refinement Realm strength.
It could be said that he could already unleash the power of the Spirit Refinement Realm to the maximum!

Moreover, through the gold farming these few days, Gong Ziliang’s vouchers had already reached a total of $650!

$650 was really a huge sum!

After seeing this money, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate and immediately looked at the most expensive model in the gift bag store!

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$648 Million Ingots Gift Bag!

“After purchasing this $648 Million Ingots Gift Bag, I can advance to the seventh-stage Body Tempering Realm! At that time, my strength will probably increase again!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his Body Tempering interface and could not help but begin to look forward to it!

With a sixth-stage Body Tempering Realm cultivation, Gong Ziliang had obtained the Indestructible Golden Body Sacred Statue himself!

No matter what, this seventh-stage Body Tempering Realm was stronger than now! “Buy it for me!”

Looking at this gift bag, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and clicked the purchase button.

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully purchasing a $648 Gift Bag! You have obtained 1 million ingots!)

With the system notification, Gong Ziliang saw the ingots in his information interface quickly increase!

In just a moment, it had increased to a number that had never reached a million!

“So much money is about to be spent…”

Gong Ziliang looked at these ingots and sighed.
He really was about to spend them before he warmed them up!

“Charge! Charge! Seventh-stage Body Tempering! I’m coming!” However, Gong Ziliang also knew that increasing his strength was the most important thing now.

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Therefore, he made up his mind and immediately pressed the Body Tempering button!

At the same time, outside the Supreme Academy, the atmosphere became a little heavy!

The students of the Supreme Academy were all hiding inside.
As for the teachers, they all stood out!

At the front, Academy Master Wu Hai stood there with a heavy expression and looked at the black team that was walking over in the distance!

“Wu Hai, it’s been three years since we last met! Why have you fallen to the True Martial Realm…”

In the end, in this black group, Mo Yun wearing a purple robe walked out.

He looked at Wu Hai, his tone seeming to carry disdain, as if he was looking down on him.

“Demon Cult, are they preparing to start a full-scale war with the Supreme Academy?”

Wu Hai looked at Mo Yun, his voice filled with endless calm.

“No! The main reason we came here this time is to seek justice from your Supreme Academy! Our Holy Son was killed by a student of your Supreme Academy, Gong Ziliang.
Now, as long as you hand over this Gong Ziliang, we’ll leave immediately!” Mo Yun looked at Wu Hai and said lightly.

“What?? Gong Ziliang killed the Demon Cult’s Holy Son?? Why didn’t I know?”.

When Wu Hai heard Mo Yun’s words, he immediately felt a little shocked!

He looked at the surrounding tutors with a stunned expression.
Who knew that these tutors also waved their hands helplessly, indicating that they did not know.

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