Chapter 242 Parkour in Heaven Capital

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Then, with a clear sound, Gong Ziliang arrived in the Infinity Tower again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, the black stone from before appeared in front of Gong Ziliang again.

100,000 health points appeared in front of Gong Ziliang again.

“Let’s see how you can hold on this time!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his Void Bracelet and chuckled.
Then, he went up and punched the black stone.



As expected, this attack did not cause one damage like before.
Instead, it directly became 200 drops of blood!

Moreover, the attack speed on the spatial bracelet also increased.

The speed at which Gong Ziliang threw a punch was as if he had punched twice.
He immediately caused 400 damage to the rock!

“Let’s see how you guard against this!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the black stone and began to attack quickly!




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Streams of damage continuously appeared, causing Gong Ziliang’s vision to be blocked by these damage values!

“Crimson Dragon Blade!”

Looking at the health of the black stone, Gong Ziliang felt that it was better not to waste time here.
Therefore, he directly took out his Crimson Dragon Blade!


The moment the Crimson Dragon Blade appeared, an incomparably hot aura spread crazily in all directions!

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In a daze, he seemed to be able to see a fire dragon circling the Crimson Dragon Blade.
It was eager to attack!


Gong Ziliang looked at the black stone in front of him.
Then, he held the Crimson Dragon Blade and threw it out!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Immediately, endless sparks shone from the Crimson Dragon Blade.
A powerful sword light ruthlessly smashed into the black stone.
Immediately, a huge damage value lit up!


“It’s actually 1,000 points of damage…” Looking at this health, Gong Ziliang raised his eyebrows.

From the looks of it, he would be able to clear the level in less than a moment?

The power of the Crimson Dragon Blade was really quite impressive!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

With the Crimson Dragon Blade, Gong Ziliang’s speed immediately increased!

The black stone in front of him still had a few minutes before it was finally shattered by his sword and successfully passed the 30th level!

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“Again, again!”

Looking at the 31st level above, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate and immediately rushed up!

This time, Gong Ziliang really flew like lightning.
In just half a minute, he directly arrived at the 39th level.

However, even this level was not a problem for the Crimson Dragon Blade in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

A moment later, with a light sound, it completely cracked! “The gains this time are still more than 30 dollars!”

Looking at the vouchers in his bag, Gong Ziliang twisted his neck.

“I wonder what this 40th level will be like…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the top of his head and could not help but want to take a look.

Knock, knock, knock…

However, at this moment, a knock suddenly sounded on Gong Ziliang’s door.

This forced him to retreat from the state of the Infinity Tower and open the door.

“Hello, Student Gong Ziliang! May I ask if your luggage is already packed? Our Crown Prince is already prepared to set off immediately!” It was none other than the guards of the Crown Prince!

“So fast?”

When Gong Ziliang heard the words of the two guards, he was stunned.
Wasn’t this Crown Prince’s action too fast!



It had not even been half a day since he returned to the courtyard from the main hall!

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Primordial Dynasty, Heaven Capital.

If the Holy City was in the central region of the entire Primordial Dynasty, then the Heaven Capital was the direct center!

This was the location of the Primordial Dynasty’s imperial family.

Almost everyone who could enter the capital was an important official of the Primordial Dynasty!

After Gong Ziliang left the Supreme Academy, he rushed for two days before arriving in the Heaven Capital!

The entire Heaven Capital looked very outstanding from the outside.
At the city gate, there were more than ten soldiers guarding it.
They were guarding every person who entered and exited the city gate very carefully!

“Hah! We’re finally here…”

Gong Ziliang sat on the back of the Golden Fire Lion and ignored the surprised gazes of the other disciples as he sat up and looked at the Heaven Capital in front of him.

Ever since that day, Gong Ziliang had already rushed for two days.

Fortunately, he had always been sitting on the Golden Fire Lion, so he did not feel tired.

“Everyone, this is the Heaven Capital! The Heavenly Thunder Eight Voices Mystic Realm will open in five days.
I’ve already reserved an inn for you.
Now, you can move freely! However, please don’t forget about the mystic realm in five days!”

The Crown Prince’s voice sounded from ahead, causing the other disciples present to nod.

Then, the Crown Prince hurriedly left, and the remaining disciples also began to leave in groups of two or three, preparing to see the prosperity of the capital.
“Free exploration… Alright! I can see what kind of place the princes of the Primordial Dynasty live in…”

Gong Ziliang rode on the Golden Fire Lion and walked forward as everyone stared intensely.

[Ding! Monday 12 PM has arrived.
In 5 minutes, the Daily Event (City Parkour) will begin.
Duration: 10 minutes!) (This Parkour Location (Primordial Dynasty’s Heaven Capital).
If you randomly park in the Heaven Capital, you can obtain experience, currency, and rewards for random items!]

When Gong Ziliang heard this voice, he retracted his foot that had just taken a step.

“This system really knows how to choose the time…”

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Gong Ziliang pursed his lips and felt that things were a little difficult.

After all, this was the capital!

If he ran around here, he would probably attract Spirit Refinement Realm or even Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts if he was not careful, right?? Wasn’t this deliberately increasing the difficulty for him?

“Forget it! The rewards are the greatest in this world!”

In the end, the reward still made Gong Ziliang yield.

(Daily Parkour begins.
This activity will last for ten minutes.)


After hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate and directly ran out of the alley!

The current Gong Ziliang could be said to be an expert.
Therefore, under his full run, his figure seemed to have turned into a breeze.
Before many people could react, he had already rushed out!


“How dare you! You dare to cause trouble in the capital!”

“Capture him!”

However, just as Gong Ziliang thought, the moment he rushed out, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.
In an instant, more than ten soldiers looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction and chased after him!

The strength of these soldiers could be said to be very powerful.
Every one of them actually had the strength of the Profound Realm.

One had to know that the strength of the Profound Realm was enough to become an elder in the Profound Heaven Sect!

However, in the Heaven Capital, the Profound Realm expert was only a guard!

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