the students in the room immediately widened their eyes.

Zidi’s words were too hurtful!

He simply did not take them seriously!

“Hmph! In that case, I’ll use you to warm up first!”

Zidi looked at the students in front of him and only stretched out his hand to wave at them.
He did not even use the spear behind him!

“How arrogant!” Seeing Zidi’s arrogant appearance, a student in the inn could not stand it and directly rushed over!

At the same time, his ninth-stage True Martial strength erupted! “It’s Senior Brother Lin Tian! His realm is at the ninth-stage True Martial Realm.
He’s already one of the best among our graduates this time!” “With him taking action, that kid is unlucky this time!!”

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Looking at the student who rushed out, the other students could not help but reveal a happy light in their eyes!

They seemed to have already seen Zidi defeated!


Looking at Lin Tian who was rushing towards him, Zidi’s gaze did not fluctuate at all.
As his lips moved slightly, in the next moment, a powerful spear force suddenly emitted from Zidi’s eyes!

The terrifying spear force actually condensed the phantom of a spear in the air and rushed towards Lin Tian!


Seeing this spear phantom, a shocked light involuntarily appeared in the eyes of Lin Tian who was rushing over!


Looking at the spear shadow that rushed towards him, a shocked expression could not help but appear on Lin Tian’s face.

Although this spear was not a real spear, there was an invincible spear force on it.

This spear force was extremely powerful.
Even with his ninth-stage True Martial Realm cultivation, he could not withstand the power of this spear! “Pfft…”

When this spear force collided with Lin Tian, he did not even last a second.
He directly spat out a large mouthful of blood and retreated, falling to the ground!


After seeing this scene, the entire inn immediately became silent.

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Who would have thought that this battle would end so quickly? Even before the tea was ready, it had already completely ended!

“Too weak to withstand a single blow!”

After taking a look at the fallen Lin Tian, Zidi shook his head as if he had casually crushed an ant.
Then, his gaze looked upstairs.

“You should wait until tomorrow…”

Just as Zidi was about to walk into the inn, Qin Yu suddenly stretched out her hand and blocked Zidi.

“Other than training your spear techniques, you’ve probably come to the Primordial Dynasty for the war between the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty…” Qin Yu looked at Zidi and suddenly whispered.

When he heard Qin Yu’s words, Zidi’s eyes suddenly narrowed.
Then, he suddenly looked at Qin Yu.

“If you don’t want more people to know about this, don’t disturb this person now!” Qin Yu glanced at the top of the inn and said lightly to Zidi.

After Zidi looked at Qin Yu for a few seconds, he really did not take another step into the inn.
Instead, he directly turned around and left.

“Hah… looks like the battle this time will become even more confusing!”

Seeing Zidi leave, Qin Yu heaved a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly.
“Forget it! Let’s not hide this matter from this person!”

After thinking about it, Qin Yu did not leave with Zidi.
Instead, he walked into the inn.

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