the Divine Roc, Gong Ziliang’s eyes could not help but light up!

Its speed was five times faster than his.
Didn’t that mean that he could quickly reach the top of the clouds!

What was even more shocking was that almost all the skills of the Divine Roc were top-grade!

It was not a loss that he had spent money to buy this beast mount! “As expected of a $699 mount!” Gong Ziliang looked at this Divine Roc and could be said to be very satisfied.
“In that case, level up!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Mutated Beast Advancement Pills in his bag.
Then, he directly took out all these Advancement Pills and threw them at the Divine Roc!

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(Ding! Successful use of the Mutated Beast Advancement Pill! Congratulations on successfully raising your Windwing Divine Roc to Level 1!)

(Ding! Successful use of the Mutated Beast Advancement Pill! Congratulations on successfully raising your Windwing Divine Roc to Level 2!]

As the system’s voice continuously sounded, Gong Ziliang could see various divine rings continuously light up on the Divine Roc’s body.

Not long after, the Divine Roc’s level went from Level o to Level 67!

This also meant that the speed of the Divine Roc directly increased by 67%! “Good lord! This is too cool!”

When his level increased to Level 57, Gong Ziliang saw this hundred-meter Divine Roc flying around him.

Then, the Divine Roc became smaller and smaller.

In the end, it even turned into a Divine Roc the size of a sparrow that landed on Gong Ziliang’s shoulder.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, it can shrink…”

Looking at the Divine Roc that landed on his shoulder, Gong Ziliang stretched out his hand and touched its head in satisfaction.

Immediately, the little Divine Roc stretched out its small head in a very fond manner and let Gong Ziliang touch it.
“It’s time to set off…”

“Wow! Oh my god… I didn’t expect our sect to be so generous this time.
They’re actually willing to give us an immortal ship!” Above the clouds.

At this moment, a huge immortal ship was flying in the sky!

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It could be seen that this immortal ship was built from black wooden boards.

It looked no different from an ordinary fishing boat, but an ordinary fishing boat was in the sea.

This immortal ship was flying above the clouds!

On this immortal ship, a few young disciples could be seen looking at the surrounding sea of clouds and shouting excitedly.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Immortal ships… Other than those flying spirit beasts, this is the only tool in our cultivation world that can fly into the sky!”

“That’s right! After all, those flying spirit beasts are existences that only a few mighty figures can subdue…”

“To be honest, I’ve really never seen any flying spirit beast controlled by a cultivator! I suspect that it’s impossible to subdue a flying spirit beast…”

Some men and women on the immortal ship began to discuss enthusiastically.
This was the first time they had walked out of their sect.

Immediately, they were extremely excited! “Alright! Our target this time is the Profound Heaven Sword! All of you are prepared to fight for the Profound Heaven Sword…”

At this moment, a calm voice sounded from the immortal ship.

The disciples looked over and immediately fell silent! “Sigh, these children…” Looking at these disciples, this person could not help but smile, as if he was sighing.

“Look! What’s that…”

However, at this moment, the disciple in front of the immortal ship suddenly cried out in surprise.
This cry made all the disciples on the immortal ship raise their spirits and look ahead.
In the next moment, these disciples’ eyes widened without exception, as if they had seen an unbelievable scene!

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