Chapter 297 This Thing Is Really Fated To Be With Me

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Who could imagine that Gong Ziliang was only from a small Primordial Dynasty!

After all, with Gong Ziliang’s talent and strength, even if he entered the Holy Land, those big shots of the Holy Land might have to bow down to their ancestors.

They would think that their ancestors had appeared to let them find such a disciple!!

“Legend has it that only the Demon Cult’s Altar Master knows the method to use this Sacred Lotus Flower…”

Looking at the Sacred Lotus Flower in Gong Ziliang’s hand, Bing Xin could not help but say, “If this thing lands in the hands of others, it might just be an ordinary flower!”

“Only the Demon Cult’s Altar Master knows the method to use it…”

Hearing Bing Xin’s words, Gong Ziliang could not help but nod!

Indeed, in his perception just now, he did not sense any powerful spiritual qi fluctuation from this flower.

Apart from a few patterns on the flower arrangement, the rest could be said to be completely useless! “Eh, what’s this…”

However, just as Gong Ziliang was about to put away this petal, his gaze was suddenly attracted by the bottom of a petal! Under this flower petal was actually a golden symbol! Looking at this golden symbol, Gong Ziliang immediately felt that it was extremely familiar!

Then, Gong Ziliang looked at his bag.
After searching for a long time, he took out two things.

There was a spirit stone and a small black box!

This spirit stone was given to him by the strange bald old man.

This small black box contained the dragon horn and phoenix feathers, the treasures he had obtained in the mystic realm!

These two treasures had one thing in common.
On them, there was a golden symbol!

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In the end…

Gong Ziliang looked at the golden symbol on the spirit crystal and then at the golden symbol on the small box!

In the end, Gong Ziliang looked at this flower petal.

In just a moment, Gong Ziliang could already confirm that the golden symbols on these three were actually identical!

The identical golden symbols, other than the three items’ materials being different, could be said to be identical!

“I actually gathered another…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the three things in front of him and felt a wave of surprise!

This was because the bald old man had once told him that this golden symbol represented the answer to all questions.

The True Answer!

It had boundless potential!

It was even to the extent that the old man was trapped because he lacked this golden symbol.
He even repeatedly reminded him that this golden symbol was very important!

In fact, even his life was not as important as this golden symbol!

Now, if that old man saw that he actually had three golden symbols, who knew what expression he would have!

“Strange! This thing seems to be fated with me…”

After continuing to look through these three items, Gong Ziliang placed them all in his bag and looked ahead.

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“Let’s go! We should go out and see what the Demon Cult wants…”

Gong Ziliang looked ahead and his tone could be said to be very calm.


When Bing Xin and Mo Yue heard Gong Ziliang’s words, they actually nodded like two girls and silently stood behind him, not daring to move!

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he walked ahead.

The three of them attracted the gazes of many people when they left the inn!

The aura of Bing Xin and Mo Yue was really too good.

Although the two sisters looked identical, one looked like a snow lotus on an ice mountain.
Her entire body emitted an icy aura.

The other was like a demoness below the Nine Nether.
Even when she walked, she could attract the gazes of countless people around her.

Coupled with the fact that Gong Ziliang was wearing a white robe today,

under the contrast of the Jade Water Robe, Gong Ziliang’s entire body was like a young master who had walked out of a painting!

He walked in front of Bing Xin and Mo Yue, not making them feel irksome.

Instead, the aura of Bing Xin and Mo Yue was suppressed by Gong Ziliang!

Such a combination could be said to be difficult to not attract the attention of others!

Under such gazes, Gong Ziliang arrived at the city gate.

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Just as he arrived, Gong Ziliang saw that Xu Qiang and the two Demon Cult elders had already stood up!

Clearly, as existences at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, even if the three of them were injured, they could quickly stand up again with their recovery ability!

However, this time, the atmosphere became a little strange!

At this moment, Xu Qiang could be said to be extremely domineering.

He stood in front of the two Demon Cult elders alone and did not admit defeat.

Instead, it was magnificent! It looked very domineering, as if the person who had just been injured was not him at all! On the other hand, the Demon Cult Elder and the others

were already filled with fear as their gazes landed on Azure City!

It was even to the extent that to them, this Azure City had already given them an extremely powerful trauma!

The expert was too terrifying!

They would probably never forget it in their lives.

The two of them had once been defeated by a large hand formed from spiritual sense!

“Damn it! Which expert is it? In the Spiritual Sea Realm of the Primordial Dynasty, there’s no existence with such an abnormal spiritual sense…”

The Demon Cult elders looked at Azure City in front of them, their gazes still filled with dense confusion!

Even now, they still did not understand what kind of existence the person who had just attacked was!

After they pulled out all the experts in the Spiritual Sea Realm of the Primordial Dynasty and compared them, they discovered the closest person.

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It was actually the Founding Emperor of the 5,000-year-old Primordial Dynasty!

Wasn’t this nonsense?!

Even if it was a Spiritual Sea Realm expert, their lifespan was only about 3,000 years.
It was completely impossible to live for 5,000 years!

This was justice and common sense.
No one could go against this truth!

Moreover, even if the Founding Emperor from 5,000 years ago was not dead,

for just Gong Ziliang, this ancestor would not come out to save him!

If that was the case, then Gong Ziliang’s identity was too terrifying!

Therefore, they did not dare to conclude at all!

“Who is it…”

The two Demon Cult elders frowned.
No matter how they guessed, they could not guess anything!

“Demon Cult, why aren’t you retreating! Are you really waiting for me to beat you up…”

At this moment, Xu Qiang’s voice sounded from the city tower.
This made the expressions of the two Demon Cult elders involuntarily freeze.

After all, their Demon Cult had been famous for their invincibility since ancient times!

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